Great Birth

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EternityWinnerHyper.png [Hyper Active] Laby gains confidence that using Nisha's power will not plague herself in sadness.
While in transformation, you cannot use skills and can only use command attacks. All command attacks will unleash a powerful attack.
[Great Birth]

Super Armor
Decrease received damage by 20%

'I knew you were Laby's original power, follow Laby's order!'

Requires 1 El's Essence (Item)
  • Uses one when Hyper Active skill is used. (Cannot be used without it)
  • Right-click on identified El Shards to obtain El's Essence.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Eternity Winner 99 Ultimate Skill II Quest

Skill Information

Mode Great Birth MP Usage Cooldown Item Usage
Amazing Shot (Physical) Damage Reduction Duration
PvE 4212% 20% 40 Seconds 300 MP 180 Seconds ElWater.png x1
PvP 505% 20 Seconds
  • Transformation includes Super Armor.

Skill Information (10/08/2020 KR Patch)

Mode Great Birth MP Usage Cooldown Item Usage
Amazing Shot (Physical) Damage Reduction Duration
PvE 2916% 20% 40 Seconds 300 MP 180 Seconds ElWater.png x1
PvP 349% 20 Seconds
  • Transformation includes Super Armor.

Tips and Details

  • Aside from Laby's double jump, air dashes, or the Awakening Skill, players will only be able to perform either Z.png/X.png or DR.pngZ.png/X.png for the entire duration of the Hyper. They can perform it grounded or in the air, but they are unable to use any of her normal commands or skills
    • It is suggested to do jump attacks over ground attacks due to jump attacks having less end lag.
    • The dash attacks will use Nisha to perform the attack, which will activate the passive effect of I'm Okay Now.
    • The attacks are treated as normal/active damage instead of special/hyper active damage.
  • Assuming 2 hits per second, Great Birth can deal up to 259,200% (15,520% in PvP) Physical Damage.


Date Changes
12/06/2018 01/03/2019
  • Great Birth added.
08/27/2020 09/23/2020
  • Damage increased.
10/08/2020 -
  • Damage decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 위대한 탄생 The Great Birth
Japanese Flag.png Japan 偉大な誕生 Great Birth
French Flag.png France Nouvelle Laby New Laby

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