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A compilation of all Passives obtainable by third jobs.


KETiny.png Knight Emperor
KEPassive1.png Persistence
KEPassive2.png Battle Ready
RMTiny.png Rune Master
RMPowerflow.png Mana Flow
RMEnlightenmentstate.png New Heights
Tiny - Immortal.png Immortal
Immortal - Passive 1.png Master of Combat
Immortal - Passive 2.png Memory of the Sword


ASTiny.png Aether Sage
ASPassive1.png Double Casting
ASPassive2.png Sage's Wisdom
OSTiny.png Oz Sorcerer
OSozdream.png Oz's Dream
OSozpower.png Oz's Power
Tiny - Metamorphy.png Metamorphy
Metamorphy - Passive 1.png Makeup Enchant
Metamorphy - Passive 2.png Do You Want to Get Wrecked?!


ANTiny.png Anemos
ANPassive1.png Immersed in Nature
ANPassive2.png Call of the Wind
DyBTiny.png Daybreaker
DBgrandarrows.png Grand Arrow
DBtraceofstigma.png Remaining Stigma
Tiny - Twilight.png Twilight
Twilight - Passive 2.png Soul Memory
Twilight - Passive 1.png Trap


FBTiny.png Furious Blade
FBPassive1.png Overpower
FBPassive2.png Blade Acceleration
RHTiny.png Rage Hearts
RHblusteringpower.png Relentless Power
RHrageexplosion.png Awakened Rage
Tiny - Nova Imperator.png Nova Imperator
Nova Imperator - Passive 1.png Last Resort
Nova Imperator - Passive 2.png Master of Warfare


CUTiny.png Code: Ultimate
CUPassive1.png Reinforced Nasod Weapons
CUPassive2.png Queen's Flight
CEsTiny.png Code: Esencia
CEQueensMajesty.png Queen's Dignity
CEUpgradeElectron.png Electron Upgrade
Tiny - Code Sariel.png Code: Sariel
CSPassive.png Overload
CSPassive2.png Evolution


CCTiny.png Comet Crusader
CCPassive1.png Crusader's Armor
CCPassive2.png Berserker's Strength
FPTiny.png Fatal Phantom
FPPhantom Shooter.png Phantom Shooter
FPImagination of Death.png Death Wish
Tiny - Centurion.png Centurion
Cet2.PNG Kinetic Bombardment
Cet3.PNG Pulse Reload


VisTiny.png Apsara
VisPassive1.png Time of Enlightenment
VisPassive2.png Flow of Chi
BrhTiny.png Devi
BSPasssive1.png Chi Release
BSPasssive2.png Unleashed Chi
Tiny - Shakti.png Shakti
ShivaPasssive1.png Mana Release
ShivaPasssive2.png Awakened Specter Power


ESTiny.png Empire Sword
ESPassive1.png Protector of the Empire
ESPassive3.png Charge!
FLTiny.png Flame Lord
FLInternal Fire.png Heart of Fire
FLInferno.png Inferno
Tiny - Bloody Queen.png Bloody Queen
BQ2.png Blood Mastery
BQ3.png Blood Thirst


DBTiny.png Doom Bringer
DBPassive1.png Blood Boil
DBPassive2.png Enhanced Plasma
DomTiny.png Dominator
DomPassive1.png Energy Flow
DomPassive2.png Control Tower
Tiny - Mad Paradox.png Mad Paradox
MP2.PNG Side Effect
MP3.PNG Acute Senses


CatLuTiny.pngCatCielTiny.png Catastrophe
CatPassive1.png Remnant of Fear
CatPassive2.png Gaze of Abyss
InnLTiny.pngInnCTiny.png Innocent
InnoPassive1.png Innocent Duet
InnoPassive2.png Communication - Duet
Tiny - Diangelion (Lu).pngTiny - Diangelion (Ciel).png Diangelion
CodexGigas.PNG Codex Gigas
Demon Energy - Poison.png Demonic Venom


TBTiny.png Tempest Burster
TBPassive1.png Steady Concentration
TBPassive2.png Enhanced Heavy Weaponry
BlaMTiny.png Black Massacre
BMEliminate Target.png Target Elimination
BMResearch Target.png Swift Assassin
Tiny - Minerva.png Minerva
GrenadeEnhancement.png Enhanced Grenades
MusketMaster.png Musket Master
Tiny - Prime Operator.png Prime Operator
Prime Operator - Passive 1.png Mecha Control
Prime Operator - Passive 2.png G-Upgrade


RicTiny.png Richter
RicPassive1.png Apotheosis
RicPassive2.png The Justiciar
BluTiny.png Bluhen
BluPassive1.png Shining Presence
BluPassive2.png Harmony
Tiny - Herrscher.png Herrscher
He2.png Chaos Barrier
He3.png Enhanced Absorption


Tiny - Eternity Winner.png Eternity Winner
EternityWinnerPassive1.png I'm Okay Now
EternityWinnerPassive2.png Mighty Laby
Tiny - Radiant Soul.png Radiant Soul
RadiantSoulPassive1.png Understanding You
RadiantSoulPassive2.png Step Forward
Tiny - Nisha Labyrinth.png Nisha Labyrinth
NishaLabyrinthPassive1.png Nisha Power
NishaLabyrinthPassive2.png Illusia

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