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Convert all remaining MP into Energy. Each Energy costs 30 MP.
Increase buff duration and Skill Cooldown by 1 sec. per converted energy. (Convert Energy – 1)
Upon using the skill, enter Super Armor state.
Skill Type:
[Support - Assist] • [Support - Vitality]


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Surya 99 [Force] Convert (A)

Skill Information

Mode  Self BuffConvertSelf BuffConvert MP Usage Energy
(based on MP consumed)
(based on Energy recovered)
Effect Duration Initial Additional (Max. 9)
(based on current MP & Empty Energy)
PvE Super Armor 7~16 Seconds 30 MP 30~270 MP +1~10 5~14 Seconds
PvP 4~9 Seconds

Skill Traits

Light ConvertHaste Convert
Attribute EffectMP UsageAttribute EffectCooldown
MP Usage decreased to 80%24 MPCooldown decreased to 80%4~11 Seconds
  • Light trait only reduces the MP cost of the initial cast.

Tips and Details

  • The Mod version only provides Super Armor to you without any requirements. Duration is also increased by the number of energy recovered.
  • Unlike any Super Armor actives (for example, Iron Body, Iron Body - Strong, Mental Hygiene) where the cooldown is universally 20 seconds and consumes 75 MP, this skill only has 5 seconds cooldown (4 seconds with Haste trait) and consumes only 30 MP (24 MP with Light trait) with full energy. Making this skill cheaper and faster to re-cast than any Super Armor actives in the game, especially in PvP where the Super Armor duration has been reduced to 3-6 seconds.


Date Changes
05/11/2023 06/07/2023
  • [Mod] Convert added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 변환 Convert