Outer Edge of Black Forest (Event)

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For the Eastern Lurensia dungeon by the same name, see Outer Edge of Black Forest.
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This is an Event Map for Laby's pre-release event.


Outer Edge of Black Forest

Outer Edge of Black Forest.
The outer edge of Black Forest. There's mysterious energy that surrounds it.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • This dungeon can only be played solo.
  • Can enter 3 times a day.

When entering the Outer Edge of the Black Forest, a Wooki will appear to "welcome" players. Defeat as many as you can!

NA Event Detail

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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Uki.png Wooki - A native creature of the Black Forest with long arms and a long tail.
  • Roll Swing: Roll forwards swiping at players with its tail before swiping with their hands.


  • Elsword: Oh, I never knew somewhere like this was in Feita. I guess we were too busy fighting demons... It's pretty cool!
  • Aisha: Oh, I can see why they would build a temple here. The demonic energy is intense! Maybe all those rumors are true too...
  • Rena: I heard Black Forest is full of demonic energy... But something feels nice here...
  • Raven: I've never seen that monster before. Is it only in Black Forest?
  • Eve: It's just as I've gathered... The demonic energy is really potent in this area, please be careful.
  • Chung: I wonder if the rumors are true... Is this truly the origin of Lurensia monsters?
  • Ara: It's still daytime but it's dark. It must be even darker inside the forest.
  • Elesis: There's a lot of monsters even though we're still at the outer edges... The guards at Feita must keep them all contained.
  • Add: A temple here? How ironic... The demonic energy is quite thick here.
  • Lu/Ciel: Oh! I never expected a forest in Elrios would have this much demonic energy! It's just like how it is in the Demon Realm.
  • Rose: I can feel enemy presence beyond the woods. It's best we don't let our guard down.
  • Ain: (A forest full of demonic energy in Elrios where the goddess has blessed the lands? How did this happen?)
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
HQ Shop Item 130165.png Complete Recovery Potion Obtained by defeating Wooki. Consumable (Special Recovery):

Recover: 100% HP
Recover: 100% MP
Cooldown Time: 30 secs.

Tenacious Flower.png Tenacious Flower Obtained by completing event quests. Used to exchange for rewards at Ariel.

  • The location of this dungeon takes place somewhere deep within the forest surrounding Feita.
  • This area was previously mentioned during Feita's story quests in Chapter 9, and dimensional doors were said to appear here.
Date Changes
11/29/2018 12/26/2018
  • Outer Edge of Black Forest added.
12/06/2018 01/02/2019
  • Outer Edge of Black Forest deleted.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 검은 숲 외곽 Black Forest Outskirts
German Flag.png Germany Umgebung von Finsterhain Dark Forest Surroundings
Spanish Flag.png Spain Afueras de Sotolóbrego ?
French Flag.png France Alentours du Bosquet des ténèbres Dark Forest Surroundings
Italian Flag.png Italy Dintorni di Boschettoscuro Dark Forest Outskirts
Polish Flag.png Poland Okolice Mrocznego Gaju Dark Forest Surroundings
English Flag.png United Kingdom Murky Forest Area


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