Grendized Alterasia Type-H Shoes

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HQ Shop Top Altera Foot Unique Lv7.png

[Shoes] Alterasia seed extracts poison and enhances armor. The armor is powerful where the corrosion of the toxic does not harm it in any way.

Grendized Alterasia Type-H Shoes
HQ Shop Top Altera Foot Unique Lv7.png
Name Grendized Alterasia Type-H Shoes
Set Grendized Alterasia Type-H Set
Rarity Unique
Item Type Equipment (Shoes)
Level Requirement 80
Item Level 98
Reselling Price 10,176 ED
Trading Impossible
Sealing Possible 1
Additional Effects ▪ [1 Unidentified Stat]
▪ Movement Speed +384
▪ Jump Speed +384
How to Obtain
Method Location(s) Requirements
Crafting Altera Village (Agatha)

HQ Shop Top Altera Foot Elite Lv7.png Alterasia Type-H Shoes
HQ Shop Item 132121.png Contaminated Alterasia Seed x100
HQ Shop Item 153991.png Elder Coin x8
HQ Shop Item 153992.png Bethma Coin x8
HQ Shop Item 153993.png Altera Coin x10
HQ Shop Item 153994.png Velder Coin x8
HQ Shop Item 153995.png Hamel Coin x8
HQ Shop Item 153996.png Sander Coin x8
Dunno.png Compact Armor Scrap x70

Base Stats
This article is currently under development. Please be patient while we're adding the finishing touches!
Class Magical Attack Physical Defense Magical Defense HP
Lord Knight
Rune Slayer
Infinity Sword
Elemental Master
Void Princess
Dimension Witch
Grand Archer
Wind Sneaker
Night Watcher
Blade Master 156 355 228 4096
Reckless Fist
Veteran Commander
Another Code
Code: Empress
Code: Nemesis
Code: Battle Seraph
Iron Paladin
Deadly Chaser
Tactical Trooper
Little Xia
Sakra Devanam
Yama Raja
Free Knight
Grand Master
Blazing Heart
Crimson Avenger
Lunatic Psyker
Diabolic Esper
Demon Power
Storm Trooper
Crimson Rose
Identifiable Stats

Please note that the identifiable stats shown below are the minimum amount that can be obtained. They can be increased up to 1%, based on their Critical stats.

Possible Stat Row 1
All Elemental Resistance +10
Attack Speed +256
Movement Speed +768
Jump Speed +768
Additional Damage +256
Reduced Damage +256
Critical +256
HP +7710
Awakening Charge Speed +256
Awakening Time +3%
MP Gain on Attack +256
MP Gain on Receiving Attack +256
Specialization A +256
Specialization B +256
Maximize +256
Physical Defense Level +3
Magical Defense Level +3
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