6-X : Hallucinations à Belder

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Hallucinations à Belder

Description :

Sullen Joaquin has been found studying forbidden alchemy. Elsword and his friends returned to Velder in order to investigate him. As they encounter Joaquin, he throws a potion at them, trapping them in an illusion known as Velder's Hallucination.

Niveau recommandé:
Niveau d'objet minimum (Normal) :
Niveau d'objet minimum (Enfer) :
Conditions à remplir pour l'entrée du donjon :
  • Complete all dungeons in Velder on Very Hard.
  • Have a Luto's Pass in your inventory. (2 Luto's Passes is needed when entering Hell mode)
  • Must be Level 60 or higher.
Monstres :

Arc Glitter Guard - Same as the Glitter Guards that you have encountered throughout Velder. Only Appear in First Stage only.

Arc Glitter Panzer - Same as the Glitter Panzer that you have encountered throughout Velder. Only Appear in First Stage only.

Arc Glitter Sniper - Same as the Glitter Sniper that you have encountered throughout Velder. Only Appear in First Stage only.

Bloody Glitter Spearman - This is a stronger variant of the Glitter Guard that you have encountered throughout Velder.

Bloody Glitter Sniper - This is a stronger variant of the Glitter Sniper that you have encountered throughout Velder. They're now capable to use Backflip Shot after a shot.

Bloody Glitter Defender - This is a stronger variant of the Glitter Defender that you have encountered throughout Velder. When they attack with their shields, spikes will appear from them. They are now capable of reflecting projectiles with their shields whenever they are defending.

Bloody Glitter Dasher - This is a stronger variant of the Glitter Dasher that you have encountered throughout Velder.

Bloody Wyvern - This is a stronger variant of the Wyverns that you have encountered throughout Velder.

Bloody Uno Hound - This is a smaller variant of Uno Hound. It will use the same moves that the regular Uno Hound will and possesses much more attack speed.

Puppet Stone - These are the red puppets that you have encountered when you fought against Crazy Puppet. These puppets will move around and try to get close to you. When they are close, they will dance a little and explode, damaging players close to it and killing itself.

Bloody Glitter Bomber - This is a stronger variant of the Glitter Rock Thrower. But instead of rocks, this Glitter holds a case full of bombs on their back and is no longer immobile.

Joaquin's Hallucination (Crazy Puppet) - During this stage, you will encounter Crazy Puppet as a hallucination. It will attack only with its staff by swinging it in front or behind it, leaving a field of fire behind after swinging.

  • Puppet Stones will be summoned in large numbers by these and if these puppets dance near it, it will regain HP.

Bloody Glitter Assassin - *Bloody Glitter Assassin: This is a stronger variant of the Arc Glitter Assassins that you have encountered throughout Velder. They are now capable of using Shadow Step with Shadow Piercing along with their regular attacks.

Zombie Glitter - As the name would suggest, this is a reanimated Glitter corpse. They will slowly move towards any player and attack by biting them.

Zombie Glitter Grave - Produces one Zombie Glitter at a time until destroyed, has an extremely large amount of HP.

  • For each Zombie Glitter it produces it will lose a bit of HP.


Bloody Elite Glitter: Taker - This is one of the Elite Glitter that you will encounter. These Elite Glitters are now stronger and use Raven's combo that you have encountered in Altera. In addition to being able to pull off Raven's sword combos, they can also use Power Assault and Charged Bolt - Hedgehog in the same style whenever they have the appropriate amount of mana.

Bloody Elite Glitter: Ranger - This is the second Elite Glitter that you will encounter. Unlike the Bloody Glitter Sniper, these archers will be wearing green armor. These archers are now stronger and are able to use Rena's pre-rebalance combos of firing arrows. In addition to being able to shoot arrows like Rena, they can also use Assault Kick and Perfect Storm in the same style whenever they have the appropriate amount of mana.

Bloody Elite Glitter: Magician - This is the third Elite Glitter that you will encounter. Instead of shooting ghosts from their wands, they can shoot fireballs in the same method as Aisha. In addition to being able to shoot fireballs like Aisha, they can also use Chain Fireball and Gust Screw in the same style whenever they have the appropriate amount of mana.

Marmite de potion :

Effet des potions (joueurs)

As you progress through the dungeon, you will encounter various cauldrons filled with potions. If you destroy them, you will receive the effects based off of what potion you just destroyed.

