Portale dell'Oscurità

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Portale dell'Oscurità

In the season 3 version of Gate of Darkness, the Dark Bone Dragon is no longer there. Instead, there will be 2 towers, one for your team and one for the demons. Monsters will spawn from the demon gate and now includes 3 boss monsters. You can also summon monsters from your tower. There is however only Normal Mode for this Revamp.

Entering The Dungeons

The orb of darkness that will bring you to the field

In any time of the day, after defeating a boss of any dungeon from Feita onwards, there will be a random chance where an orb of darkness will appear, sucking in your party into the Gate of Darkness field.
After the 25/4/2013 patch, when the orb of darkness is broken, there will be a pop up, asking you if you want to continue on into the Gate of Darkness as shown below. If you press yes, only those who pressed yes will go into Gate of Darkness. People who choose no will be separated from the party. You are only given 3 seconds to decide. Failing to press anything will result in you pressing yes by default.
During KR time (GMT +9:00):

  • 13:00 to 14:00
  • 19:30 to 20:30
  • 22:00 to 23:00
    • The chance to enter the Gate of Darkness field will be increase to about 90 - 100%. (If you play party or play a dungeon with difference of 10 levels)


Your objective of the new Gate of Darkness is to break down the demon's Tower. The demon's Tower have a lifespan of 20 Health bars and the structure of the Tower will break down after every 7 bars of Health taken away. The stage is completed with the Tower is totally destroyed.


A picture of the field that you will be fighting in

In this field, you are unable to use your own potions and food. Instead, it will be replaced with monster summoning icons.
As in the picture shown,

  • Buttons: 1, 2, and 3 will summon basic units from your base. The monsters have 3 stages and will change into a higher level set once a new ally boss is spawned.
    (Example: Lv1 Boss will spawn Lv1 monsters set. When Lv2 boss is spawned, the set will change to the Lv2 monsters set. The same applies to Lv3 monsters.) All three buttons share the same cooldown of 15 seconds, so choose the units that fit the situation at hand.
  • Button 4 can be one of two things, depending on your gear. If you are not wearing a(n Ancient) Wyvern's Claw it will be a limitless supply of Intermediate Mana Potions (Recover 150 MP, cooldown 60 seconds, increased MP recovery based on the guild skill Alchemy Specialist or the passive skill Metabolism Boost). If you are wearing one of the Claws, it will be a special monster that is much stronger than the regular units available from buttons 1, 2, and 3. This monster also has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

After some time into the game, your Tower will also summon some boss monsters to aid you in battle. Likewise, the demon's Tower will also spawn regular and boss monsters.
In case your party is incomplete, meaning only having 1/2/3 people in the party, Epic NPC's will spawn to aid you against the demons.


For bosses there are 3 types of bosses: Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3.
The sequence the bosses will spawn is after a Lv1 boss is defeated, a random Lv2 boss will spawn from the tower. This applies to both allies and demons bosses.
Each Lv has a different new attack that is different from regular dungeon bosses.
When your character is near allies bosses, you will be able to regenerate HP. (Roughly 1% per second)

Monster Image Monster Name Special Attacks
Mage1.png Giant Kira-Kira Lv1
(NA: Illusion Magician)
Able to call forth a focused blizzard shower, meaning blizzard shards will rain down only on 1 spot.
Mage2.png Giant Kira-Kira Lv2
(NA: Miracle Magician)
Able to do a spell that will forcefully push targets back a bit.
Mage3.png Giant Kira-Kira Lv3
(NA: Legendary Magician)
Able to call forth a focused meteor shower, meaning meteorites will rain down only on 1 spot.
Phoro1.png Ancient Phoru Lv1
(NA: Mysterious Ancient Phoru)
Able to breathe the regular fire that has very long range.
Phoro2.png Ancient Phoru Lv2
(NA: Blazing Ancient Phoru)
Able to shoot an Evoke-style blast that will move across screen.
Phoro3.png Ancient Phoru Lv3
(NA: Frenzied Ancient Phoru)
Able to breathe shining fire that has significant range.
Travash1.png Taranvash Lv1
(NA: Light Taranvash)
Travash2.png Taranvash Lv2
(NA: Flash Taranvash)
Able to call forth a straight line of thunder strikes in its direction.
Travash3.png Taranvash Lv3
(NA: Luminant Taranvash)
Able to call forth a series of thunder strikes in a zone in front of it.


