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A chronology of all major events as they relate to the Elsword universe, including spoilers from the Story Quests.




Creation of the Worlds

In the very beginning, there were two gods, the God of Light Elria, and the God of Darkness Henir. The two gods create their realms. Henir created the dimension of Henir itself, a twisted enigma of chaos and destructive energy. Elria created the material world. Elria used not only their power, but also used Henir energy to create the material world as it is. When the material world came to be, another realm was created as a mirrored reaction, the realm which was created in response was the Demon Realm. With the worlds having been created, Elria sent the Goddess Ishmael to act as the steward of the new world.

The El Crystal

While Elria had created the material world, the land was filled with darkness and chaos, and life in this land was rare. In order to bring life to the land Ishmael sent a huge gem to the heart of the continent and with it, the continent thrived with life and became a place of abundance. All the plants that were once dead came back to life and greeneries began to thrive in the bare, dry land. The ocean became alive, a river began to flow into the forests giving it life. The peaceful wind brought life back onto the land and blew away the flames. People and animals appeared to relish in the energy of the revived land.

With the power of the El, Ishmael also created the very first seal beneath her gift. The seal she created used the El's powers to disrupt the connection between worlds and severed the connection between Elrios, Henir, and the Demon Realm.

The land became a blessed place, and just as people and animals began to appear, a breath of life seemed to emanate from the gem. The gem would shine and glisten on its own and give energy all around. People would come from many different places to admire the gem they would call El. The land it revived would be named Elrios.

Holy Beasts

When the great El descended upon Elrios and breathed life all across the continents, a heavenly beast that holds the land's energy was born for every territory. Some of these celestial beasts blessed the lands they roamed, but others slew and pillaged all in their path.

The Elves of Elrios

In the long distant past, the Elves and Dark Elves were one and the same. Some chose to dwell in the domain of the Dark Forests where demonic energy was present. As time went on, these elves soon gained an affinity to demonic energy and learned how to use it. These elves became know as the Dark Elves and were seen as cursed beings by those on the outside. Eventually these elves managed to find a way from Elrios into the Demon Realm, where they now reside.

The Elrian Empire


The Monster Outbreak and the Elrian

The Elrios continent became a prosperous land but it still had traces of the Demon Realm's influence. In a dark forest, just North of where the El had settled, a dark energy seeped through the gap in the dimensions and turned the creatures in the forest into monsters. One day when a large amount of dark energy was seeping rampantly, these monsters came out of the forest to attack the people.

When the citizens became paralyzed in fear, a general with an emblem of the Sun rallied his army against the monsters to defeat them. That general was not only a skilled warrior but he seemed to be knowledgeable in harnessing the El's power to fight. After that fateful event, more and more people who could harness the power of the El appeared. The Goddess Ishmael granted the power to control El to the children of those who settled near it. The common people started following them and turned them into leaders. These people have come to be known as Elrians. The Elrians prospered and established an Elrian Kingdom.

As a means on controlling the monsters coming from the Black Forest, the Elrians erected a temple in the region. They would use the temple to monitor the forest and as a base of operations as they tried to stop any monsters from leaving the forest.

Great Elrian Kingdom

Under the guidance of the Elrians, civilization had flourished. The Elrians started teaching people how to harness the amazing power of El. And this prosperous period was known as the Great Elrian Kingdom. From this civilization, there were some that excelled in theory and the application of El energy. They were called Debrians. These were great minds who where able to overcome their lack of ability to manipulate El through mechanical means. Their capital was established with the El at its heart, this city was known as Elrianode.

Seven Tower


Elrians and Debrians

With the Elrian Kingom at its peak, the organization of Seven Tower was created. The organization was designed to house the most talented of the Elrian Kingdom at using the power of the El. Among the organization's initial founders was a famed magician of the Landar family. During its existence, it was an origination which used magic to research and develop tools for the benefit of the Elrian Kingdom.

As the organization progressed and prominence of the Debrians grew, Seven Tower would eventually open its doors to the Debrians. However the influx of these new members were not without consequence, it soon became apparent that the Elrians and Debrians both had different views on where the organization should go forwards. In the struggling times, the Landar family decided to distance themselves from the organizations a whole.

Tower of Mirage

Of Seven Tower's seven towers, the Tower of Mirage stood as the research center for all studies regarding the universe and the unknown. In their pursuits, they learned of the Demon Realm and Henir.

Among the Debrians which were in Seven Tower was the man now know as Glave. He performed his own private investigations and experiments in his own personal quests for absolute truth. In his research of Henir itself, he created a machine with the power of extracting life, turning it inside out, and creating new life. This device, he called the "Seed of Life". Knowing the implications of this device, Glave decided to seal it away in a place nobody would ever find it.

