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[Special Active: Strength]
[Mod] Summon a force of rampaging tornados.
  • Allies within the tornado receive buffs that increase MP Gain when attacking/attacked by 30% and increase Skill Cooldown Reduction by 1.5 times.
  • Enemies within the tornado receive continuous non-flinching damage and receive [Bleed] debuff.
Eid : Cycle
  • Consume 1 of the most recent [Eid].
  • Applies the effect of the consumed [Eid].
  • Can be used even when you do not have any [Eids].


Class Level Required Base Skill
Bluhen 99 Windhose

Skill Information


Level Required Tornado (Magical) Windhose Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Cooldown Speed Bleed Duration Duration
99 411% 1.5x Within duration of the skill 7 Seconds 15 200 MP 17 Seconds


Level Required Tornado (Magical)
99 131%

Skill Traits

Useful Windhose Haste Windhose
Attribute Effect Details Attribute Effect Details
Max Hits Cooldown
Max Hits increased
Damage decreased to 80%
29 Cooldown decreased to 80% 13.6 Seconds

Related Skills

LAPassive1.png Noble Pledge: Eid

Tips and Details

  • [Mod] Windhose can deal up to 6,165% (1,965% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Useful, it can deal up to 9,535.2% (3,039.2% in PvP) Magical Damage.


Date Changes
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage decreased.
07/04/2019 07/31/2019
  • Damage increased.
  • MP Gain effect removed.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 빈트호제 Windhose
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 空气湍流 Cycle Wind
German Flag.png Germany Turbo
Spanish Flag.png Spain Turbo
French Flag.png France Turbo
Italian Flag.png Italy Turbo
Polish Flag.png Poland Turbo
English Flag.png United Kingdom Turbo
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Furacão Hurricane

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