Fire Pendant

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[Accessory (Necklace)] This pendant is wrapped in an eternal flame, but it's not that hot.

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Fire Pendant

▪ [1 Unidentified Stat]
▪ Resistance to Fire Attributes +100

Fire Pendant
Item Type
Accessory (Necklace)
Level Requirement
Reselling Price
18,720 ED
How to Obtain
Method Location(s) Requirements
Random Drop Altera Plains
Altera Core
Boss Drop Loot from Fire Nasod: Ignis
Identifiable Stats

Please note that the identifiable stats shown below are the minimum amount that can be obtained. They can be increased up to 1%, based on their Critical stats.

Possible Stat Row 1
All Elemental Resistance +5
Action Speed +0.5%
Movement Speed +1.5%
Jump Speed +1.5%
Additional Damage +0.5%
Damage Reduction +0.5%
Critical +0.5%
HP +1.5%
Awakening Charge Speed +0.5%
Awakening Time +0.75%
MP Gain on Attack +0.5%
MP Gain on Receiving Attack +0.5%
Specialization A +0.5%
Specialization B +0.5%
Maximize +0.5%
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 불의 팬던트
French Flag.png France Pendentif du feu Fire Pendant
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