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A place where the harpies flew to after kidnapping the Priestess. Harpies from Garpai Rock are full of contempt on humans.
Created by the harsh and bizarre desert winds. Harpies are filled with anger towards humans.
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Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
Sander-vegar-trock.jpg Vegar Trock - This is basic Trock monster. They will attack with their palm.
ObaTrock.png Oba Trock - This Trock monster will attack with their boomerang similar to Shadow Warrior's Sharp Boomerang. When attacked they may stoic and run away.
Buggytrock.png Buggy Trock - This Trock monster will summon a dark skull that does substantial damage. They can use a buff which increase the damage of nearby monsters.
Rockytrock.jpg Rocky Trock - This Trock will shield and can attack while guarding. Similar to Glitter Defender.
Sander-fogta-trock.jpg Fogta Trock - This Trock will self-destruct upon contact. Has very high HP.
Desert Sand Seal Temple of the Wind.jpg Big Seal - This seal will crush you with their head.
Red Desert Monkfish Temple of the Wind.jpg Red Desert Monkfish - These denizens of the sand can burrow and emerge at will, chomping down and slashing anything in its path. Similar to Deep Sea Fish.
HarpyNest.png Harpy Nest - When destroyed, 3 or 4 Baby Harpies will spawn. There is a chance of a baby being replaced with a Giant Garpai Harpy.
Babyhapry.jpg Baby Harpy - A newly born Harpy with its egg shell acting as makeshift armor. Will use its entire body to attack.
GHarpy.png Garpai Harpy - A small Harpy that stays only in the air. They can dive bomb and summon two wind waves.
GGHarpy.png Giant Garpai Harpy - A larger, red Garpai Harpy. While on the ground, they can utilize their wings and talons for combination attacks. While in mid-air, they can dive bomb on to their targets.
WHarpy.jpg Whirlwind Harpy - A larger, purple Garpai Harpy. While on the ground, they can summon a dark gust of wind similar to Cyclone. While in mid-air, they can use sonic waves to damage targets.
Sander-caskey.jpg Caskey - A small dinosaur-like creature that will latch on to you and start biting furiously.
Sander-flame-tooth-caskey.jpg Flame Tooth Caskey - An evolved version of Caskey that's slightly larger and has spikes. Their bites inflict Burning.
Sander-ice-tooth-caskey.jpg Ice Tooth Caskey - An evolved version of Caskey that's slightly larger. Their bites inflict Frostbite.
Sander-poison-tooth-caskey.jpg Poison Tooth Caskey - An evolved version of Caskey that's slightly larger and has black armor covering the majority of its body, including its jaw. Their bites inflict Status 076.png Enemy DebuffPoisonEnemy DebuffPoison.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
GoldenWing.jpg Gold Wing Aello - A massive golden-feathered Harpy dressed in yellow with long brown hair. She has two golden disks floating behind her.

-Flight: Like all Harpies, Aello can fly.
-Blinding Shower: Aello throws 8 disks diagonally at you from above.
-Crossfire: Aello throws 5 disks at you. They then stop and scatter, moving in the left or right direction more than once.
-Ground Recovery - Combat: When knocked out of the air, Aello will then continue to attack on the ground. She will take flight again sooner or later.
-Wing Flash: While on the ground Aello will use her wings to slash around her and send out 4 disks at the same time, damaging anyone near or in front of her.
-Light Rush: While on the ground Aello gathers light energy into her talons and dash kicks you.
-Shining Storm: While on the ground Aello uses her wings to spin rapidly while moving forward and throwing multiple disks.
-Miniboss only appears on Hard and Very hard and will be selected at random at the start of the dungeon alternatively fighting Dark Wing Okypete.
-All of Aello's moves have stoic.
-Crossfire can cause major damage due to the massive amount of hits it can do. It's range is considerably good as well. It's best to avoid this at all costs.
-Try not to get too close to Aello when she is using any of her ground based disk attacks. The wing slash and the disks hitting you at close range is a deadly combo.

DarkWingOkypete.png Dark Wing Okypete - A massive black-feathered Harpy dressed in black with long white hair. She has a black-steel disk floating behind her.

