Crusader's Armor

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CCPassive1.png [Passive] The newly enforced full body armor, Freiturnier, can now better protect the body. Also certain skills now have increased casting speed.


Class Level Required
Comet Crusader 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Received Critical Damage Decrease Weapon Break
(When attacked)
Certain Skill Casting Speed Increase
Activation Chance Attack Power Decrease Max Stacks Duration per Stack Amount Affected Skills
1 99 -10% 10% 10% 3 5 Seconds 80%

Tips and Details

  • The Weapon Break debuff has a reactivation cooldown of 0.5 seconds.



Date Changes
11/30/2017 12/20/2017
  • Crusader's Armor added.
  • Received Critical Damage Decrease decreased.
  • Weapon Break Activation Chance decreased.
  • Attack Power Decrease decreased.
  • Weapon Break Max Stacks decreased.
06/14/2018 06/27/2018
  • Received Critical Damage Decrease decreased.
06/28/2018 07/11/2018
  • Reduced freeze time for skills that execute faster.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 템펠 터틀 Tempel Tuttle
Japanese Flag.png Japan テンペルタートル Tempel Tuttle
German Flag.png Germany Tempel-Schildkröte Temple Turtle
Spanish Flag.png Spain Tortuga del templo Temple Turtle
French Flag.png France Tortue du temple Temple Turtle
Italian Flag.png Italy Tartaruga del tempio Temple Turtle
Polish Flag.png Poland Świątynny Żółw Temple Turtle
English Flag.png United Kingdom Temple Turtle
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Tempel-Tuttle

Comet Crusader Skills
Hyper Active
CCHyper.png Tiamat
Force Mod
SI LEAPATTTACK.png Leap Attack     SI BURSTWOLF.png Burst Wolf     SI SSSYNDROME.png Pain of Caladbolg     LD - Earthquake.png Land Demolisher - Earthquake     WonderWall.png Wonder Wall     IPTrans2.png Land Smash     IPTrans3.png Guardian's Rage
CCPassive1.png Crusader's Armor     CCPassive2.png Berserker's Strength
Master Skill
Mountain Blast Stage1.pngMountain Blast Stage2.pngMountain Blast Stage3.pngMountain Blast Stage4.png Mountain Blast (1/2/3/4)
Force Skills
3rd Job
Force Active
Drain.png Drain       TrackingSinister.png Haunting Spirit       ExtremeSpeed.png Hyper Acceleration       Obtenebration.png Obtenebration       Soul Harvest.png Soul Harvest       Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm     ▪     Elrian Clock.png Elrian Clock       DeathFog.png Fog of Death
Force Passive
Eroding Aura.png Eroding Energy       Excessive Greed.png Get Greedy       Head Hunter.png Head Hunter       EnergyOfIllipia.png Illipia's Aura       Indomitable Will.png Indomitable Will       Lightning Chain.png Lightning Chain      ▪     Remaining El.png Remaining El's Aspiration
Master Class
Force Active
Nasod Protector.png Nasod Protector       Sweeping Gale.png Raging Storm       Earth shard.png Shattered Earth
Force Passive
El Affected Paradigm.png El Affected Paradigm       Ignite.png Ignite       Sol Dominion.png Sol Dominion       14-4 Force Skill.png Water Wears Away the Stone