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Wally's Underground Laboratory

You've headed to Wally's Underground Laboratory to eliminate his last remaining Nasod forces. You can hear strange mechanical sounds coming from the inside of the laboratory.
Deepest part of Wally's Underground Laboratory. Wally's last Nasod creation awakes.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power


Entry Requirements
  • Hoàn thành tất cả dungeon Elder ở mức Very Hard.
  • Cần có Luto's Pass HQ Shop Item 113277.png trong kho đồ.
    • Cần 2 Luto's Passes để đi mức Hell mode.
  • Yêu cầu lv 60 hoặc cao hơn.
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Fire Crossbow Soldier.jpg Fire Crossbow Soldier - Giống như crossbowmen trong 2-5, có tốc độ tấn công nhanh (khi không ở trong Bunker),nó có thể bắn ra 3 mũi tên mỗi lượt bắn và khi nó tấn công sẽ đưa nó vào trạng thái stoic. mũi tên của nó sẽ gây thiêu đốt player rất nhanh. Chúng cũng sẽ bật stoic khi player đánh chúng đến số hít nhất định.
Poison Crossbow Soldier.jpg Poison Crossbow Soldier - Tương tự như Fire Crossbow Soldier, nhưng khi tấn công người chơi sẽ dính độc rút máu rất nhanh.
Castle 2X.png Bunker - Là cái tổ có khả năng bảo vệ Crossbow Soldier,khi phá hủy chúng hãy cẩn thận Crossbow Soldier bắn tên ra.
Royal Guardian.jpg Royal Guardian - Giống như Wally's Guardian trong 2-5, nhưng chúng sẽ kích hoạt stoic khi bị đánh đủ 10 hit. Stoic sẽ duy trì cho đến khi chúng tấn công xong. Tốc độ tấn công của chúng nhanh hơn chút.
Royal Big Brother.jpg Royal Big Brother - Tương tự như Royal Guardian.
Infected Rat.jpg Infected Rat - Cách tấn công của chúng giống như Giant Phorus, nhưng sẽ gây effect nature lên người chơi.
Uool 2X.png Wally Castle Watcher - Giống như Big Soldier trong 2-5. Chúng sử dụng găng tay sắt để tấn công.
Illy 2X.png Wally's Castle Assassin - Giống như Little Soldier trong2-5. Cần thận chúng dùng kiếm thông bạn.
Mini Wally No. 8 -Punch-.jpg Mini Wally No.8 -Punch- - Biến thể của Wally No. 8 nhưng nhỏ hơn,có màu nâu. Chúng có thể thực hiện mọi hành động và đòn tấn công cơ bản giống như Wally.
Mini Wally No. 8 -Laser-.jpg Mini Wally No.8 -Laser- - Biến thể của Wally No. 8 nhưng nhỏ hơn,có màu đỏ. Chúng sẽ bắn laze nhỏ trải dài toàn bộ map tấn công những player đứng trước mặt chúng.
Mini Wally No. 8 -Missile-.jpg Mini Wally No.8 -Missle- - Biến thể củaWally No. 8 nhưng nhỏ hơn,có màu vàng. Chúng sẽ kích hoạt Stoic mỗi khi chuẩn bị phóng tên lửa từ 2 tay.
190mm Howitzer.png 190mm Howitzer - Các khẩu pháo khi bắn xuống sẽ gây nổ một vùng lớn dưới đất.


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Monster Image General Description General Moves
Fire Crossbow Soldier Elite.png Brutal Fire Cross

-Has a stoic threshold of 25 hits.

Poison Crossbow Soldier Elite.png Brutal Poison Arrow

-Has a stoic threshold of 25 hits.

Royal Guardian Elite.png Brutal Kauno

-Has a stoic threshold of 25 hits.

Royal Big Brother Elite.png Brutal Zes

-Has a stoic threshold of 25 hits.

UoolElite.png Brutal Uool

-Has a stoic threshold of 25 hits.

Illy Elite.png Brutal Illy

-Has a stoic threshold of 25 hits. }}

Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Wally No. 7.jpg Wally No. 7 - Wally No. 7 - is an upgraded form of Wally No. 8. This Nasod is now capable of using the same attacks faster and activating super armor during almost all of its attacks.

-Thrust: Wally will spin his arms to attack you.
-Fly: Given the opportunity, Wally will fly up into the air towards another platform to try and make distance. Differs from the next move in that he moves STRAIGHT up.
-Smash: While in the air, Wally will sometimes boost down to try and smash you into the ground.
-Homing Missile: One of his strongest moves, Wally will extend his arms and launch two guided missiles out of his hands that will home in on a random player.
-Laser!: His strongest move. Wally will fire out a massive yellow blast of energy out of his eye. It does tremendous damage all with incredible range.

