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Unreleased content

All content that has not been released in the NA version should be tagged at the top with:

Flag of South Korea.png
This content is not yet released on certain servers, check its availability status.

To do this, simply add this to the top of the page: {{KROnly}}

Name translation differences

All pages should use NA's translation for the main page name. Names that are from other languages should be added under the Alternative Names section within the Alternate Languages template.


|Color= (Dependent on the type of page)
|KR= (Name written in Hangul) 
|KRName= (Translation of the Korean name)
|NA= (English name of the content from the NA Server)
|UK= (English name of the content from the UK Server)

Please be advised that the English names from NA or UK should not be listed within the Alternate Languages template unless that name is different from the title of the page.

Skill differences, character differences, etc

For example, skill damage numbers may differ from versions of Elsword. To prevent confusion, simply state which version of skill damages you are showing. NA skill information should always be first, then any other.


|contents1=(Skill info for NA version)
|contents2=(Skill info for KR version)

Other Info

In the NA version of Elsword, this skill does not Knockdown whereas it does on other versions of Elsword.
(This is just an example, not fact)

Names Differences








Guild Skills