5-1 : Entrée du temple

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Entrée du temple[edit]

At Feita's urgent request, you've hurried to the Shrine of Dedication Entrance to observe the movement of Demons.
An entrance to the shrine. Feita Knights saw a massive headless knight.
Niveau recommandé
Capacité de combat requise
Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
Dsdf.png Glitter Spearman - A demonic soldier that attacks you using its spear! It's capable of retaliating if you attack it in mid-air.
Dsdfff.png Glitter Defender - A demonic soldier that uses his shield to protect others and himself from any attack!
Dsdffff.png Glitter Archer - A demonic soldier that uses its crossbow to attack you from any range!
Dsdff.png Lantern Fly - This shining sphere of light tries to rush at you with its nimble body!
Dsdffffff.png Glitter Necromancer - A demonic mage that uses its dark magic to attack you!
  • They can inflict Curse onto you.
Dsdfffff.png Stone Golem - A golem that uses its rocky fists to crush you!


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Image Description
CollapsingArch.png Collapsing Arch - This arch structurally insecure missing much of its support and will collapse when anybody steps close to it.


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Image Description Attaques
Dsd.png Dullahan Knight - A headless knight that attacks you with its demonic shield and sword!

-Rushing Slam: Dullahan will run across the stage while using its shield to knock anybody along it's path.
-Shield & Sword: Dullahan uses a quick combo on you with his sword, sending you up in the air. While you're up, he'll slam you twice with his shield, knocking you far back.
-Stab: When you're cornered by him, Dullahan will stab you with his sword, dealing big damage.
-Guard: When attacked, Dullahan crouches behind his shield, waiting for a counterattack!
-Rising Blades: When you're on a platform or trying to run away from Dullahan, he will summon 6 rising blades that do very heavy damage.
-Dark Impale! His strongest move. Dullahan will charge up his glowing shield and blast a humongous beam of purple energy straight at you.
-Never attack from the front. Maneuver behind his shield and flank him. Unless you can kill him quickly or knock him down fast enough.
-Has a stoic threshold of 15 hits. }}

Butins de bossMusique de fond

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Durahan Knight

Lv38 Claymore:

Physical Attack +2681

Magical Attack +2681

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%

Action Speed +2%