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Demon Commander of White-Ghost Army
Name Berthe
Role Demon Commander of White-Ghost Army
Location Ruben Forest (Elsword/Aisha), Altar of Dedication
The time has come. Witness this!! This world will be ruled by demons!!!

~ Berthe



The fierce 1st Squad Commander of the White-Ghost Army who invaded Elrios through the portal in the Feita Shrine.


Attacking Ruben

Berthe was first seen trying to steal the El Shard in Ruben. Two of Banthus's minions attempted to steal the El Shard away from him but failed miserably. Confronted by Elsword, the mighty ice demon thought not much of the boy, but when Elsword began to resonate with the El, the ice demon was caught surprised. Considering the situation, Berthe abandoned the El and retreated.

Preparing the Feita Shrine

From then, Berthe made his way to Feita to corrupt the El fragments in the Feita Shrine into Dark El. Using the Dark El, he was able to open a giant portal to the Demon World. With the gate between the two worlds stable, Berthe, the 1st Squad Commander of the Glitter Army, advanced his troops through the portal and took over the Feita Shrine. The demons descended the tower and corrupted all the El, which allowed them to spawn more demons and transform the guardian plants into demonic monsters.

Chapter 8: Bad Omens

When the El Search Party arrived, Berthe was at the Shrine of Dedication Entrance scoffing at their attempts to stop them. He retreats to the main tower to further his plans as the Durahan Knight blocks the Search Party's path.

Chapter 9: Invaders from the other world

It wasn't until the El Search Party made their way up the Altar of Dedication did they confront Berthe for the final time. Berthe was defeated by the El Search Party, humiliated. Once Elsword spoke, the fallen demon realized that the child was the same boy who had the ability to resonate with the El. With his dying breath, Berthe explains that the war had only begun.

While Berthe's mission may have failed, his ability to open a large portal to the Demon World would pave the way for a more important attack on Velder.

Boss: Berthe

Berthe's appearance in Altar of Dedication

Berthe will appear in Altar of Dedication as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Leap Attack Berthe will momentarily kneel then leap diagonally into the air. He then crashes down, smashing the earth around him. Both the leap and the crash deal damage. This is the only attack that Berthe performs without Super Armor.
  • Pounce: Berthe will briefly kneel then gallops across the arena, slashing and inflicting Frostbite when he comes to a halt.
  • Spin Slash: Berthe will momentarily kneel then slashes twice, once with his claws and another with his tail.
  • Ice Carve Berthe will perform two slashes, with the second slash raising a pillar of ice from the ground, inflicting Frostbite and launching his targets a fair distance. If the first slash did not hit any targets, he will not perform the second slash.
  • Bottom Cast: Berthe will dig a chunk of earth out of the ground then flips it forward across a fair distance. He usually uses this skill if there's a certain distance between you.
  • Howl: Berthe will howl as a counterattack whenever someone uses a Bravery skill. He will be invincible during this attack.
    • Howling Summon: If he chooses to, Berthe can perform a variation of Howl where 2 or 3 Glitter Snipers will be summoned to the field after he finishes his attack.
  • Ice Blast: Berthe will momentarily charge before firing an ice beam, inflicting Frostbite to anyone it hits. The beam's horizontal range covers the entire field.


  • Berthe will Howl if anyone use a Bravery skill. While he is howling, he will be invincible and will not be damaged by your attack. This will also damage and knock back all players that are close to him. He will be able to Howl, regardless of how much MP he has. Do not use any of said skills under any circumstances except if he is frozen. For a list of Bravery skills, click here.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 베르드 Berd
Japanese Flag.png Japan ベルド Berd
German Flag.png Germany Berrut
French Flag.png France Berrut
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Berd
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