Gate of Darkness (Season 1)

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The information in this page is from an old version of Elsword and is no longer available.


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Gate of Darkness (Season 1)

This game mode is rather unique, it involves battling waves of mobs, both bosses and normal monsters.
There are 15 rounds per play. Each wave ends with a pop out image showing the next round number.
Here, each wave, players have to protect the "crystal" they are in charge of, and have to work together to protect the El Crystal at the far left of the map.

On Normal there is one El Crystal and one portal that spawns monsters.
On Very Hard there are two portals that spawn monsters, and has two pathways for each portal

In the background of the map, there is a Dark Bone Dragon. This dragon will occasionally charge up various attacks to interrupt the players' progress of defending each wave. It cannot be attacked, and will flee after the final round.


Monster Image Monster Name Monster Description
Dark Walker
Dark Glitter Defender
Dark Glitter Archer
Dark Glitter Spearman.png Dark Glitter Spearman Dark Glitter Spearman will use the same attacks as the Glitter Guards found in Feita.
Dark Golem.png Dark Golem Dark Golems will use the same attacks as the Rage Stone Golems found in Feita.
Shadow blast.JPG Shadow Blast Attacks the El Crystal.


Monster Image Monster Name Monster Description
Dark Proxy
Dark Crasher
Dark Stinger
Dark Morfos
Dark Uno Hound
Dark Crazy Puppet
Teach the Dark Golem
Dark Dullahan
Darkness Appears at the end of Round 15. Looks like a giant shadow blast.

Dark Bone Dragon


  • Draco Meteor: The Dragon will roar and rain down several fireballs onto the stage. The fireballs will inflict a status ailment based off of their color. Red-orange fireballs will inflict Burn, light-blue fireballs will inflict Frostbite, and purple fireballs will inflict Curse.
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