-Flight: Like all Harpies, Okypete can fly.
-Shadow Dive Bomb: Okypete gathers dark energy into her talons and rushes into you.
-Dark Slicer: Okypete will throw her disk at you. If it makes contact with the ground or a platform it will begin moving back and forth, dealing massive damage to anybody in it's path.
-Ground Recovery - Combat: When knocked out of the air, Okypete will then continue to attack on the ground. She will take flight again sooner or later.
-Wing Slash: While on the ground Okypete will use her wings to slash around her, damaging anybody close to her. She will usually go into Piercing Rush after this.
-Piercing Rush: While on the ground Okypete will thrust her wings forward, damaging anybody in front of her.
-Shadow Tempest: While on the ground Okypete will summon a massive dark Cyclone, dealing heavy damage to anybody in it's path.
-Miniboss only appears on Hard and Very hard and will be selected at random at the start of the dungeon alternatively fighting Gold Wing Aello.
-All of Okypete's moves have stoic.
-Shadow Tempest can be deadly if not avoided. Its vertical range is good but, it can be jumped over if timed correctly. It is slow moving so its generally easy to outrun as well.
-Dark Slicer is Okypete's most dangerous attack. Its fast, it has a massive hit count, and it can stick to platforms to deal even more damage while increasing the hit count further. Avoid this at all costs. }}

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Image Description
Sandstorm.png Sandstorm - Jumping into the sandstorm will propel you into the air at a given direction.


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Image Description Attaques
SWKelaino.png Steel Wing Kelaino - One of Karis's followers who kidnapped the Wind Priestess Anudran.

-Scratch: She will super armor and fly upwards slightly before coming down to scratch at the player with her claws.
-Steel Dive Bomb: Kelaino will become invincible then launch upwards out of view. She will then perform a heavy dive attack on your location. If hit, the player will be launched away and knocked down.

  • She is able to use this even when stun locked.
  • When landing from this she is momentarily super armored and vulnerable to attack before she is able to take action.

-Retreat: She will fly into the background. She will summon 6 large spears across the length of the stage as well as generate a powerful tornado that will disable all player skills as well as the ability to jump and slowly push them outward from the center of the stage. After a set amount of time, the spears will fall and explode.

  • Will use this skill at 8, 18, and 28 lifebars.
    • May be possible to bypass these points by defeating her within a very short span of time at the start of the battle.
  • Even though she is too high up after positioning herself to target with most attacks, she is not invincible and can still be hit with a sufficiently far reaching attack.
  • This skill often has a safe zone on each side.
    • When Kelaino uses this move the 3rd time, 7 spears will appear instead of 6, meaning one side will not have a safe zone.
    • You can also use a passthrough (such as Chung's >>X) to get across the middle to a safe zone on the other side.
  • When Kelaino uses this skill, any attacks that home in (such as Guided Arrow, Chain Lightning, Energy Drain, or any of Battle Seraph's attacks under influence of Induction or Fusion Mode) and Mana Steal will home into the center of the tornado she summoned instead of herself, meaning homing attacks will not inflict damage on her. However, you can still drain her mana and HP with Mana Steal, Energy Drain, or Vitality Drain.

-Sandstorm: She will super armor and spin to create four Cyclone(s) similar to that used by the Elemental Master. They will be spaced to both reach the players on the platforms as well as those on the ground behind her.
-Nine Impaling Blades: She will do a somersault in super armor then launch nine blades which will fall down from above in front of herself, one after another.

  • She will occasionally cancel out of this mid-animation into her Retreat where she escapes into the background but this attack will still activate and play out as well.

-Berserk(?): Usually when damaged to around 8 bars of health she will gain a pink aura and appears to become faster, more aggressive, and do 50% more damage. (The entirety of how this effects her is not yet known.)
-Wind Bombing: When at full MP this skill becomes available to her. In a similar style to Shelling Guardian's Carpet Bombing, she will fly across the stage twice, launching two orbs reminiscent in appearance to Super Nova each pass. Each orb can hit multiple times, potentially dealing over 25,000 damage. Each bombing wave will strike 1\2 of the map. The direction of the first bombing wave is random, her second wave will always target the other half of the stage.

  • When she uses this skill, there will be a large Danger warning accompanied with its skill name.
  • She will instantly disappear when initiating this without an animation and start bombing without delay.
  • It is possible to avoid this skill by hiding under the platforms in the center and moving to the side farther away from the wind bombs.
  • It is possible to knock her out of the air during the animation.

-Over 6 million HP on Very Hard (35 Life bars)
-High resistance against all elements in general (roughly 250\500 against everything).
-She will always fly when her health is 7 bars (trap her easily for a combo with Sakra Devanam's ^ZZ).
-Kelaino does not have a stoic threshold. As long as you don't knock her down, she can easily be defeated. }}

Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Golden Wing's Celebration
Golden Wing's Celebration
Gold Wing Aello

Lv65 Great Sword:

Physical Attack +4007

Magical Attack +4007

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%

All weapons attributes +0.5%





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