-Has a stoic threshold of 25 hits. Instead of a normal reaction when reaching the Stoic Threshold, Wally No. 7 will instead use Thrust, Smash, Homing Missile or Laser!.
-In Hell Mode, Wally No. 7 will stoic after every 3 hits outside of super armor frames. Also, whenever it does a downward smash, debris will fall randomly to both sides of itself. }}

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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
2-3-trap2.jpg Floor Trap - Similar to that of various Elder dungeons, standing on top of the floor traps will cause wooden poles to launch out of the ground damaging whoever is standing on them.
2-3-trap1.jpg Steam Trap - Similar to that of 2-3, there will be vents that will exert steam at regular intervals that can damage you.
Mini Cannon.png Mini Cannon - Fires explosives out of one of three cannons (Left, Up, and Right), generally fires from the cannon closest to the player. Similar to the ones that appear in 4-1.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
NasodInspector.png Nasod Inspector - After the Secret Dungeon Reorganization, all robot based monsters are much smaller, including the Nasod Inspector. The Nasod Inspector is the gargantuan blue robot boss found in Wally's Underground Laboratory.

Defense Mode

There is a Signal Lantern located at the center of Nasod Inspector's chest. At the beginning of the battle it is inactive. When damaged Nasod Inspector will activate it.
The color of lantern indicates the defense mode of Nasod Inspector and will change over time.
Yellow means Nasod Inspector is highly resistant to all physical attacks.
Note : The Physical Defense buff is currently bugged in Hell Mode. (It has an abnormal large additional Physical Defense so it will still deal low damage even with Stack III Water)
However this bug has been fixed after 03/19/2015 Secret Dungeon Revamp in KR.
Blue means Nasod Inspector is highly resistant to all magical attacks.
The defense boost is high enough that all damage of the type it resists will be reduced to 1.(No Damage in KR)


Fire Laser: The Nasod Inspector can fire a beam of yellow laser (similar to that of the Cockatrigles in Velder) from his signal lantern across a long distance, dealing substantial damage.
Cannon Fire: The Nasod Inspector aims its cannon forward and fires, the attack is fairly short ranged but the damage is high.
Cannon Slam: The Nasod Inspector slams his giant cannon vigorously onto the ground and fires, causing a series of giant explosions. This does extremely high damage, more so if you are carried along with the blast wave. Players hit by the cannon will be stunned for several seconds. Requires full mana bar to use, mana resets upon execution.
Cannon Slam II: The Nasod Inspector slams its arm into the ground and then follows up by slamming its giant cannon against the ground as well but does not fire. This hits closer to itself and both the arm and cannon can deal moderate damage as well as launching you a significant distance upwards. A danger of this attack is that it can launch you into multiple yellow flares for incredible damage.
Fire Yellow Flares: The Nasod Inspector aims his mini-cannon towards the ceiling and fires, causing yellow flares to start floating down slowly. These flares do high damage. These flares will usually fall near the Nasod Inspector.
Fire Blue Flares: The Nasod Inspector aims his mini-cannon towards the ceiling and fires, causing blue flares to start dropping down to the floor quickly. These blue flares detonate after a set amount of time and do minor damage. These can fall anywhere and everywhere except for near the Nasod Inspector itself.
Crawl: If you are too far away from the Nasod Inspector, it will put its arms on the ground and pull itself to you, then stumble and fall, then pick itself up again. This move can flatten you and cause moderate damage.
Defense Mode: The Nasod Inspector will change its defense mode depending on its current remaining HP, the Signal Lantern will change color to indicate which defense mode it has entered. Whenever it does this it will recover a large amount of health.
System Crash: When the Nasod Inspector's health is reduced to critical levels, the Nasod Inspector's attack speed and movement speed will be greatly increase like crazy and increase damage by 20% as if it were malfunctioning.

Nasod Inspector pattern.png

The Nasod Inspector's pattern will follow the behavior as shown above. Health values are a rough approximate. An example of how the chart works: when the Nasod Inspector reaches 80% HP, he will activate Magic Defense mode and will regain HP to 100%.

The Nasod Inspector is always super armored and thus will not be stunned by attacks. It can however be frozen temporarily with Light Enchantment (petrifying) on weapons, Awakening, or freezing attacks like Blizzard Shower.

The best move is always to KEEP OFF THE GROUND. Especially for melee characters, stay at the top platform of either side of the stage and wait for the Nasod Inspector to come to you. The Mini-Cannon would be just jutting out for you to hit and spam skills. Also as he crawls over, his hitbox becomes much wider and thus more susceptible to damaging AOE attacks like Gungnir.

