9-6 : Le gouffre

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Le gouffre

Ton voyage te mène dans les profondeurs du volcan. Dans la faille entre les continents, les démons préparent le retour du dieu démoniaque.
Niveau recommandé
Capacité de combat requise
Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
9-6mob1Face.png ??? - Une bête de magma bleue brûlant intensément.
9-6mob2Face.png ??? - Une bête de magma géante bleue brûlant intensément qui peut vous attraper et vous cracher du feu.
9-5mob4Face.png ??? - Un soldat armé de l'armée des démons.
9-6mob4Face.png ??? - Une version plus puissante des "Blocs de magma" qui est capable de rassembler plus de pierre en fusion pour vous écraser. Quand il a peu de vie, son corps brûlera et causera un malus de brûlure aux joueurs.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
Berserkerarmageddon.png Berserker Armageddon - An armored magma titan.

- Flame Lariat: He will spin around arms a blazed.

EvilIgniaFace.png Traitor Ignia - The former Fire Priestess that lead us to the temple, she now holds the Nature Priestess captive.

- Fire Spear: Ignia will infuse her spear with fire and perform a few slashes.
- Teleport: Any time during battle she can teleport.
- Meteor Shower: Ignia will unleash a few meteors to fall from the sky.
- Meteor Rain: Ignia will unleash a flurry of small meteors which constantly rain as it progressively moves forward.
- Fire Shield: Ignia will cast a shield which burns anyone around her.

TwinDemon1.png In - A demon who fights alongside his twin sister.


Demon2.png Jin - A demon who fights alongside her twin brother.

- 5-hit Sword Combo
- Sweeping Slash
- Darkness Explosion: Gathers around darkness aura, then explodes it. Similar to Waldo's Pendant Explosion. }}

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Image Description
9-6mob5.png ??? - A strange spherical device that reduces all damage inflicted on Mag Stones to 0. Destroying them will cause the mag stones to stop moving.
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground; falling in one of these will result in a percentage of HP lost.


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Image Description Attaques
ScarCloseUp.png Demon General Scar

-Sword Flame Erruption: Scar will slam the ground with his sword. He then pulls his sword upward, releasing an eruption of blue energy. After awaken, he may follow this with a jump slash, if you are behind him he can turn around for this last slash.
-Blue Flame: Scar will unleash a blue energy from ground.
-Howl: Scar will gather the energy from his surroundings and release it in a sphere around him.
-Demon Wave: Scar will gather the energy from around him and release a flat wave of energy outward across the entire map, jump over the energy wave to avoid taking damage. He will use this attack after awaken.
-Teleport Slash: He will instantly blink above you and slam the ground with his sword. Commonly done after using one of his other attacks.
-Awaken: After depleting about 30% or around 25 life bars (28 life bar in Henir) of Scar's health, Scar will cut off everything in a cutscene where he awakens an becomes more powerful.
-Demon Vortex: Scar will put his sword down and and raise his arms into the air creating an enormous black hole sucking everything in before the black hole explodes. Run away from this or mana break immediately. He will use this attack after awaken. }}

Boss Intro:
??? : "Le diable revivra bientôt... ... Éliminez tous ceux qui se mettent en travers de notre chemin..."
Scar : "Imbéciles ! Ce sera ton tombeau. C'est la fin !!"
Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats Set Effects
Scar's Broken Horn
Scar's Broken Horn
Demon General Scar

Face Accessory (Middle):

Physical Defense -25

Magical Defense -25

[Unidentified * ?]

Add. Damage +1%

Scar's Necessity:

3 Pieces:

  • Add. Damage +10%




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Noms alternatifs
Serveur Nom Traduction
Korean Flag.png Corée du Sud 대공동:갈라진 대지의 틈 Grande cavité : brèche dans la terre
Taiwanese Flag.png Taïwan (chinois traditionnel) 大空洞:破碎大地的裂縫 Grande cavité : fissure dans la terre brisée
Chinese Flag.png Chine (chinois simplifié) 大空洞:大地的缝隙 Grande cavité : brèche dans la terre
German Flag.png Allemagne Der Schlund Les gorges
Spanish Flag.png Espagne El Abismo L'abîme
Italian Flag.png Italie Voragine Gouffre
Polish Flag.png Pologne Gardziel Les gorges
English Flag.png Royaume-Uni The Hollow La cavité