Ring of Fury

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HQ Shop Item 200700.png

[Costume Accessory (Ring)] A ring that amplifies the wearer's fury.

  • Awakening Charge Speed +20% (DP Gain +20%)
  • Upon entering dungeon, recover 3 Awakening Beads (For Add: 400 DP, For Ain: Awakening phase 3 is applied to initial awakening)


  • Awakening Charge Speed +20% (DP Gain +20%)
  • Upon entering PvP, recover 0.5 Awakening Beads (For Add: 65 DP)
Ring of Fury
HQ Shop Item 200700.png
Name Ring of Fury
Rarity Normal
Item Type Costume Accessory (Ring)
Level Requirement 0
Reselling Price Impossible
Trading Impossible
Sealing Possible 1
Additional Effects ▪ Awakening Charge Speed +20%
How to Obtain
Method Location(s) Requirements
Item Mall Purchase Item Mall 250 K-Ching (30 Days)
500 K-Ching (Permanent)
Quest Reward N/A Complete the story quest [PVP] Projected Introductory! (7 Days)
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 분노의 반지 Ring of Fury
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