Enhance Nasod's Weapon

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Enhance the core of Code Nemesis to enhance command attacks at a certain chance.
Knockdown may be decreased when using command attacks, and magic command attacks will have enhanced damage.
Using a Nasod Spear Skill during awakening will increase Special Active Skill damage for a set duration.
*Nasod Spear Skills: Illusion Stinger, Queen's Verdict, Junk Break, Assault Spear - Judgement (A), Spear Burst (A), Illusion Thorns (A), Sin Scissors, Extreme Cutter (A)


Class Level Required
Code: Nemesis 35

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Command Enhancement  Self BuffEnhance Nasod's WeaponSelf BuffEnhance Nasod's Weapon
(Upon Nasod Spear Skill Use in Awakening Mode)
Magical Command
Additional Damage
Knockdown Decrease Chance Special Active Skill
Damage Increase
Duration Reactivation Cooldown
1 35 1200% 2 5% 20% 20 Seconds 20 Seconds
2 51 1680% 4 7.5%
3 59 2350% 8
4 93 3300% 10
1 35 60% 2 5% 10% 10 Seconds 20 Seconds
2 51 84% 4 7.5%
3 59 117% 8
4 93 165% 10

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Tips and Details

Active Enhance Nasod's Weapon
  • The passive's activation is indicated by a blue spark appearing where the enemy was hit.
  • The passive can activate on each individual hit, making commands such as especially effective at triggering it.
  • While any command can benefit from the knockdown reduction effect, only magical commands will gain any damage.
    • The additional damage is added directly on top of the command's damage after including the job advancement modifier and is not a separate attack. For example, deals 500% magical damage, which becomes 575% after advancing to Code: Ultimate, after which the 3300% additional damage is added to it, making the command itself deal 3875% magical damage.
    • As a result of the command's damage itself being modified, the resulting damage is affected by Command Attack Damage Increase effects as a whole, such as the buff provided by Metal Dust Aura.
  • The Nasod Spear skill that triggers  Self BuffEnhance Nasod's WeaponSelf BuffEnhance Nasod's Weapon does not benefit from its damage increase buff.


Date Changes
02/18/2010 12/14/2011
  • Enhanced Nasod's Weapon added.
02/29/2012 -
  • Fixed damage calculation loop bug.
03/29/2012 -
  • Damage increased.
12/13/2012 -
  • Activation Chance increased.
  • Knockdown Reduction effect added upon activation.
02/05/2015 -
  • Damage increased.
  • Activation Chance decreased.
06/01/2017 -
  • Fixed issue where do not affect some of the commands.
09/11/2019 09/25/2019
  • Damage increased.
07/21/2022 08/17/2022
  • Special Active Skill Damage Increase effect when using Nasod Spear skills in Awakening Mode added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 나소드 무기 강화 Nasod Weapon Strengthening
Japan ナソード武器強化 Nasod Weapon Strengthening
China (Simplified Chinese) 纳斯德武器强化 Nasod Weapon Strengthening
Germany Overcharge
Spain Sobrecarga Overcharge
France Surcharge Overcharge
Italy Sovraccarico di Energia Energy Overcharge
Poland Przetaktowanie Overclocking
United Kingdom Overcharge
Brazil Aprimoramento da Armas de Nasod Nasod Weapon Enhancement