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Member of Henir's Order
Full Name
Titania Landar
Member of Henir's Order
Voice Actors
김나율 (Kim Nayul)
There are too many Landars in this world.

~ Titania


A member of the Landar Camp traveling through Northern Lanox and a member of the Landar family. She a specialist in botanical magic.


Titania of the Landars

Titania was a member of the Landar family, though not a direct relative to Aisha or Yuria she was known to be exceptionally close. This however changed after a period of time where she worked for the family as their representative in Velder. During this time apart for the rest of the clan, she became entangled with Henir's Order and her demeanor changed quite noticeably by the time she rejoined the Landar caravan.

Waking from a Long Slumber

As the Landar Camp rested in Northern Lanox, Titania decided to unleash her plan to poison the entire camp and did so while Yuria was being attacked by monster in the Temple of Time. With Yuria having been killed by the monsters, Titania's plan went uninterrupted and a mysterious disease befell the Landar Camp and everything in the surrounding area. Noah who had awakened caught up with Titania, under her hallucinogenic poison, the boy saw her as the person he believe impersonated his brother and attacked. The boy defeats the supposed imposter but dies form his own wounds and exhaustion, causing time to reset.

In the following cycle, Titania still unleashes her poison without witnesses, but Yuria and Noah appear this time. She feeds them misleading information about the nature of the disease, blaming it on a curse from the newly awakened temple. Yuria suggests using Moonflowers, knowing this cure would actually work on her poison, Titania convinces Yuria to sit the expedition out and she and Noah retrieve the ingredient.

New Bond

During the trip, Titania decides to split off from Noah to find what she was looking for in the Abandoned Manor. Returning, she finds that Noah had retrieved the Moonflowers. She takes the flowers under the pretense of returning to the camp as Noah ventures forth to the Abandoned Manor.

House of Fire

While Noah and Clamor reach the deep labs of the Rosso estate, Titania decides to dispose of them by causing the facility to collapse, getting rid of them as well as any evidence in the building. This however forces Noah's pendant to to reset time again.

What Needed to Change

Much of the same event play out once more, but this time Yuria saw Titania unleash her poison upon the camp in hiding, realizing she is a spy for Henir's Order. Noah heads off to pursue Titania and get the necessary Moonflowers to create a cure for the poison. On the way he encounters Titania, she tries to play innocent but Noah aleady knows the truth and things get confrontational. She proclaims the Order seeks truth beyond the god's order before trying to end Noah, fortunately, Clamor awakens and uses his magic to catch Titania by surprise, resulting in her fleeing.

They chase her into the Abandoned Manor, but soon fall prey to one of her hallucinogens.

Forbidden Area

Yuria manages to catch up and breaks Titania's grip of Noah, forcing her to flee deeper into the complex. In the manor's deepest sanctum, Titania had infested the entire place with her botanical infestation. Titania figured out Noah's identity and too explained she believed the Landar family couldn't provide her what she needed, a greater purpose Henir's Order could help her achieve. Titania soon became backed into a corner by the two kids and was forced to use a modified Seed of Life on herself, mutating into a Henir corrupted monster. Though unable to truly defeat them, she resorts to a last ditch effort to collapse the facility. Yuria manages to use her magic to narrowly survive with Noah and Clamor. Titania disappeared and the Landars were unable to find even a trace of their former member when they investigated the ruins after the fact.



  • Yuria called Titania 'Sister', although they're not real siblings.
  • Titania has been called "the traitor of Landar Family" since she joined Henir's Order, according to Yuria.
  • A character who appears to be Titania appears in Aisha's Side Story The Girl Who Lost Her Mana 8, but their identity is never explicitly stated, but does match up Yuria's account her being a much more kind individual in the past.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 티타니아 Titania
China (Simplified Chinese) 缇坦妮雅 Titania

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