Grendized Alterasia Type-H Blade

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HQ Shop Top Altera Blade Unique Lv7.png

[Weapon (Raven)] Alterasia weapons are made stronger from the toxicity. It is very sharp and has an exquisite color with a distinct shape.

Grendized Alterasia Type-H Blade
HQ Shop Top Altera Blade Unique Lv7.png
Name Grendized Alterasia Type-H Blade
Set Grendized Alterasia Type-H Set
Rarity Unique
Item Type Equipment (Weapon)
Level Requirement 80
Item Level 98
Reselling Price 52,320 ED
Trading Impossible
Sealing Possible 1
Additional Effects ▪ [2 Unidentified Stats]
▪ Attack Speed +384
▪ Critical +384
How to Obtain
Method Location(s) Requirements
Crafting Altera Village (Agatha)

HQ Shop Top Altera Blade Elite Lv7.png Alterasia Type-H Blade
HQ Shop Item 132121.png Contaminated Alterasia Seed x200
HQ Shop Item 153991.png Elder Coin x18
HQ Shop Item 153992.png Bethma Coin x18
HQ Shop Item 153993.png Altera Coin x26
HQ Shop Item 153994.png Velder Coin x18
HQ Shop Item 153995.png Hamel Coin x18
HQ Shop Item 153996.png Sander Coin x18
Dunno.png Compact Weapon Scrap x100

Base Stats
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Class Physical Attack Magical Attack HP
Taker 0
Blade Master 6182 5242 2891
Reckless Fist
Veteran Commander
Identifiable Stats

Please note that the identifiable stats shown below are the minimum amount that can be obtained. They can be increased up to 2%, based on their Critical stats.

Possible Stat Row 1 Row 2
Effects Effects
All Elemental Resistance +12 +5
Attack Speed +576 +192
Movement Speed +1728 +576
Jump Speed +1728 +576
Additional Damage +576 +192
Reduced Damage +576 +192
Critical +576 +192
HP +5782 +1927
Awakening Charge Speed +576 +192
Awakening Time +6% +2.25%
Physical Attack Level +2.25 +0.75
Magical Attack Level +2.25 +0.75
MP Gain on Attack +576 +192
MP Gain on Receiving Attack +576 +192
Specialization A +576 +192
Specialization B +576 +192
Maximize +576 +192
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea  ??? Grendized Alterasia Type_R Blade
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