Spooky Zombie Night

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This is an Event Map celebrating Halloween (2016).

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Spooky Zombie Night

El Search Party is invited for questionary Halloween party. Who is the sponsor for this party?
A mysterious Halloween party spot. Let's find out who sent the invitation.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power

A party zombie is on the loose in Elrios and serving up a great beat, but he'll turn you into one if you're unskilled. It's time to fulfill your zombie slaying fantasies and rake in the rewards!

NA Event Detail

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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Jr Zombie.png Jr. Zombie - A tiny sized zombie spirit with a sick afro.
  • Beat: Use its hand to beat players.
Angered Jr Zombie.png Angered Jr. Zombie - An average sized zombie spirit with a sick afro.
  • Beat: Use its hand to beat players.
Awakened Jr Zombie.png Awakened Jr. Zombie - An enormous sized zombie spirit with a sick afro.
  • Beat: Use its hand to beat players.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
DancingKingMike.png Dancing King Mike - The big bad zombie king of dance. Only those able to match his sweet moves could beat him.
  • Zombie Party: Summon many of his zombie lackeys onto the field to harm and distract players. They must be defeated.
  • Party Vision: A speaker will spawn on either the left or right side of the map. He'll proceed to cause a large explosion on the opposite side with his eye beams. The explosion deals massive damage and turns players into a zombie which will drain your HP.
  • Dance Off: Mike will challenge players to a rhythm based dance battle. Players must press either Z.png or X.png in beat with Mike, the length of his dance will progressively get longer as the battle continues. Match his sick moves or else you'll be turned into a zombie and have your HP drained. Mike will collapse making him vulnerable.


  • Mike will always get back up once his HP hits an interval of 11 (44, 33, 22, & 11).
  • If Mike is defeated before performing his fifth and final Dance Off, he will drop nothing.




  • For unknown reasons, the title of this dungeon in the North American server, was changed to "Scary Zombie Night" during the 2nd week of the event.
    • This change was only reflected in the game itself, as the event pages on the website still referred to it as "Spooky Zombie Night".
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 으스스 좀비 나이트 Spooky Zombie Night
Japanese Flag.png Japan 不気味なゾンビナイト Spooky Zombie Night
French Flag.png France Des zombies dans la nuit Zombies in the Night
Italian Flag.png Italy Zombie nella notte Zombies in the Night
Polish Flag.png Poland Zombie w środku nocy Zombies in the Middle of the Night

English Flag.png United Kingdom Zombies in the Night


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