3-5 : Grande mine

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Grande mine

This Mining Area in Richie Mine is filled with Nasods that are mining minerals. You might find clues about Wally's whereabouts here.
We may find clues to Wally's wereablouts. Nasods have appeared.
Niveau recommandé
Capacité de combat requise
Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
3-5-1.jpg Nasod Excavator D-2 - An excavator that uses its arm to try and smash you!
3-5-2.jpg Mine - Mine shaft spawning Nasod Transporters.
3-5-3.jpg Nasod Transporter - A Nasod that gathers minerals using its cart. Be careful not to let it run over you though!
3-5-4.jpg Nasod Miner - A miner that uses its powerful drill to gather minerals, but its drill can be also used as a weapon!
3-5-5.jpg Nasod Excavator D-3 - An upgraded version of the D-2 Excavator. This one is bigger and can really pack a punch!
NasodHeal.png Nasod Healer - This floating Nasod monitors excavating Nasods and heals them.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
3-5-mboss.jpg Nasod Driller - An incredibly strong driller that is in charge of all the Nasod Excavators.

-Guard: Nasod Driller crosses his arms reducing damage while in super armor.
-Drill Stab: Nasod Driller uses his drill and attacks in front of itself.
-Drill Dig: Nasod Driller drills the ground in front of itself.
-Dynamite: Launches several sticks of dynamite forward, will be in super armor when throwing dynamite.

-Has a stoic threshold of 20 hits. }}

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Image Description
3-5-trap.jpg Falling Rock - Loose rocks will fall from the cave ceiling damaging those who might be underneath it.
MineCart.png Mine Cart - These carts just block the way. Can be destroyed.


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Image Description Attaques
Wally No.9 MK-2.jpg Wally No. 8 MK2 - Wally is back, with a stronger robot than ever before, watch out!

-Carpet Bombing: Wally sends up missiles into the sky that'll fly down in both sides of him, dealing heavy damage to those all around him.
-Spin Thrust: Wally rushes towards you and slides while dealing damage using its heavy arms, he then flails it around, knocking you down.
-Fly: Given the opportunity, Wally will fly up into the air up onto another platform to try and make distance.
-Smash: While in the air, Wally will sometimes boost down to try and smash you on the ground.
-Laser!: His strongest move. Wally will fire out a massive yellow blast of energy out of his eye. It does tremendous damage all with incredible range. However, unlike his old version, this laser is smaller, but that doesn't mean its not fatal as Wally sends the laser up, having a higher chance of hitting someone.

-Has a stoic threshold of 20 hits. }}

Butins de bossMusique de fond

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Large Drill
Large Drill
Nasod Driller

Lv28 Great Sword:

Physical Attack +2442

Magical Attack +2008

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%