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Commander of Atlas
CODE-Maya Portrait.png
Name Maya
Role Commander of Atlas
Location Elysion Tower
Foolish. You dare set foot in this place again?

~ Maya


Official Description

A relentless commander of Atlas.

A female type Nasod the protects the top floor of the Elysion Tower, which connects Atlas to Elysion. Maya is the one in charge of Atlas and she had placed her troops inside the Tower. She is originally from Elysion just like Dekal and seems to be related to Yuno in some way.


Chapter 22: The Elysion Journey to Solace

Guarding the top of Elysion Tower, Maya prevents any unauthorized intruders from taking the transporter up to Elysion. When the El Search Party make their way up the transport tunnel in Elysion Tower they find themselves at the top of the tower. Maya was surprised to see that they were able to get past her army of security Nasods and make their way up to the top of the tower. Yuno was shocked to see Maya guarding the tower and she recognizes Yuno's core as that of the traitor of Elysion, Herjuno. She attacked and defeated Yuno, expressing that he did not deserve to return to Elysion after his betrayal. Yuno tried to tell Maya the truth, but she had no capacity to listen, following her duty as guardian of the tower she prepared to prevent all of them from progressing. The El Search Party were able to defeat Maya, badly damaged and her systems failing, she commends the El Search Party for their combat abilities, but was not about to let them reach Elysion. With the last of her energy she disarmed the transporter device, sending it hurdling down the tower.

Boss: CODE-Maya

Maya's appearance in Elysion Tower

Maya will appear in Elysion Tower as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Teleport Suction Disk: If players are on the opposite platform she is, she will teleport to the other platform. She will create a small blackhole with her power disk then makes it explode launching players a great distance forward.
  • Disk Boomerang: She slash her disks around herself then throw her power disks forward and they will come back to her.
  • Sharp Fall: Maya will assault kick into the air then dive straight down releasing a shockwave of lingering energy.
  • Overclock Movement - Energy Burst: She will dash forward taking any players nearby her with her then create a saw with her disk energy dealing several powerful hits and pushing player away.
  • Dual Advance: She will teleport to the center of the lower platform then send her two disks in opposite directions which grabs players and drop them off the map. While she perform this she will also leap into the air and create a large sphere of electrical energy harming players in the air. The disk will also harm players when returning to Maya.
    • Can be avoided by either jumping over each disk or standing on the edge up the upper platform.
  • Limited Code Cancelled: After her health is depleted to 4 bars she will activate a scripted cutscene and create a vacuum of energy that sucks in players while healing 15 life bars.
  • Annihilation Mode: The arena will darken and she will become even more powerful but will have less defense. She will enter Annihilation mode after she has regenerated her health with Limited Code Cancelled.
    • During Annihilation Mode, Maya is immune to debuffs.


  • Does not receive proper hitstun, will instead flinch in super armor allowing it to retaliate.



  • A nearly identical copy of CODE-Maya, COPY_S, appears in Solace's Fortress. Other than a changed color palette, her combat abilities are also identical barring the ability to go into Annihilation Mode. She can also alternatively be defeated by destroying the core in the same room.
  • When Maya is summoned from the Commander's Dignity title, she will use different quotes, based on the player's character and the dungeon being played in.

List of Quotes

Condition Quote
Summoned by Elsword You arrogant, obnoxious thing! How dare you!
Summoned by Aisha Who are you coming at with that kind of magic?
Summoned by Rena You weak little Elf, get out of the way!!
Summoned by Raven Stop climbing up, you deficient being.. !!
Summoned by Eve You're the Queen of Nasods? What a joke!
Summoned by Chung You said this is Elrios's cannon.... It fits perfectly!
Summoned by Ara That little pick won't damage me!
Summoned by Elesis It might have worked in Elrios... but not here
Summoned by Add You arrogant little kid, feel the strength of true power!
Summoned by Lu/Ciel The two of you combined barely make up the power of a single person! You should feel ashamed.. !!
Summoned while fighting Code-Maya This is pretty interesting

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea CODE-마야 CODE-Maya
Japanese Flag.png Japan CODEマヤ CODE Maya
Spanish Flag.png Spain Código Maya CODE Maya

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