  • Giant Brew: Your character size will increase substantially (and so do your attacks) and you will receive a 100% critical hit buff for its duration.
  • Optical Brew: Your character will have the ability to instantly kill enemies, when you touch them or hit them (except for Crazy Puppet/Joaquin's Hallucination) for its duration.
  • Mana Brew: Your character will gain massive mana regeneration for its duration.

Effet des potions (monstres)

Most Bloody Glitter monsters (Except Bloody Glitter Bomber) are capable of drinking potions whenever their health reaches about 30%. In Hell mode, they will drink their potions at 60% HP, but in Luto Mode, they will drink their potions at 70% HP. After drinking their potions, they will receive various effects.
-Red Smoke - Increasing their size and 100% critical chance.
-Yellow Smoke - Granting them super-armored status.
-Blue Smoke - Increasing their mana regeneration rate.

  • They will have 90% damage reduction and super armor when they are drinking a potion but this can be prevented by using a launching attack or skill (getting Freeze or Petrified can work too to prevent drinking a Potion) just as they would normally drink a potion. Sometimes they will gain the effect of the potion anyways when launched, though the animation for drinking the potion will still be skipped.
Obstacles :

As you progress through the dungeon, you will re-encounter previous opponents that will try to stop you. They only appear in the background, meaning you cannot attack them or stop them from attacking.

Crazy Puppet - Will ignite a small fire on the field that burns anyone within.

Spriggan - Will occasionally execute a Dark Energy Splash from underneath, which does substantial damage.

Uno Hound - Will shoot lasers with its eyes across the field and back, potentially dragging your character across the field while dealing substantial damage.

Joaquin - Will create obstacles that do damage and block your path. He can throw Puppet Stones onto the field and create portals to uplift buildings from the ground or drop them from the air.

Faraway Archers - These archers fire up to 3 arrows per archer from a distance at you. These archers cannot be killed normally. However can be killed with skills such as Guided Arrow and Shooting Star.

Demoniac Cannon - This is a same variant of the Demoniac Cannon that you have encountered throughout Velder. Only Appear in First Stage only.

Barricades - These barricades merely block you way.