When the Nasod Inspector starts shooting yellow flares, run to the opposite end of the map. They are extremely lethal.

A more advanced strategy is to knock Nasod Inspector's HP to just above a threshold where it will activate a defense mode and regenerate, then freeze it and deal enough damage to knock it down to the threshold of a different defense mode causing it to skip that phase.

  • The HP thresholds are 35.9, 31.2, 17.9, and 7.4 Bars.
    • Knocking it from over 35.9 to under 31.2 will cause it to skip Magic Defense phase.
    • Knocking it from over 17.9 to under 7.4 will cause it to skip Physical Defense phase.
  • An alternative to freezing the Nasod Inspector is to wait till it tries one of its downward cannon slam attacks, it cannot cancel out of that animation allowing players to use multiple skills before it can activate or change defense modes.
    • It is possible for it to "System Crash" and activate "Physical Defense Mode" at the same time if the skill chain reduces a large amount of HP while failing to kill it.

It can be useful to have a Code Nemesis who has learned Atomic Shield to be in your party since the shield can block the Yellow Flares that the Inspector fires.

If you fail to skip the Magical/Physical Defense Mode Phase (Meaning it will use Magical/Physical Defense Mode) you can break its defense by inflicting any defense reduction like Armor Break, Water Element Enchant Debuff, or any active/passive skill which can reduce its defense. Wind orbs are also effective in nullifying its defense increase.

  • Only Armor Break will be sufficient for you to deal significant damage on Hell difficulty or higher due to the increased defense from level difference.


Secret Set
Icon Name Stats Set Bonus
Mechanized MK-3 Goggles Lv. 65 Face Accessory (Middle):

[Unidentified * ?]
HP Increase +2%

Mechanized MK-3:

2-Piece Effect:

  • Add. Damage +1.5%
  • MP Gain when attacking +3%

4-Piece Effect:

  • +1% Physical Attack Power
  • +1% Magical Attack Power
  • +1% Physical Defense
  • +1% Magical Defense

5-Piece Effect:

  • When hit, 2% chance to increase physical and magical defense by 1.5* for 4 seconds (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
  • Awaken to reduce damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds (Cooldown: 30 seconds) (Dungeon)
  • Awaken to reduce damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds (Cooldown: 30 seconds) (PvP)
HQ Shop Top Elder Upbody Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-3 Top Piece Lv. 65 Top Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]

HQ Shop Top Elder Lowbody Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-3 Bottom Piece Lv. 65 Bottom Piece:

[Unidentified * ?]

HQ Shop Top Elder Hand Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-3 Gloves Lv. 65 Gloves:

[Unidentified * ?]

HQ Shop Top Elder Foot Elite Lv7.png
Mechanized MK-3 Shoes Lv. 65 Shoes:

[Unidentified * ?]

Mechanized MK-3 Weapon Lv. 65 Weapon:

[Unidentified * ?]
[Unidentified * ?]
Action Speed +3%
Critical +3%
Attack with a 1% chance to inflict leg wound for 5 seconds.



Luto Mode




Grand Master Gameplay by 'SSKillYes183'

  • In the past Nasod Inspector's defense modes would merely boost its defense slightly instead of giving it enough defense to be completely immune to a damage type, it would change defense modes more often and regain much less HP from each mode change.
  • There also used to be a third platform on the left which was high enough that none of Nasod Inspector's attacks could reach it with exception of its Yellow Flares, allowing players to attack it with near impunity. Yellow Flares while dealing much less damage than they did now fall in two waves, one wave falling much faster than the other.
  • In the absolute earliest versions of this dungeon there was no Nasod Inspector, instead a larger version of the Wally #7 Mk.II which now serves as the mid-boss would fight alongside a Red and Yellow Mini Wally in its place. Also in this version many of the enemy spawns were different (it included many Ghost Mages and player-sized Giant Rats) and the stage went straight to the boss after the sewer portion.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 월리의 비밀 연구소 Wally's Secret Laboratory
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 瓦利地下研究所 Wally's Underground Institute
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 瓦利的地下研究所 Wally's Underground Institute
German Flag.png Germany Untergrundlabor Underground Laboratory
Spanish Flag.png Spain Laboratorio subterráneo de Lord Robon Lord Robon's Underground Laboratory
French Flag.png France Laboratoire souterrain Underground Laboratory
Italian Flag.png Italy Laboratorio Sotterraneo Underground Laboratory
Polish Flag.png Poland Podziemne Laboratorium Underground Laboratory
English Flag.png United Kingdom Underground Laboratory
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Laboratório Subterrâneo do Wally Wally's Underground Laboratory

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