In the end, his research would have consequences, punished by the "Creator", Glave was sealed off and sent to Henir. Losing a woman, someone dear to him, as well as losing his emotions and real body.

Henir's Order

Henir's Order appeared in the Elrian Kingdom as a small cult which inducted various knowledgable members of society. Notably, the Sage of the Tower of Mirage, Dantelion was of their ranks and eventually the Tower of Mirage itself would vanish without a trace.

Taken into the Demon Realm, the Tower of Mirage became the base in which Henir's Order would operate and during their time within the Demon Realm, hey had sought out the realm's El, the Dark El. Successfully finding their Dark El, they sought something that lied dormant within the fragment and destroyed it themselves, shattering the shard and unleashing whatever was slumbering inside. After this, their target lied in unleashing what they believed must too be in Elrios's Large El.

Nasods (550 Years after the Elrian Kingdom was founded)

Adrian's Memoirs 7.png

Rise of Nasods

Among the Debrians was Adrian Nasod, a man who sought to create sentient machines. While initially he was mocked by his peers, Adrian soon proved them wrong when he was able to build his first automaton. Immediately after Adrian unveiled his first automaton, people began to think of ways their could make use of the robots. People began naming the machines after their creator Adrian Nasod, from then on they were known as "Nasods". Adrian began to construct Nasods to aid people with their daily lives, completing menial tasks. However soon the King and other people of power began to enlist Adrian to construct specialized Nasods to build up an army. With the King's sponsorship, Adrian agreed to further his research with the kingdom's funding. Needing assistance in the manufacturing of Nasods and need to negate any human error, Adrian constructed an AI designed to help him do so, he named this AI "Adam".

After having constructed Adam, he alongside his AI manufactured countless Nasods. However, Adrian learned that Adam had taken the liberty of installing a remotely controlled update system which allowed him shut down and update any Nasods with the modified code. Adrian became enraged at Adam's for modifying to code without consulting him first. Adrian urged Adam not to do such a thing again however the AI told him that the changes were a necessary step in advancing the efficiency of Nasods.

Nasod Queen Eve

Adam did not fall out of line to the point Adrian's worries had subsided. However, Adrian still found it best he prepare a form of countermeasure to prevent another outburst from going too far. He concluded that he needed to create a Nasod capable of understanding human emotions unlike Adam. In order to allow himself to develop this new Nasod without arousing Adam's suspicion, Adrian decided to modify Adam's code during maintenance to make him believe he proposed to idea of this new Nasod. Successful with his plan, Adam allowed Adrian to continue with his secret project "Eve".

Unable to program a Nasod that could understand all the complexities of human emotions, Adrian rooted the Nasod with an understanding of basic human emotions as well as the ability to learn and grow. Adrian believed it would take a long time before she would be able to fulfill her duty, but it was necessary to let her grow and not to arouse Adam's suspicion. He installed the code into Eve's chassis and she soon woke up, greeting Adrian. Adrian overjoyed to see his creation he quietly grabbed her hand, for a brief second he could see a smile on her face. He held Eve's hand as they made their way to Adam's chamber where he would place Eve as Adam's code backup.

Adrian was very satisfied at Eve's curiosity when conducting her work showing that she was learning and growing. After a malfunction occurred in some anti-gravity devices while building the City in the Sky, Adrian confronted Adam and Eve. There Adam informed Adrian that Eve had made mistakes in implementing certain codes which caused the disaster. While Adrian showed concern in his face, he felt joy as Eve was showing signs of her human like nature. Eve expressed her own concerns and worries that her functions were not like other Nasods, Adrian hesitated as the outburst of emotions from Eve caused his to pause for a moment. He tells Eve that she is the one who will inherit the right to create the future generations of Nasods by understanding and connecting to humans, that she will be the Queen of Nasods.

Nasods of the Elrian Kingdom

During this era, the use of Nasods in the Elrian Kingdom exploded and they became a staple of Elrian society. Many great achievements were made with the use of Nasods, notably the creation of Aero City, a floating defense fortress which housed the Steel Guardian Eltrion that protected the capital of Elrianode.

Sometime during Eltrion's reign as the Steel Guardian of Elrianode, the El Search Party found themselves against the Nasod when they passed through a Chrono Gate. After a fierce battle, the El Search Party managed to defeat Eltrion.

As time went on, worries soon seeded itself within the higher ups of the Elrian Kingdom, especially due to Adam's actions. They needed the AI to build Nasods for them however they feared a potential mutiny. Due to this, the kingdom pressured Adrian to found the Nasod Rulers organization and train people how to properly combat the Nasods in the event of war.

