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Living Weapon
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Full Name
Clamor Ventus
Formerly Half-Elf
Ego Weapon
Living Weapon
Voice Actors
박요한 (Park Yohan)
堀江瞬 (Horie Shun)
As a magitech scholar, it is my job to solve even the most trivial problems.

~ Clamor



The mysterious sentient weapon Noah discovers as he awakens in the Temple of Time.


Regret, and Determination

Clamor is a Half-Elf that hails from a time before the Great El Explosion. He was a member of the Seven Tower, studying the use of magical technologies. When the Elves decided to migrate away from Elrianode, Clamor, due to his half-blood nature, decided to stay at Seven Tower. He was eventually contacted by member of Henir's Order, who was at the time known as a mysterious rising cult, to join their cause, though Clamor refused.

Though he refused their offer, he would find himself under their employ on a commissioned project for a device to aid flood relief in Senace. Clamor thought nothing of it for a time, but as the project went along and he neared completion, the elf soon noticed the machines he'd been commissioned to create were designed in such a way to potentially be used on more than just elemental energy, to be used on living beings. When his contractor reviewed the blueprints and approved the design, Clamor tried to back out and halt the project but his client quickly silenced the inventor. The order soon produced Clamor's machine with their own modifications and used it on him, imparting the elf's mind onto a sickle.

Waking from a Long Slumber

When Noah woke up in Northern Lanox after the El's restoration awakened the temple he was housed, the boy took a sealed Clamor on his first cycle, using the dormant weapon.

In the second cycle, the boy saved Yuria who unsealed the weapon for him, causing Clamor to become conscious soon after. The weapons speaks aloud, Noah is able to hear him but chooses to ignore the sentient weapon unless Clamor is able to trick the boy, confirming that he could hear him. Clamor soon learns that is has been about 1,000 years since his original time and they both learn they've both been wronged by Henir's Order.

House of Fire

The two travel until they find a suspicious manor. Surveying the manor which turned out to be a lab, they discover that this facility has used Clamor's invention to perform all manner of horrific human experimentation to produce a suitable Fire Master. Distrust between the two grow, they're attacked by a monster and Clamor is knocked away before the facility collapses on them both, causing time to reset.

What Needed to Change

Noah takes Clamor again but this time doesn't have Yuria unseal him before traveling deeper into the Temple of Time and finding to door to see the past. After learning the truth, Noah has Yuria unseal Clamor, but the unsealing process was slower this time. Noah proceed onward and faces Titania, fortunately Clamor regains consciousness in the nick of time to save the boy with is magic. Clamor still managed to maintain memories from the prior time loop and the two make amends and continue their journey.



  • After completing the story quest, phantom Clamor will appear in Someone's Lab.
  1. House of Fire: At the center of Someone's Lab.
  2. Past, Seven Tower: Beside Adams.
  3. House of Ebalon: Beside Mailbox.
  • In Nyx Pieta's path, Clamor "broke" by continuously casting protection spells on Noah while he tries to heal the Rosso experiments, over-exerting himself.
  • In both of Noah’s magical paths, as Noah becomes more proficient in magic, Clamor also becomes stronger and is able to move around freely by himself. The design of the sickle also becomes more sword-like, with the blade being double-sided instead of a curve blade.
  • The design of the sickle that Clamor was sealed in changes in response to the power that Noah uses. Clamor himself does not need to be present for this change to happen, as shown by the Nyx Pieta path.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 클라모르 벤투스 Clamor Ventus
China (Simplified Chinese) 克拉摩尔 · 本图斯 Clamor Ventus

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