El Search Captain Lowe

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For the NPC page of the same person, see Lowe.
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This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
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El Search Captain
Name Lowe
Race Human
Role El Search Captain
Class Lord Knight
"Hello, I am Lowe! The leader of the El Search Party! I worked hard to become a respected Lord Knight in Elrios. Don't worry. I will go easy on you! Ha Ha~"

El Search Captain Lowe

The power of El was once lost then restored back to Elrios by the legendary heroes. Lowe's great-great grandfather was one of these heroes. He perfected the skill 'Mega Slash' and passed it down to his descendants. Lowe now focuses on training the new adventurers of Elrios and hopes one of them will be able to gain back the lost power of the El Stone.

Combo Modifications

Lowe's in-game model

Lowe has access to all of the Lord Knight combos, but with an increased sword range.


Class: LKTiny.png Lord Knight

Rank: RankA.png

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆


Icon Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Title 20160.png El Search Party Valedictorian Kill El Search Party Master Lowe (Lord Knight Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Lowe 7 times in PVP Physical Attack +200
Active Skill Damage +20%
Critical +1%
Repair Discount +10% (Max 10%)


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
AishaS5.png Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Lowe benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate. All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
RPassive5.png Counter Chance Passive N/A When Lowe falls down, he can tap X to sweep his sword in a broad sweeping motion that does not knock down. Lowe will use this skill while you are close by after every knock down; be careful, because he was extremely high attack speed and can activate his counter chance very quickly.
ElSkill4.png Counter Attack Active N/A Lowe readies his sword as a shield for a counterattack, launching his opponent into the air upon successful contact. Has a 100% chance of launching opponents.
ElSkill12.png Kick Active 6 Seconds Lowe side-kicks his opponent, reducing their KD. Reduces KD by 5.
ElSkill5i.png Armor Break Active 7 Seconds Lowe bashes his enemy with the hilt of his sword, breaking their armor and nullifying their Physical Defense.
ElSkill3i.png Rolling Smash Active 10 Seconds Lowe launches himself forward while swinging his sword around him 360 Degrees, ending it with a heavy smash onto the ground flinging all enemies into the air. Lowe has more cooldown on this skill compared to Lord Knight's version of Rolling Smash.
Impact Smash.png Heavy Landing Active 10 Seconds Lowe launches himself into the air, flying in a parabolic motion. He then performs a heavy landing that launches all enemies at the spot he lands. Lowe has super armor for the duration of this skill.
ElSkill1.png Mega Slash Special Active 6 Seconds Lowe slashes his enemy with a charged sword attack dealing heavy damage. Lowe's version of Mega Slash is significantly stronger than Elsword's Mega Slash.
ElSkill9.png Fatal Fury Special Active 8 Seconds Lowe strikes his enemy 5 times with a charged sword attack and then ends it with a swing, knocking enemies off their feet. A direct copy of Elsword's Fatal Fury, but with less delay. Lowe very rarely uses this attack.
ElSkill3.png Armageddon Blade Special Active 25 Seconds Lowe's sword transcends its physical limits with a powerful aura that increases the overall range of his attacks for a period of time. A direct copy of Sword Knight's Armageddon Blade. Lowe will use this attack very often in the middle of his combos or to chase you. Lowe will spam this move.


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
HQ Shop Elsword Cash Upbody.png Elsword Promotional Top Piece (Elsword) Costume Top Piece Promotional Item Slightly modified.
HQ Shop Elsword Cash Lowbody.png Elsword Promotional Bottom Piece (Elsword) Costume Bottom Piece Promotional Item Short pants change to trousers.
HQ Shop Elsword Cash Hand.png Elsword Promotional Gloves (Elsword) Costume Gloves Promotional Item No modifications added.
HQ Shop Elsword Cash Foot.png Elsword Promotional Shoes (Elsword) Costume Shoes Promotional Item No modifications added.
HQ Shop Elsword Cash Weapon.png Elsword Promotional Great Sword (Elsword) Costume Weapon Promotional Item No modifications added.
HQ Shop COMMON AC FACE2 129915 SORTED.png El Search Goggles Face Accessory (Eye) Event Item No modifications added.
HQ Shop COMMON AC FACE3 129930 SORTED.png El Search Pager Face Accessory (Bottom) Event Item No modifications added.
HQ Shop COMMON AC UPBODY 129920 SORTED.png El Search Backpack Accessory (Top Piece) Event Item No modifications added.
HQ Shop COMMON AC LOWBODY 129910 SORTED.png El Search Sword Accessory (Bottom Piece) Event Item No modifications added.
HQ Shop COMMON AC ARM 129925 SORTED.png El Search Shoulder Pad Accessory (Arm) Event Item No modifications added.


Idealy, attack him from behind to prevent him from retaliating midcombo. Stay away from corners and keep him at the center at all times to prevent him from comboing.
If there are ledges in the map, it is recommended that you stay near the edge of them to break his combo by falling should you get caught in one.
Whenever he uses Armageddon Blade, just stay on a ledge above him and he will swipe at you from below futilely.
Lowe's attack style is rather basic, but he hits hard.




Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 엘 수색대장 로우 El Search Captain Lowe
Japanese Flag.png Japan エル捜索隊の隊長 ロウ El Search Captain Lowe
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 艾爾搜查隊隊長 羅悟 El Search Captain Lowe
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 艾尔搜查队队长 罗尔 El Search Captain Lowe
French Flag.png France Lou, chef des chercheurs d'Eldrit El Searcher Chief Lowe
App Store Logo.pngGoogle Play Store Icon.png Elsword: Evolution (Mobile) Roer

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