12-4: Verlassene Geisterzuflucht

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Verlassene Geisterzuflucht

Verlassene Geisterzuflucht. x
Geisterparadies, in dem sich Lord Nephil aufhalten soll. Es wird seit Ewigkeiten beschützt.
Optimales Level

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack, Defense, and HP will be reduced by 20%.
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Grafik Beschreibung Angriffsmuster
Hati - A red lion like creature that resides in the demon realm.
  • Ram: Dash forwards into targets.
  • Pounce: Leap forwards, and pounce on targets.
  • Warp Pounce: Teleport and pounce on targets.
  • Howl Aura: Their howls will release a red field aura, this aura will burn HP for a short period of time.
Mata - A red wolf like creature that resides in the demon realm.
  • Charge: Perform a quick charge forwards.
  • Jump Dive: Jump forwards into the air then dive straight down in a shockwave.
  • Tail Whip: Spin in a circle, swiping targets with its tail.
Mople - An insect creature that is able to emit balls of light.
  • Orb Generate: Create an orb or light that stays in place.
  • Orb Launch: Create an orb of light that slowly travels forwards.
  • Heal: It can heal itself.
Njord - An anthropomorphic moth creature that excels in physical combat.
  • Rushing Uppercut: Rush forwards then perform a jab and uppercut.
  • Backwards Dive Kick: Blink behind targets and perform a dive kick with a shockwave.
  • Health Drain: It can temporary render itself invincible but immobile. I players are near it, it will absorb their HP and heal itself.
Ino Nephilim - Smaller white version of Dark Nephilim.
  • Shards of Darkness: Howl to the sky and cause three shards to fall and strike the ground.
  • Ground Prism: Strike the ground and cause a field of hexagons to appear in front of it that deal damage.
  • Enhanced Laser: Nephilim will fire an extremely powerful laser out of its mouth for a couple seconds. This laser is very lethal, almost undoubtably killing players in one hit.


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Bild Beschreibung
Pitfall - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.


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Bild Beschreibung Angriffsmuster
Nephilim Lord - The greatest of the Nephilims. A giant white advanced Nephilim. The beast raises from the background and rests on the platforms.
  • Ground Prism: Slam the ground and cause a field of hexagons to appear on the lowest floor that will deal damage. Nephilim Lord can perform this attack with either arm or both at once.
  • Shards of Darkness: Two large shards will drop from the sky on the outer part of the map.
  • Explosive Orb: He will howl into the air and cause an orb to appear around a player, it will slowly follow the player before exploding after a few seconds.
  • Counter Sigil: Nephilim Lord's weak points may sometime be replaced with a yellow star sigil, if the sigil is destroyed, it will explode causing Lethargy for 5 seconds.
    • The way to counter this is to change all 3 of it's hexagonal red sigils to yellow at the same time. If you are successful, the Nephilim Lord will fall down fatigued for roughly 30 seconds. If you are unsuccessful:
  • Sweeping Laser: Fires its mouth laser downwards towards the ground and slowly drag it across the middle area of the map.
    • This is caused by breaking the Counter Sigil located on either hand. When the left is destroyed, it will fire it's laser from left to right and vise versa for when the right is destroyed.
  • Vortex Beam: Fire its laser straight forwards, this beam will have a suction force which will drag players into the laser.
    • This is caused by breaking the Counter Sigil located on its chest.


  • Nephilim Lord can only be harmed if the sigils on his hands and chest are attacked. If there are no sigils, that part cannot be harmed.
    • There will either be the hexagonal red sigil which is his primary weak point, but there may also be the yellow star sigil which will explode upon being hit enough.
    • If all three sigils are destroyed, Nephilim Lord will be stunned for a certain amount of time.


  • Elsword: ..! He stopped moving. I hope that was enough for the Nephilim Lord to return to his senses...!
  • Aisha:
  • Rena: There wasn't a single being in good health since we entered this red area. I hope we can help these poor creatures...
  • Raven:
  • Eve:
  • Chung: Those that need to protect others become strong. It's a shame such a powerful being is under some kind of malicious influence.
  • Ara: Eun! Eun! Are you that big in your true form as well? No? Ah... no, no! I'm not disappointed at all!
  • Elesis: Alright, the Nephilim Lord stopped moving. I hope he comes back to his senses.
  • Add:
  • Lu:
  • Ciel:
  • Rose: It's not ideal keeping this sort of being as an enemy. Hopefully he will regain his senses.
  • Ain:


Boss DropsBGM
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Code of Honor
Code of Honor
Nephilim Lord

Accessory (Top Piece):

+10% damage to enemies with more than 50% HP.

-10% damage to enemies with less than 50% HP.




Alternative Namen
Server Name Translation
South Korea 메마른 정령의 안식처 Barren Sanctuary of Spirits
Japan 精霊の安息所
Germany Verlassene Geisterzuflucht Forsaken Refuge of Spirits
Spain Refugio de Espíritus Abandonado Forsaken Refuge of Spirits
France Refuge d'esprits abandonné Forsaken Refuge of Spirits
Italy Rifugio degli Spiriti Abbandonato Forsaken Refuge of Spirits
Poland Opuszczone Schronienie Duchów Forsaken Refuge of Spirits
United Kingdom Forsaken Sanctuary of Spirits
Brazil Refúgio Devastado dos Espíritos Devastated Refuge of Spirits