The following items can only be obtained from playing in this dungeon.

Imaggine Nome Come Ottenerlo
HQ Shop Item 111383.png Wyvern's Scale Pieces This can be found in the dungeon as drops after complete the Gate of Darkness.

Usually will gives 6.

HQ Shop Item 160456.png Darkness Soul This can be found in the dungeon as drops after you defeat the mobs.
HQ Shop Item 78610.png Darkness Chryso This can be obtained at the end of the dungeon. Completion of dungeon will give 2.
It can exchanged into Wyvern's Scale Piece x1 , Hexonight x1 ,etc via Alchemist shop.
HQ Shop Item 111384.png Hexonight This can be obtained after you complete the Daily quest "Stop the Demon Invasion!!.

"Stop the Demon Invasion!! Quest will give 6 of this item. The requirements to completion is 2 rounds of Gate of Darkness.

Wyvern Accessories

While playing in this dungeon, you can obtain materials to craft the Wyvern accessories and materials to even upgrade them. These accessories can be crafted at any Accessory merchants in town. At the merchant, it will only show the basic form of the accessory. When you craft it, there's a chance of getting the Darkened version (beige-colored item name, unique version) or the regular version(purple-colored item name, elite version).

  • Note that all stats you get from crafting are RANDOM, so you may not get the stats you want.
  • Also note that the set effects are applicable IF you are using 2013 version of the accessory. You can mix and match with Season 2 accessories. (In NA, you are cannot mix and match Season 2's accessories to obtain Season 3's Set Effects.)

Wyvern Set(2013)

Image Name Crafting Requirements Stats Set Bonus
HQ Shop COMMON AC FACE2 111379.png Wyvern's Headgear

36 Wyvern's Scale Pieces

24 Hexonight

12,000 ED

Face Accessory (Middle)
3 Pieces Bonus:

Action Speed + 3%

Critical + 4%

5 Pieces Bonus:

Awakening Duration +30% (Dungeon)

Resistance of All Elements + 25

HQ Shop COMMON AC FACE2 111928.png Darkened Wyvern's Headgear Face Accessory (Middle)

HQ Shop COMMON AC LOWBODY 111381.png Wyvern's Tail 24 Wyvern's Scale Pieces

16 Hexonight

12,000 ED

Accessory (Bottom Piece):

HQ Shop COMMON AC LOWBODY 111930.png Darkened Wyvern's Tail Accessory (Bottom Piece):

HQ Shop COMMON AC ARM 111382.png Wyvern's Hexacore

18 Wyvern's Scale Pieces

12 Hexonight

12,000 ED

Accessory (Arm):

HQ Shop COMMON AC ARM 111931.png Darkened Wyvern's Hexacore Accessory (Arm):

HQ Shop COMMON AC UPBODY 111380.png Wyvern's Wings

42 Wyvern's Scale Pieces

28 Hexonight

12,000 ED

Accessory (Top Piece):

HQ Shop COMMON AC UPBODY 111929.png Darkened Wyvern's Wings Accessory (Top Piece):

WydernClawP.png Wyvern's Claw

24 Wyvern's Scale Pieces

16 Hexonight

Basic Weapon Accessory of Each Class

12,000 ED

Accessory (Weapon) Elite Version:

Physical Attack +10
Magic Attack +10

WydernClawB.png Darkened Wyvern's Claw Accessory (Weapon) Beige Version:

Physical Attack +20
Magic Attack +20
Physical Defense +10
Magic Defense +10

Potions and Elixirs

While playing in this dungeon, you can obtain materials to craft special Potions. These are powerful potions of the Ancient Gods that can grant various effects, such as increasing your damage output or give you passive abilities. These can be crafted at any Alchemist NPCs in town. Note: Season 2 potions are no longer able to be crafted.

