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Hair Color Palettes can be used to dye certain hair costumes with a random color. The colors available are dependent on the palette used, with each palette having 30 available colors.

If a dyed costume is registered to the Magic Wardrobe, a pop-up menu will appear when selecting that costume in the Wardrobe, allowing the player to choose which color to use. Multiple dyes can be registered for any given costume, but changing the color of a hangered costume will also change the colors available for it in the Wardrobe.

Hair Shop

When opening up the hair shop, you will be prompted to select a valid dye-able hair costume piece. After selecting one, the interface will show your current character with the selected hairstyle and its currently applied dye color.

Here, you can preview all the colors available across the various existing palettes, including any you may not have in your Life Inventory at that moment.

To actually dye your hair, you will need to have at least one of the selected palette in your Life Inventory, at which point it will choose one of the 30 available colors at random. Each color has the same probability of being applied, and you will not receive the same color as is already applied.

Hair Color Palette

  • Daily
  • Nature
  • Violet Mood
  • Sugar Rush
  • Nocturne Aurora


Hair Color Palette (Daily)
Dark Purple Red Leather Brown Light Malta Pale Oyster Dove Gray Seaweed Green Light Sea Green Pacific Blue Smokey Blue Dark Wine Red
Bubblegum Pink Apple Blossom Raspberry Pink Warm Red Magenta Slate Purple Deep Carrot Warm Light Orange Amber Gold Chamomile Yellow Conifer Green
Asparagus Eastern Blue Cool Gray Roman Silver Deep Gray Lilac Dark Byzantine Blue White Smoke Pale Pink Fire Red Peach Beige


Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Cost
Hair Color Palette (Daily) Purchased from Item Mall 160 K-Ching
Event reward N/A
Hair Color Palette (Natural) Purchased from Item Mall 160 K-Ching
Event reward N/A
Hair Color Palette (Violet Mood) Purchased from Item Mall 160 K-Ching
Hair Color Palette (Sugar Rush) Purchased from Item Mall K-Ching
Hair Color Remover Purchased from Item Mall 160 K-Ching
Only exists in the database N/A


Date Changes
11/24/2022 12/21/2022
  • Hair Dye System added.

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