8-4 : Village de la tribu des Kalluso

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Village de la tribu des Kalluso

Arrived destination to alert the Priestess' kidnapping. The battle Chief's eyes were all black at the Caluso Tribal Village.
The Caluso Tribal Village worships the wind. You can see their village floating in the sky with the power of wind.
Niveau recommandé
Capacité de combat requise
Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
Caluso Combat Warrior - A martial artist of Caluso Village that is capable of using Martial Art Combo and Slide Kick.
Caluso Wind Warrior - A warrior of Caluso Village that is capable of using Tailwind and Sylph Summon.
Caluso Elite Warrior - An elite warrior of Caluso Village that is capable of using Guard, Heavenly Strike, and Shield Bash.
Caluso Assassin Warrior - An assassin of Caluso Village that is capable of using Lunge.
Whirlwind Sylph - These eerie gliding beings can by attaching themselves to players and reduce their Action Speed tremendously.
Enraged Slyphid - An angered sylphid that attacks by creating whirlwinds and releasing energy after they die.


Boss intermédiaire
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  • You will face 6 random minibosses listed below. You will fight at least two of the random miniboss during your run.
Image Description Attaques
Battle Chief Tuadin - Tuadin is the leader of the Caluso Elite Warriors.

-Guard: Similar to Elsword, Tuadin can use his shield and defend against any attack that is dealt to him in front. His version of Guard is capable of reducing about 99% of damage that comes from Special Actives.
-Heavenly Strike: Tuadin can perform Heavenly Strike in a similar style as Ara's.
-Shield Bash: Tuadin will bash his target with his shield, stunning them, and perform a second bash to launch his opponents away.
-Wind Rising: Similar to Ara, Tuadin can perform an alternate version of Shadow Blast where Wind energy is used instead of Darkness.
-Fury Attack: Tuadin can thrust his spear multiple times towards his targets.

Battle Chief Vegar - Vegar is the leader of the Caluso Assassin Warriors.

-Lunge: Vegar will dash forward and quickly stabs you, inflicting Bleed.
-Blade Uppercut: Vegar will start with an initial slash upwards. If a target has been hit by this first attack, he will continue with two more slashes under Super Armor status.
-Sword Wave: Vegar can perform a blue-colored variant of Sword Wave.

Battle Chief Baryon - Baryon is the leader of the Caluso Wind Warriors.

-Tailwind: Using the power of Wind, Baryon can drag any target closer to him if their distance is too high. Players affected by this can be dragged vertically and / or horizontally.
-Sylph Summon: A basic attack where Baryon summons Whirlwind Slyphs to move across the stage and attack their targets.
-Evoke: Baryon can use a weaker variant of Trapping Ranger's Evoke. The difference is that Baryon's version has a smaller range and explodes after a certain time period.
-Gust: Baryon will call forth a tornado that will drag in all players. You cannot use any skills as the tornado is sucking you in. Baryon will end his attack with an attack that will deal heavy damage and launch all targets away.

Battle Chief Tariq - Tariq is the leader of the Caluso Combat Warriors.

-Martial Art Combo: Tariq's basic attack is a combo where he will kick thrice and end it with a punch from his katar.

  • Wind Punch Sometimes, Tariq will end his combo with a heavy punch reinforced by Wind instead of a simple punch from his katar.

-Slide Kick: Tariq can slide behind his opponents, similar to Slide Double Kick, but will only kick once as a maneuver to get behind his opponents.
-Close Quarter Combat: Tariq will perform multiple punches and will end his chain of attacks with a knee lift that's reinforced with Wind energy. He will be in Super Armor during the whole duration of this skill. }}

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Image Description
Launch Pad - Jumping on this platform will propel you upward in order to reach the higher grounds.


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Image Description Attaques
Great Battle Chief Karu

-Karu's Slash: He will charge momentarily before unleashing a ground running wind blast that will erupt 4 times as it runs along the ground.

  • Super Armor is off at 3rd hit and can be easily avoid by pass him and then hit him from behind.

-Quick Teleport: Jumps into the air and comes down near the player.
-Wind Shield: Creates a magic shield around himself, becoming temporarily invincible for a few seconds and increase his damage by 20%.
-Karu's Sword Split: A multi-hit sword combo, his sword's reach is greatly multiplied by the wind extending from each slash.

  • He usually use this move when attacked even getting Suppression's debuff.

-Wind Explosion: Charges a bright green orb of energy in his hand pulling all players towards him before detonating it.

  • This move can easily avoid with do double jump but with timing.

-Wind Punch: Charges his fist with energy then does a boosted punch while sliding forwards significantly. Usually he will use this move after success hitting his foe with Karu's Slash move.
-Wind Thrust: Charges his sword with energy then launches a short ranged energy blast from it.
-Lucent Shredder: Charges his sword with energy then unleashes a spherical slash visually reminiscent to Bloody Accel. Usually he will use this move after success hitting his foe with Karu's Slash move.

  • Super armor is off before he's releasing a slash.

-Wind Shock: Jumps to the center of the screen and summons four tornadoes that close in from both sides then blows away all players near him with a sword swing.

  • Usage of this attack will be signaled with an onscreen danger warning.
  • Appears to gain a use of it when damaged to 28, 18, and 8 bars of health but will not necessarily use it right away or repeatedly allowing it to be bypassed. (Needs more research)

-Roughly 14 million HP on Very Hard.
-Roughly 250\500 resist to all elements. }}

Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Black Crossbow
Black Crossbow
Battle Chief Tariq

Lv65 Bow:

Physical Attack +4007

Magical Attack +4007

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Add. Damage +1.5%

All weapons attributes +0.5%





Elemental Master Run (Dec 25, 2013)

Code Empress Run (Jan 4, 2014)

Grand Archer Run (Jan 13, 2014)

Sakra Devanam Run (Sep 6, 2014)

  • Caluso Village stays afloat using the power of wind.
  • Caluso Village is a home town of Anudran, the Wind Priestess of El.
  • All Caluso villagers are adept at using the power of wind.
  • Caluso Village was at odds with the Sander village. Anudran was coming to Sander Village for a peace conference when she was kidnapped by Karis and Kelaino
  • Caluso Tribe guards the Parugo Mountain. Legend has it that wind lord named Behemoth lays asleep in this mountain.