Phantom Shooter

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FPPhantom Shooter.png [Passive]
Silver Shooters used in Command attacks are switched to Phantom Shooters.

Successful attacks with Phantom Shooter command attacks will leave a [Phantom's Mark].
Successful attacks with cannon ball command attacks will leave a [Hunter's Mark].

Enemies with [Phantom’s Mark] will receive greater damage from certain Silver Shooter and Cannonball Skills.
Successful Cannon Ball Skill attacks against enemies with [Hunter’s Mark] will give you [Prepared Hunter] buff.


Class Level Required
Fatal Phantom 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Phantom's Mark Hunter's Mark
Silver Shooter and Cannon Skill
Damage Increase
Duration Status 405.png Self BuffPrepared HunterSelf BuffPrepared Hunter Duration
Awakening Charge Increase Auto Berserk Chance Effect Duration
1 99 12% 7 Seconds 40% +20%
  • Debuff Immunity
8 Seconds 7 Seconds
1 99 6% 7 Seconds 40% +20%
  • Debuff Immunity
8 Seconds 7 Seconds

Tips and Details

  • If one Fatal Phantom places [Hunter's Mark] or [Phantom's Mark] on a foe, any other Fatal Phantom can make use of their effects, even if they are not in the party.
  • Chung's Recovery X.png and Heavy Stance X.png will not apply [Hunter's Mark], while DRU.pngX.pngConX.png(Z.png) will not apply [Phantom's Mark].


  • Oddly, the DR.pngZ.pngConX.pngIndictorOverlay.png Z.png command will still utilize a Silver Shooter model.


Date Changes
12/28/2017 02/07/2018
  • Phantom Shooter added.
08/01/2019 08/28/2019
  • Damage increase from Silver Shooter Skills decreased.
01/05/2022 02/01/2023
  • Damage increase from Silver Shooter and Cannon Skills decreased.
  • Gain a debuff immunity status during [Prepared Hunter].
  • [Phantom's Mark] will increase damage of both Shooter-based and Cannon-based skills.
03/30/2023 04/26/2023
  • [Phantom's Mark] and [Hunter's Mark] also apply to debuff-immune targets.
11/09/2023 12/06/2023
  • Phantom's Mark Silver Shooter and Cannon Skill Damage Increase decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 팬텀 슈터 Phantom Shooter
Japanese Flag.png Japan ファントムシューター Phantom Shooter
German Flag.png Germany Phantomschütze Phantom Shooter
Spanish Flag.png Spain Tirador fantasma Phantom Shooter
French Flag.png France Tireur fantôme Phantom Shooter
Italian Flag.png Italy Tiratore fantasma Phantom Shooter
Polish Flag.png Poland Fantomowy Strzelec Phantom Shooter
English Flag.png United Kingdom Phantom Marksman
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Revólver Fantasma Phantom Shooter