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Dark-Eyed Army Commanders
Jin on the left & In on the right
Full Name
Dark-Eyed Army Commanders
Voice Actors
김현지 (Kim Hyun-ji)
최원형 (Choi Won-hyeong)
In, we don't have time to be chatting.

~ Jin

Huhuhu!! Things are getting more interesting.

~ In


The demon twins that serve as commanders of the Dark-Eyed Army directly under Scar.


Chapter 10: Velder is in danger

Under Scar's order, the two demon twins took part in the initial stages of the invasion of Velder. There, they wasted no time targeting the Earth Priestess Artea. Before Chloe and her minion could even make their way into the room housing the Earth El, Jin and In were already on their way out with the Earth Priestess.

Chapter 18: An Exposed Dark Secret

The two demons, were first seen in Phantasmal Geyser, they were the ones responsible for tainting the spring water with the Demon's charm potion. However to get Sirena into an even deeper trance, they corrupted her themselves causing her to go mad. In found much amusement out of the act while Jin pressed In to keep his mind on track. The two then fled to the Fire Temple.

Chapter 19: A Broken World

The two demons patrolled the Collapsing Temple of Fire, fighting the El Search Party separately, the two guarded the inner sanctum of the temple. When defeated the two demons retreated deeper into the chasm.

As the Demon God Sult was soon to be revived, the two demons were Scar's final line of defense in the Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land. There they fought together, side by side. Though defeated, the two demons fled the scene while the El Search Party stormed to the final battle with Scar.

Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy

Even after Scar was defeated and the Demon God Sult sealed away by the El Lady. Jin and In were not finished just yet. The two sensed that a remnant of Sult still remained inside the Grand Cavern. The two demons tracked down the dark energy to the Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy where they lured it to the altar, there they tried to give the dark energy a physical form. They were able to do so, however the beast created was not able to be controlled. Running berserk, Jin and In fled the scene leaving the El Search Party to deal with the Mutated Form of Demonic Energy.


Alternative Names


Server Name Translation
South Korea Jin
Japan ジン Jin
China (Simplified Chinese) Jin


Server Name Translation
South Korea In
Japan イン In
China (Simplified Chinese) In

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