Boss :
  • Joaquin's Hallucination


  • Magic Shield: Joaquin will set up a shield that will drastically reduce all damage taken while drinking his potion to recover his health at an alarming rate.
    • He appears to be limited to using this ability 3~6 times total, and may vary depending on his skill selection and difficulty mode. (Needs more research, after Hunting Fields patch he appears to be able to heal more times and more often.)
    • He can heal up to almost half of his total HP each time he uses this skill.
    • Joaquin will not use this skill for the same HP threshold twice, however he will remember to use 'missed' thresholds.
    • He cannot use this skill while in Dwarf mode.
    • His identified HP threshold points are 25.5, 23, 13, and 4 life bars on Normal Mode.
  • Hallucination: When you are in a party, Joaquin will randomly debuff one of the characters in your group. All attacks that the debuffed character makes will damage their teammates as well, including Special Actives. It is very possible to kill your own teammates while you are suffering from the debuff's effects.
    • [10-24-12] Patch changes(?) seem to have made it so that the person Hallucinating is randomized per each player. This means that everyone can see someone different as being under the effect and be killed by them without the other person even realizing they are under the effect.
    • Possible Glitch: The electrical aura of Raven's Nasod Core may continue to damage party members even after Hallucination has subsided.
  • Dwarf: Joaquin will drink a potion and after flexing, he will release ghosts in all directions from his body, potentially dealing high damage. If you are standing close to him when he uses this it is possible to get hit by multiple ghosts. After the ghosts move off-screen, Joaquin will be minimized, therefore reducing his hitbox and making attacks difficult to use. Additionally he will gain super armor, 100% critical rate buff, and he will not possess a collision hitbox causing players to pass through him for the duration. This skill lasts for approximately 30 seconds.
    • Much like for his Magic Shield this appears based on HP thresholds, however this shares many of the same HP thresholds as well.
    • Rather than using Magic Shield and healing, it is possible that he will use this skill instead, which appears to count against the usage of his healing skill for a threshold point. However the reverse does not always seem to apply.
    • Identified HP threshold points on Normal Mode are at 25.5, 18.8, 13, and 7 life bars. (This may no longer be accurate after Hunting Field update.)
    • The ghosts released count as magic projectiles and can be blocked\reflected\absorbed by skills like Reflect Kick, Phoenix Talon, and Statue of Glory.
    • Post KR Jan.10 2013 patch: Joaquin is now significantly larger than before when minimized. (About the same size as a player character, but still does not possess a collision hitbox.)
    • Post NA June 4 2013 patch: Joaquin is now significantly larger than before when minimized. (About the same size as a player character, but still does not possess a collision hitbox.)
  • Thunderstorm: Joaquin will release several clouds in the air which will regularly shoot lightning at intervals, an electric effect will appear in the clouds over the player if this has targeted them. This move can be avoided if you move far away.
    • Each bolt will strike a player twice if they don't move.
    • It is dangerous for multiple players to be in the same area when he uses this.
  • Thunder: Joaquin can create smaller clouds in the air that will shoot a single bolt of lightning that can inflict status ailments such as Curse, Burn, Poison, and Confusion.
  • Puppet Summoning: Joaquin will occasionally spawn Puppet Stones to distract and attack you.
  • Zombie Summoning: Joaquin will occasionally create Zombie Glitter Graves at both ends of the map to spawn Zombie Glitters to slow you down.
  • Building Crash: Throughout the battle, Joaquin will repeatedly create large portals in the air that will create buildings from the background and have them crash into the ground. These buildings will do damage and will act as large barricades to limit you from moving around the stage.
  • Combustion: Joaquin can still use his old move where he toss black powder around him and ignite them to create an explosion.
    • The resulting explosion's hitbox is significantly larger than the actual explosion would indicate.
  • Potion Fling: In the same style as the Arc Glitter Alchemists, Joaquin will throw a potion at you to create a cloud that can inflict various status ailments.
    • This cloud is larger and the effects are more potent than the version used by Glitter Alchemists.
Basic Tactics:
  • Knock him down to 25 life bars so he heals himself, then continue to attack him until he is at 25 life bars again and miniaturizes himself. At this point everyone should unload all of their strongest skills on him at once to kill him before he reverts to his original size and heals.
    • Do not knock him below 24 bars for this as that might trigger his next healing threshold instead.
    • HP thresholds are different for different difficulties, this may not apply to Hell or Luto.
  • Disregard the game's declaration to quickly attack Joaquin during his healing to break his shield, rest assured that any attempt to break it is futile after the Hunting Fields patch and so it is best to not waste MP on skills. Instead now is a good time to build MP, awakening charge, and recover HP.
  • Keep an eye out for Hallucination\Puppet Debuff and do not attack until it is clear no one sees you under its effect even if you do not see yourself under its effect.

Autres informations

  • Has near immunity to all elements, roughly 450\500 resistance to everything.
  • Assuming Level 60:
    • Joaquin has roughly 6M HP on Normal Mode and 8M HP on Hell Mode (31 Life-bars in both modes).
    • He has about ~29.5% damage reduction on Normal Mode and ~52% damage reduction on Hell Mode. (needs more testing)
Set-équipement du donjon secret :
Icon Name Stats Set Bonus
Glitter Amethyst Optical Lens Lv. 65 Face Accessory (Middle):

[Unidentified * ?]
Add. Damage +1%

Glitter Amethyst:

2-Piece Effect:

  • Add. Damage +4%

4-Piece Effect:

  • +1% Physical Attack Power
  • +1% Magical Attack Power
  • +1% Physical Defense
  • Magical Defense +1%

5-Piece Effect:

  • When hit, 3% chance to Drain HP (no hitstun) from 2 nearby foes (Cooldown: 10 seconds, does not stack)
  • Awaken to recover 10% HP (Cooldown: 30 seconds) (Dungeon & Field)
  • Awaken to recover 5% HP (Cooldown: 30 seconds) (Match)
Glitter Amethyst Top Piece Lv. 65 Top Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]

Glitter Amethyst Bottom Piece Lv. 65 Bottom Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]

Glitter Amethyst Gloves Lv. 65 Gloves:

[Unidentified * ?]

Glitter Amethyst Shoes Lv. 65 Shoes:

[Unidentified * ?]

Glitter Amethyst Weapon Lv. 65 Weapon:

[Unidentified * ?]
[Unidentified * ?]
Action Speed +3%
Critical +3%
While attacking, a 1% chance to inflict Curse for 5 seconds.

Bande son :