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Temple de l'eau

We have finally arrived to the Temple of Frozen Water... Temple of Frozen Water has very icy cold winds...
A sacred temple where the Water Priestess resided. Everything is frozen due to the demon's power.
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Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
Shadow Port Walker.jpg Shadow Port Walker - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Walker that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons. They will use the same attacks but they are now more stronger and faster in their attacks.
Shadow Port Trickster.jpg Shadow Port Trickster - A Shadow monster that attacks with lightning in front or summons "totems". The Fire Totem is red and casts a homing fireball that does moderate damage and should be dealt with as soon as possible if placed. The Buff Totem is blue and increases the stats of the mob.
ShadowPortCharger Head.jpg Shadow Port Charger - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Charger that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons. They will use the same attacks but they are now more stronger and faster in their attacks.
ShadowPortDefender Head.jpg Shadow Port Defender - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Defender that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons. They will use the same attacks but they are now more stronger and faster in their attacks.
ShadowPortSniper Head.jpg Shadow Port Sniper - This is an stronger variant of the Shadow Sniper that you have encountered in previous Hamel dungeons. The Sniper has been enhanced where it will aim for its target before firing its laser.
Hamel-blood-linker.jpg Blood Linker - This is an alternate form of the Shadow Linker. When it links onto you, your attack speed will not be reduced. Instead, the link will only reduce your health.
Hamel-mana-linker.jpg Mana Linker - This is an alternate form of the Shadow Linker. When it links onto you, your attack speed will not be reduced. Instead, the link will only reduce your mana.
Hamel-shadow-linker.jpg Shadow Linker - A small Shadow monster that can Soul Link just like Shadow Master. Defeat it to prevent or stop the Soul Link. Although easily defeatable, multiple Shadow Linkers can be a pain.
Hagalaz Noah's Grave.jpg Hagaluz - A spirit that attacks with icicle daggers or by spewing ice (The ice induces Frostbite). When they die a dark eye aura envelopes them. Contact with this aura will induce Status 079.png Enemy DebuffCurseEnemy DebuffCurse.
Laguz Stricken City.jpg Laguz - This Water Spirit attacks by releasing 3 bubbles in front of them and popping them, which will damage and inflict Frostbite. They can also release a bubble aura to encase any players in range in a bubble. After killing one, they will trap any players close to them in a bubble. When trapped in a bubble, you will not be able to move.
Iz Stricken City.jpg Iz - A Ice Spirit that attacks by spewing frost breath in front, which induces Freezing. When defeated, they emit an aura thats freezes you.
AncientIcedCrab Head.jpg Ancient Iced Crab - This is an upgraded and larger form of the Ancient Crab. They can use the same attacks as the Ancient Crab but with the additional effect of inflicting Frostbite.
ChillingHedgehog Head.jpg Chilling Hedgehog - A small hedgehog-like monster. They attack by rolling into you or releasing ice shards around them (The shards induce Frostbite). They become Stoic when performing the ice shard attack.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
GiantLinker Head.jpg Giant Linker - A huge Linker that is exclusive to this dungeon. Appears on all difficulties.

-Summon: Giant Linker summons the various Linker series, such as Shadow Linker, Blood Linker, and Mana Linker.
-Link: Giant Linker attacks the player by putting a link on the player. Effects are identical to the attacks of the Linker series.

IceStinger Head.jpg Ice Stinger - The Ice Stinger is an upgraded form of the Shadow Stinger. It will use the exact same moves but its spikes will induce Frostbite.

-Forward Spikes: Jabs you with a few spikes when you stand in front of it. Pushes you backwards for some distance and induce Frostbite.
-Spike Ball: Brings out all the spikes on it. Penetrates all platforms just to poke you. Induces KD and Frostbite.
-Spke Role: It's a KD Counter attack. Rolls forward or backwards to poke you with its spikes. Induces KD and Frostbite.
-Crystal Stinger: Brings forth a crystal in its chest to poke you with it. Does quite a lot of damage. Induces KD.
-You will fight Ice Stinger on Hard or Very Hard mode.
-Has a stoic threshold of ?? hits. }}

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Image Description
Ice Trap.jpg Ice Trap - There will be many Ice Traps on the ground throughout the entire dungeon. When you step on one of them, they will activate and will trap and freeze any player inside, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
Ice Pillar.jpg Ice Pillar - Drops icicles as it collapses. Unless you can faze through them, you need to destroy them in order to pass.
Dunno.png Ice Slope - One of bridges leading to the main temple gave way causing everybody to slide down the slope into a pitfall.
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.


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Image Description Attaques
Avalanche.jpg Avalanche

-Icicle Crash: Avalanche will launch a large block of ice towards the direction he is facing. This attack will induce Frostbite.
-Icicle Saw: Avalanche will push you aside with his staff and create a circular saw out of ice on his staff and attacks you with it. This attack will induce Frostbite.
-Blizzard Shower: Avalanche is capable of using a weaker variant of High Magician's Blizzard Shower. The ice crystals that he summon will be larger but instead of freezing you, you will be knocked down upon impact.
-Ice Trapper: Avalanche will summon up to 4 Ice Traps on the stage floor in an attempt to trap you. If the traps aren't activated, they will automatically be destroyed when he uses this move again.
-Retreat: Every time you reduce 1/3 or 1/4 of Avalanche's maximum HP, he will retreat to the background of the stage and will attack with the statues in the background. The statues will either launch an ice shard towards the nearest target or will shoot multiple icicles towards you. His current maximum health is 21 life-bars, every time you deplete him to either 2 of these amounts: 14.7,15.1,or 15.8 and 7.9,7.5,or 7.1 life-bars. After decreasing him to about 4.8 life-bars, it becomes his choice to escape, if you take longer time to finish him, he might escape again.

  • Unlike Magmanta, there is no way to cheat Avalanche's phases - he will become invincible when his HP becomes about a quarter fraction.

-Frozen Tomb: After reaching his Stoic threshold or maximum mana, Avalanche will float into the air, and raise multiple frozen megaliths from the ground. In addition to that, two white flares emitting ice shards in every direction will drop onto the stage randomly and will explode after reaching ground level. A direct hit from a flare will do significant damage.

  • The megaliths will block out the ice shards helping you to escape from the flares.
  • He will become invincible during the later half of the animation for this skill.

-Like Magmanta, Avalanche has absolute immunity against Water elements, so you will not be able to inflict Frostbite, Freezing, or Frozen from skills or items.
-Has a stoic threshold of ?? hits. Instead of a normal reaction when reaching the Stoic Threshold, Avalanche does possess a Stoic Threshold but any targets that are near him will not be knocked away.
-When Avalanche Retreat, the ice missiles and icicles can be absorbed by Rune Slayer's Phoenix Talon buff and blocked by Code: Nemesis's Atomic Shield.

  • If neither are available, loop them as you would a Magic Missile.

-There is a very easy way to escape a missile, it's to loop and lure them to your ally or another projectile to destroy it to your advantage.
-Summon monster NPC will makes the missiles targeting them. However, their HP is not as much as their cooldown that they cannot be used anytime.

  • This is exceptional for Shadow Port Voider, who instead absorb them into HP.


Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Avalanche's Staff
Avalanche's Staff

Lv58 Wand:
Physical Attack +3701

Magical Attack +3701

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +5%

Ice Element Resistance +40





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