Shining Presence

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BluPassive1.png [Passive] Some effects of Edel Eid will effect you and nearby allies. Buff effect of activating [Power: Cycle Magic] will also apply to nearby allies.
Edel Eid Effect
  • Edel Eid (Mut): Increase Attack Power
  • Edel Eid (Rein): Increase MP Recovery when attacking/attacked.
  • Edel Eid (Wille): Increase All Speed
Power: Cycle Magic
  • When [Power: Cycle Magic] is activated, nearby allies will be increased (Excludes Ain in [Power: Cycle Magic] Mode)


Class Level Required
Bluhen 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required [Edel Eid Effect] [Power: Cycle Magic]
[Edel Eid: (Mut)] Attack Power Increment [Edel: Eid (Rein)] MP Recovery Rate [Edel Eid: (Wille)] Speed Increment All stats excluding HP/Damage/Defense
1 99 10% 2x 5% +5%

Tips and Details


Date Changes
01/11/2018 -
  • Tooltip error fixed and improved.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 선한 영향력 Good Influence
German Flag.png Germany Positiver Einfluss Positive Influence
Spanish Flag.png Spain Influencia positiva Positive Influence
French Flag.png France Influence positive Positive Influence
Italian Flag.png Italy Influenza positiva Positive Influence
Polish Flag.png Poland Pozytywny Wpływ Positive Influence
English Flag.png United Kingdom Positive Influence
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Influencia Positiva Positive Influence

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