Queen's Dignity

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CEQueensMajesty.png [Passive] Eve's connection to her summons are stronger than ever, enhancing her summoning skills. When you have a summon in the field, [Queen's Dignity] buff is applied. Queen's Blessing buff will be applied earlier with [Queen's Dignity] buff. [Summon Bond Skills] will be enhanced.


Class Level Required
Code: Esencia 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Queen's Dignity
Summon Bond Skill Damage Increase Summon Bond Skill Cooldown Speed Queen's Blessing Strengthening Duration Cooldown
Amount Duration
1 99 +10% 2x 5 Seconds Summons gain 100% Crit Rate when below 50% HP 15 Seconds 20 Seconds

Tips and Details


Date Changes
04/05/2018 -
  • Summon Bond Skill Damage Increase decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 여왕의 위엄 Queen's Majesty
German Flag.png Germany Würde der Königin Queen's Dignity
Spanish Flag.png Spain Dignidad de la reina Queen's Dignity
French Flag.png France Dignité de la reine Queen's Dignity
Italian Flag.png Italy Dignità della regina Queen's Dignity
Polish Flag.png Poland Godność Królowej Queen's Dignity
English Flag.png United Kingdom Royal Dignity
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Dignidade da Rainha Queen's Dignity

Code: Esencia Skills
Hyper Active
CECodeSociety.png Code: Arcadia
Force Mod
CASActive4.png Sonic Wave     CAActive1.png Oberon Guard     Sweeper.png Heaven's Fist - Sweeper     CASActive3.png Genocide Ripper     CASActive2.png Space Wrench     CMSA1.png Spitfire     CEmTrans1.png Tesla Flare
CEQueensMajesty.png Queen's Dignity     CEUpgradeElectron.png Electron Upgrade
Force Skills
Force Active
Drain.png Drain       TrackingSinister.png Haunting Spirit       ExtremeSpeed.png Hyper Acceleration       Obtenebration.png Obtenebration       Earth shard.png Shattered Earth       Soul Harvest.png Soul Harvest       Sweeping Gale.png Sweeping Gale       Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm       Elrian Clock.png Elrian Clock       DeathFog.png Fog of Death
Force Passive
Eroding Aura.png Eroding Energy       Excessive Greed.png Get Greedy       Head Hunter.png Head Hunter       Ignite.png Ignition       EnergyOfIllipia.png Illipia's Aura       Indomitable Will.png Indomitable Will       Lightning Chain.png Lightning Chain       Remaining El.png Remaining El's Aspiration