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Weapon Engraving is a new system to empower certain weapons by engraving them with Engraving Stones. These allow the player to create a mix-and-match proc effect like those found on many titles and costumes, such as increasing attack power for a certain time at a low probability every time you jump.

General Information

The Engraving System window.

The system utilizes a new type of item, the Engraving Stones. These items can drop randomly from Pruinaum dungeons. These stones can come in three different types: red, indigo and gold; and three different grades: Ordinary (rare), Refined (elite), and Brilliant (unique). Red engraving stones determine the action that will cause the effect to trigger, such as "When jumping...". A better grade will have access to actions that are easier to perform. Indigo Engraving Stones determine the probability of the effect occurring. A better grade will provide a higher chance. Gold Engraving Stones determine the actual effect, such as increasing Attack Power by X% for Y seconds. A better grade provides higher benefits.

Currently, this system is only available for the Apocalypse Type-Void and Flames of Judgement-Demonic weapons. While the Apocalypse weapons only have 1 Engraving Slot, the Flames of Judgement weapons has 2 slots. The effect of the Red Engraving Stone must be unique across the slots available to a weapon, so multiple Engraving effects cannot have "When jumping..." as their action trigger at the same time.

How to use it

The system can be accessed by talking to Acela in Camp: Aurora Base.

Upon selecting your weapon, you can slot Engraving Stones in their respective slots just as you would Magic Stones for regular Socketing. It costs 2,400,000 ED to engrave a stone in its slot, and you will be able to choose whether or not to keep the effect you roll, or continue with the next stone. An effect will only be engraved once you hit apply, so you do not lose an existing stone that's already engraved should the new effect not be to your liking.

Engraving Effects

Once all 3 slots are full, an effect will be added to your weapon in the following format:
[Condition] have a [Probability] chance to [Effect] for 5 seconds (Does not trigger again for 20 seconds). (Does not overlap)

The full list of available options for each slot are listed below.


Icon Rare Elite Unique
  • After attacking with commands/actives 20~25 times
  • When using a Hyper Active skill
  • When using 2nd Stage Master Class skill
  • When HP drops below 10%
  • When MP drops below 20%
  • When recovering 90% HP
  • When attacking a target with over 70% HP
  • When attacked by a boss
  • When inflicted with a debuff
  • When using a Tenacity skill
  • After attacking with commands/actives ? times
  • When attacking with commands/actives
  • When using a Flexibility Skill
  • When using a Tenacity skill
  • When using a Strength skill
  • When using a Bravery skill
  • When using a Special Active skill
  • When using a Hyper Active skill
  • When using Master Class Stage 1/2/3/4 skill
  • When using Maser Class skill
  • Every second outside of combat
  • Every ? seconds
  • When HP drops below ?%
  • When MP drops below ?%
  • When recovering ?% HP
  • When recovering ?% MP
  • When awakening
  • When Transcendence buff activates
  • When attacking a target with over ?% HP
  • When attacking a knocked down target
  • When defeating a monster
  • When attacked
  • When attacked by a boss
  • When inflicted with a debuff
  • When knocked down
  • When recovering from being knocked down
  • When dashing
  • When jumping
  • When using a consumable
  • When Pet skill is used
  • When gaining ED


Icon Rare Elite Unique
  • 2~8%
  • 12~16%
  • 25%


Icon Rare Elite Unique
  • Increase Critical Damage by 1% (Only 40% as effective in PvP)
  • Increase Skill Damage by 1.5% (Only 40% as effective in PvP)
  • Increase Action Speed by 4/8%
  • Increase Movement Speed by 3/5%
  • Decrease Skill Cooldown by 1% (Only 40% as effective in PvP)
  • Increase Magical Defense by 2%
  • Increase Recovery Item Effectiveness by 5%
  • Decrease Recovery Item Cooldown by 3% (Max 30%)
  • Recover party's MP by 5% per second
  • Increase Movement Speed by 8%
  • Decrease Recovery Item Cooldown by 6% (Max 30%)
  • Increase party's Damage Reduction by 6%
  • Recover party's HP by 6% per second (Dungeon Only)
  • Increase Physical Attack by ?%
  • Increase Magical Attack by ?%
  • Increase Critical by ?%
  • Increase Critical Damage by ?% (Only 40% as effective in PvP)
  • Increase Maximize by ?%
  • Increase Additional Damage by ?%
  • Increase Defense Ignore by ?%
  • Increase Damage to Bosses by ?%
  • Increase Skill Damage by ?% (Only 40% as effective in PvP)
  • Increase Action Speed by ?%
  • Increase Movement Speed by ?%
  • Increase Jump Speed by ?%
  • Increase All Speeds by ?%
  • Decrease MP Cost by ?%
  • Decrease Skill Cooldown by ?%
  • Increase HP by ?%
  • Increase Physical Defense by ?%
  • Increase Magical Defense by ?%
  • Decrease Damage from Bosses by ?%
  • Increase Recovery Item Effectiveness by ?%
  • Decrease Recovery Item Cooldown by ?%
  • Increase party's damage by ?%
  • Increase party's Damage Reduction by ?%
  • Recover party's HP by ?% per second (Dungeon Only)
  • Recover party's MP by ?% per second (Dungeon Only)
  • Decrease nearby enemy Attribute Resistance by ?%

Engraving Stones

Type Rare Elite Unique
Image Name Image Name Image Name
Red EngravingStoneRed1.png Red Ordinary Engraving Stone EngravingStoneRed2.png Red Refined Engraving Stone EngravingStoneRed3.png Red Brilliant Engraving Stone
Indigo EngravingStoneBlue1.png Indigo Ordinary Engraving Stone EngravingStoneBlue2.png Indigo Refined Engraving Stone EngravingStoneBlue3.png Indigo Brilliant Engraving Stone
Gold EngravingStoneYellow1.png Gold Ordinary Engraving Stone EngravingStoneYellow2.png Gold Refined Engraving Stone EngravingStoneYellow3.png Gold Brilliant Engraving Stone

Tips and Details

  • While the effects do not provide raw stats visible in the character info, they have an effect on your Combat Power, increasing it based on various as of now unknown factors.
    • The Indigo stones provide more CP the higher the probability you receive from them is.


Date Changes
07/16/2020 -
  • Weapon Engraving System added

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