Harmony Festival Rest Stop

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Harmony Festival Rest Stop →Wherever you were before entering Bonfire Site


Harmony Festival. When the El Energy is Cycled and All Beings are at Rest.
Harmony Festival Rest Stop
Harmony Festival
Activation Time: 1 minute
Status 154.png Drop Rate +50%, Physical/Magical Power +3% (Dungeon), Adaptation +2%
Duration: 30 minutes
Harmony Festival Rest Stop - li_festival001
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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 모닥불 쉼터 Bonfire Shelter
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 篝火休息处 Bonfire Rest Area
Flag-us.png North America Bonfire Site (between September 13, 2017 and September 26, 2017)
German Flag.png Germany Rastplatz des Lagerfeuers Campfire Rest Area
Spanish Flag.png Spain Área de descanso del fuego de campamento Campfire Rest Area
French Flag.png France Aire de repos du feu de camp Campfire Rest Area
Italian Flag.png Italy Piazzola di Sosta del Falò Bonfire Rest Area
Polish Flag.png Poland Ostoja Ogniska Bonfire Shelter
English Flag.png United Kingdom Camp Fire Rest Area
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