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Holy Beast
Iplitan Clear.png
Name Ifritan
Role Holy Beast
Location Collapsing Temple of Fire
Stop... Stop the demons.. They are doing something forbidden inside the Fire Temple.

~ Ifritan



The Holy Beast of Lanox. Unlike many other Holy Beasts like Ancient Phoru, Ifritan stayed close to humans and kept in touch with the Fire Priestess Ignia. However he became controlled by the demons as they traveled deeper into the Temple of Fire.


The Holy Beast of Fire

Ifritan was a Holy Beast who often times communicated with the people of Lanox through the Fire Priestess Ignia. The people of Lanox would often times leave offerings to the Holy Beast.

Unfortunately when the demons attacked the Temple of Fire, Ifritan was taken over by the demons and lost control of himself.

Chapter 19: A Broken World

Inside the Collapsing Temple of Fire, the El Search Party spotted a beast able to control fire, which Edel recognizes as the Fire El's Holy Beast Ifritan. Pesop and Steel tried to calm the beast with offerings to try and snap him out of his mind control however their attempts proved futile. Without options the El Search Party fought Ifritan till he collapsed of exhaustion. The beast unable to move, Gloria and Darkmoon took care of the Holy Beast and fed him Fire El so he could regain his strength. Rejuvenated, the beast was no longer under the control of the Demons. He told everybody of the atrocities that the Demons were planning to do deep inside the temple. He tells them, with the Earth Priestess Artea, the Demons opened a giant chasm and plan to use it to revive the Demon God. He also tells them that they had kidnapped Ignia and had made here cause the Fire El to go rogue.

Boss: Bound Ifritan

Ifritan's appearance in Collapsing Temple of Fire

Ifritan will appear in Collapsing Temple of Fire as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Slash Combo: Ifritan strikes twice with his claws and then smash the ground.
  • Ground Wave: Ifritan smash his claws into the ground and then attack with shockwaves.
  • Roar: Ifritan smash the ground 2 times before releasing a howl causing continuous damage.
  • Ground Break: After his HP dropped to around 21~22 bars, Ifritan will automatically teleport to the center of the map and release a howl, breaking the outer rings of the platform and making the platform smaller. If you are on the platform when it break, you will drop into the lava and receive damage. Iplitan will be invincible during this period.
  • Flame Shot: This move will only occur after Ground Break. Ifritan fires a flame shot from his mouth which will travel a bit in front before exploding into a flare, dealing continuous damage.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 이플리탄 Iplitan
Japanese Flag.png Japan イボルリタン
German Flag.png Germany Iplitan
Spanish Flag.png Spain Iplitán Iplitan
French Flag.png France Iplitan

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