  • These potions may only be used in dungeons & field area.
  • Any time left will be carried over into the lobby and next dungeons entered.
  • Like the old potions, you can't stack their effects. (E.g. using the HP/MP potion with the Particle potion) You can cancel the effects of the previously used potion by using another one, though.
  • Video showing all effects

Image Name Crafting Requirements Effects Duration
MuscleGoD.png Big Man Potion
(NA: Giant Potion)
Darkness Soul x2

20 Alchemy Essences

30000 ED

Your character will be enlarge by a bit and Critical will be increased by 10%.

30 Minutes
FireballsGoD.png Glowing Explosives
(NA: Blazing Bomb)
Darkness Soul x2

10 Alchemy Essences

20000 ED

Occasionally while running/walking/fighting, balls of fire will erupt from your head, dealing damage to targets. Targets hit by the balls will be staggered. Each spawn will have 6 fireballs and has a cool down of around 5-6 seconds.

PurpleGoD.png Soul of Chaser
(NA: Tracker's Soul)
Darkness Soul x4

30 Alchemy Essences

50000 ED

Whenever your character attacks, a green homing particle projectile will inflict damage 2 times on targets.

FairyGoD.png Fairy Potion
(NA: Baby Fairy Cradle)

Darkness Soul x5

40 Alchemy Essences

75000 ED

Summons a fairy to aid you in combat, regenerating you some HP and 30 MP for every 10 seconds.

IceballsGoD.png Denip's Ice Balls
(NA: Denif's Ice Orb)

Darkness Soul x2

10 Alchemy Essences

20000 ED

While running/walking/fighting, snow orbs are created around users, inflicting damage and Frostbite status to targets in range.

AngelwingsGoD.png Ventus' Wings

Darkness Soul x1

5 Alchemy Essences

10000 ED

Your character will be coated in a blue aura, allowing you to run faster by 10%. Furthermore, Resistance to Wind Element is increased by 100 and Dodge Rate is increased by 10%

RedGoD.png Rosso's Flame-ring
(NA: Rosso's Blazing Ring)

Darkness Soul x2

10 Alchemy Essences

20000 ED

While running/walking/fighting, fire orbs are created around users, inflicting damage (10% per second to normal monster and roughly 0.1%~1% per second to mini-boss/boss monster) and a Burn DoT status can kill to targets in range. Targets with high resistance to Fire element will not be affected by the burn.

GreenpunchGoD.png Big Punch Potion
(NA: Giant Hand Potion)

Darkness Soul x2

20 Alchemy Essences

30000 ED

Your character's fists and weapon grow bigger, and all your damage will be increased by 10%.

Differences between NA and KR

When Season 3 of Gate of Darkness is released in NA server, there are a few noticeable differences from that of KR server, besides the name changes of Potions and Bosses.

Dungeon Entrance

Unlike KR, NA does not have a certain time period where the chances of the entering the dungeon will increase. The chances of the Portal to appear will be the same, regardless of what time or day you are playing on.

Server-wide Debuff

Unlike KR, there will be no consequences for not completing this dungeon for a certain amount of times.

Darkness Core

Unlike KR, all new Wyvern Accessories and Elixirs cannot be crafted at the Alchemist or Accessory merchants. They can only be obtained from boxes called Darkness Core at a random chance. Due to the removal of the crafting service of GoD-related items, the special drops can no longer be obtained in this dungeon. Darkness Cores can be obtained by completing the dungeon or purchasing them from other players.

Potential Rewards from Darkness Cores


Gate of Darkness (S3) - music059_stage



  • As a lot of monster will be spawned in the stage, you may experience massive lag while playing if your computer can't support it.
  • Just like the old seasons of Gate of Darkness, having good equipment isn't required because your character will be attenuate to when you are Lv1 and having no equipment.
    • However, having higher Damage modifiers and Damage Reduction stats can help in this dungeon.
  • When the server fails to defend the El Crystal, even if you were offline when the raid completed, all players will receive a debuff which increases player's equipments repair fee by 50% until next GoD. The debuff remains even if you relog. (Currently for KR only)