Underground Garden

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Underground Garden

Surprisingly, there was a Garden at the basement of the tower. Contaminated plants by the demonic race are slowly approaching us.
A secret garden under the chapel. Plants have been contaminated from Dark El.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Rt1.png Glitter Guard - An advanced demonic soldier that uses its spear to attack!
  • Spear Combo: Stab forward with its spear.
  • Spear Charge: Charges forward with his spear dealing multiple hits.
  • Aerial Counter: It will counter attack with a downward smash if it is struck while in the air.
Ptt3x-21.png Glitter Pounder - A hammer-wielding demonic soldier.
  • Hammer Swing: Pulls its hammer back then slams it into the ground.
  • Trip: While preparing for its attack it will lose balance and fall backwards hurting anybody behind it.
  • Leap Smash: Leaps in the air and smashes the ground with its hammer.
Rtttt1.png Thunder Fly - The Thunder Fly is a stronger version of a Lantern Fly.
  • Stun Rush: Fly at players to try to ram into them. This will now stun you.
Rttttt1.png Mutated Vine - These mutated vines are infected by demons from the Underground Garden. It waits in hiding for its victims.
  • Awaken: The vines will lay dormant until a player approaches it where if will spring up and whip anybody near by.
  • Vine Whip: Whip nearby players.
Rtttttt1.png Jubigee - The Jubigee is a harmless creature that doesn't attack you. Instead, however, it follows you and waits for you to attack it.
  • Gland Explosion: After being attacked its poison gland will expand until it decides to explode dealing large damage and inflicting poison.
Rtttttttt1.png Dark Drosera - It hides as a cactus but ambushes enemies as they approach. Highly toxic.
  • Slap: It can twists side to side slapping you with its arms.
  • Toxic Spew: It can release a spray of poisonous fluids out of its head.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Rttttttttt1.png Proxy the Nimble - A demonic soldier that uses its stealth and agility to attack you. Not only that, but Proxy can also use its bow to inflict heavy damage to the player too!
  • Stab: Proxy will unleash a hidden knife from his sleeve to stab the player. The knife is decorated with poison, so you should always be cautious of his knife!
  • Arrow Sling: At times, Proxy will use his bow with high accuracy to damage anybody in its path. It should also be noted that Proxy's arrows are decorated with poison too, so any arrow attack will have a chance of poisoning you.
  • Roll: When stuck in a combo or being crowded, Proxy will roll backwards in order to dodge your attacks. The miniboss can use this move at any time.
  • Multi-Shot: Proxy grips his bow tightly and charges up three arrows to shoot right at you.
  • Tempest: His strongest move. Proxy will unleash a circular range of arrows from his bow, shooting out like a machine gun.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.
Portalx-4.png Portal - These Portals are scattered throughout the floating gardens of the dungeon. You'll need to step on them in order to get to the next part of the stage!


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Rtttttttttt1.png Plant Overlord (3x) - The Plant Overlord was once a holy tree that protects the Underground Garden, but it is now infected by the demon's energy and sides with them. There are 3 Overlords, so try and defeat one by one with caution!
  • Double Swing: When you're near the one of the Overlords, the overlord will swing its two appendages.
  • Bite: When you are nearby it will occasionally try to bite you, it will bite to the left, middle, then right in that order.
  • Sludge: At certain times, the Overlords will throw up green sludge from its mouth to repeatedly damage and poison you. It will generally not use this attack if it is being actively attacked.
  • Transform: When two of the overlords are killed and there is only one left, the remaining overlord will transform into a stronger form, having much more power, speed, and defense, all with upgraded attacks! It is strongly recommended not to trigger this form, instead, a tip among players is to kill one of the overlords and to leave the rest of the two with low HP. Then wipe them out all at once or before the remaining overlord Transforms.
Woeed1.png Plant Overlord (Transform) - The transformed Overlord is now much more powerful and aggressive than ever before, all combined with high defense, speed, and attack!
  • Double Swing: When you're near the one of the Overlords, the overlord will swing its two appendages.
  • Bite: When you are nearby it will occasionally try to bite you, it will bite to the left, middle, then right in that order.
  • Sludge: Instead of a normal sludge, the transformed overlord's does more damage all with higher accuracy since he can now aim in the direction he wants to. However this actually has less coverage than its previous version allowing you to escape easier.


  • Attack 2 (if well-coordinated, all) of the Overlords simultaneously until they are near death (one is allowed to be killed out of the them). If only two were attacked at a time, go to the next one with the most HP and kill it. Proceed to kill the remaining Overlords. If the remaining one or two Overlords left were handled correctly, you can defeat the stage in a matter of seconds due to them dying before transformation (they should have low HP so that a couple Special Actives can finish them quickly).


  • Elsword: Another weird plant– another demon critter?
  • Elsword: Yuck! Stop that spitting! Aw, man, now my clothes are all messed up.
  • Elsword: Okay, that was surprising. Only one left, but it was a feisty one, huh? I guess demon plants are a whole lot different from the usual kind.
Boss DropsBGM

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Proxy's Bow
Proxy's Bow
Proxy the Nimble

Lv42 Bow:

Physical Attack +2813

Magical Attack +3029

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Action Speed +5%





High Mage Run

  • Interestingly enough,the design of Proxy is somewhat similar to the assassins in the Assassin's Creed Franchise because his secondary weapon looks like the iconic weapon of the franchise,The Hidden Blade.
  • Proxy wrote the skill note Bow String Maintenance.
  • Mutated Vines are part of Plant Overlord's body.
Date Changes
- -
  • Underground Garden added.
07/08/2021 -
  • Underground Garden deleted.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 지하 정원 Underground Garden
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 地下庭院 Underground Courtyard
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 地下庭院 Underground Courtyard
German Flag.png Germany Tempelgarten Temple Garden
Spanish Flag.png Spain Jardín del templo Temple Garden
French Flag.png France Jardin du temple Temple Garden
Italian Flag.png Italy Giardino del Tempio Temple Garden
Polish Flag.png Poland Ogród Świątyni Temple Garden
English Flag.png United Kingdom Temple Garden
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Jardim Subterrâneo Underground Garden

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