4-1 : Navire volant korbak

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Navire volant korbak

Le sort frappe toujours au moment où l'on s'y attend le moins.
An airship owned by an ex-mercenary who's controlled by Nasods.
Niveau recommandé
Capacité de combat requise
Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
Black Crow Engineer - Combatant of The Black Crow. He repairs broken weapons and machines.
Black Crow Sniper - A sniper among the Black Crows. He uses his rifle to shoot small grenades that either stun or explode with accurate precision.
Black Crow Gladiator - A fighter who quickly swipes at you using his blade.
Black Crow Commander - The strongest bunch of the Black Crows. Make sure to be careful of his huge sword!
Bellows Machine Gun - Smaller turrets situated throughout the Black Crow that fire a barrage of bullets when approached.
190mm Howitzer - The Black Crow is equipped with an on board defense cannon, the 190mm Howitzer.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
Sleshu - A large Black Crow Commander clothed in a red commander's uniform.

-Kick Slash: Sleshu will kick you followed by a downward slash of his sword.
-Shockwave - Cutter: Sleshu will slash his sword with a forceful aura to send a sonic shockwave straight forward. }}

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Image Description
Mini Cannon - Fires explosives out of one of three cannons (Left, Up, and Right), generally fires from the cannon closest to the player.
Steam Trap - There will be vents that will exert steam at regular intervals that can damage you.


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Image Description Attaques
Raven - The Captain of The Black Crows and a former soldier from Velder seeking revenge.

-Combo: Raven catches you and quickly makes a short combo with his sword, ending it with his Nasod Claw launching you high into the air. (Raven sometimes uses Maximum Cannon or an air attack to further his combo)
-Grab: Raven quickly dashes towards you and grabs you using his Nasod Arm which stuns you. While you're stunned, Raven can use his Combo attack right at you.
-Maximum Cannon!: Stretching his Nasod Arm, Raven unleashes a spinning fume of fire straight at you, dealing heavy damage.
-Power Assault!: Raven rushes towards you at high speeds, destroying everything in his path.
-Missiles!: His strongest move. Raven makes a signal with his claw and multiple missiles come flying down throughout the stage.
-This Boss has a stoic threshold of ?? hits. }}

Boss Intro:
Raven: It seems you came to find the El... Well you're too late. All that remains is the passing of mankind!!!
Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Ghost Sword - Wall
Ghost Sword - Wall

Lv34 Claymore:

Physical Attack +2477

Magical Attack +2477

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%

Action Speed +2%