Nasod War


Founding of Elysion

As tensions came to a boiling point in Elrios between the Elrians and Nasods, Adrian's dream of creating a paradise for his creations gradually diminished. In order to salvage his ambitions Adrian planned to leave Elrios and establish his own colony where he could be the god of the paradise for his creations. Using the El's properties, he manged to open a gate into another dimension and took his ongoing City in the Sky project with him. Arriving in this new dimension, he finished his final City in the Sky project which would eventually be Elysion. The dimension he had colonized was home to a unique material known as Diceon, which allowed him to store and multiply El Energy, create a large reservoir on energy which he could use to create his new city.

Adrian built Herjuno a Nasod who would be the lead architect in building Elysion. Limited by his mortal body, Adrian and other Debrians would spend hundreds of years in a suspended hibernation and would occasionally check up and guide Nasods' accomplishments.

Nasod War and the El Lady

Back in Elrios, with Adrian having abandoned Elrios, many of the Nasods he left behind were now under the sole control of Adam alongside Eve.

Due to both humanity and the Nasod's greedy use of the El, its powers began to diminish. This declining essential resource soon became an ever apparent looming threat to both the humans and Nasods. The two forces soon began to wage war on each other in an effort to fight for the remaining El energy. This war would be known as the Nasod War.

As the war dragged out, the Nasods soon found themselves in an impossible situation. The Nasod Rulers developed Alterasia to disrupt Nasod functions and the Nasods lacked sufficient resources to continue the war against the humans. Among the chaos, Adam placed Eve into stasis to survive through the war while he would cease to function as the war soon reached its end with the Nasod's defeat.

Nasod production stopped and the sea spilled over to the land, dividing the earth up. The El was at its breaking point due to the constant harnessing of its power but with the help of a lady possessed by Ishmael's power, she was able to restore the El. Life slowly returned and the people started to venerate the El Lady.

Those who survived the rough environment started to rebuild the continent with the highly powered Nasods. Although the power of El was not as strong as before, the continent is slowly returning to life. Ever since the revival of the continent, the people worshiped the El Lady for being the one which maintained and stabilized the El's power.

Corruption From Within

Members of Henir's Order were able to rediscover Glave's inventions and they found the Seed of Life. The group soon became fixated on the potential of the device's ability to create new life out of Henir energy.

A faction with the help of the Elrian royals themselves, began conducting forbidden research and experiments underneath the then palace. They were highly interested in taking the technology Glave pioneered with the Seed of Life and furthering its potential. If their research were successful, it could change the entire Elrios continent. During one of their experiments, the Debrians opened a passage from Elrios to the core of Henir itself by accident. With the gateway open, the researchers were granted a seemingly limitless supply of Henir energy. With the energy they were able to further pursuit their experiments with Henir. Upon further research, the group learned that the unification of the Dark and Primal El could grant them unimaginable power.

Over the long period of time after their creation, they would remain in the shadows but have acted in what appears to be defiance against Elria. Henir's Order have managed to launch assaults against the El Tower as well as historically planted spies within the El Order's ranks. Notably, a near successfully attack on the El Lady during the Harmony Festival as recent as 100 years before the El Explosion.

Order of El and the Harmony Festival

El Masters.jpg


Everyone rejoiced in the blessed life again and people started to preserve the power of El that the El Lady left behind. Masters were chosen to govern the El, and they in turn found a new El Lady to watch over it.

With the next El Lady found, the El Master acted as her guardian knights and the Order of El was formed at the heart of the restored Elrian Kingdom.

In Elrios, a special event takes place once every 3 years. When the Sun and Moon become one, the sky will become dark and all living creatures spend this time to unwind and enjoy each other's company. The purpose of this event is to let the El's natural energy prosper and unite all; it was called the "Harmony Festival." This day was indeed the most peaceful and tranquil in Elrios.

The El looks natural and full of spirit, but in reality, it is at its most unstable state during the Harmony Festival. If the El facilitates the circulation of energy on its own, then it will become defenseless. During this time, it is the duty of the El Lady to keep the El stable and to keep it from shattering.

Transition to the El Priestesses

In the later years leading up the the El Explosion. The El Masters were actually planning to reorganize their structure, introducing the El Priestess system. While the El Masters were introduced as guardians to the El Lady, these El Priestesses, would be taught by the El Masters not the art or combat, but the ability to maintain and stabilize the El much like the El Lady. The introduction of this system was designed to ensure that the El would not shatter if the El Lady herself what compromised as well as serving as a potential solution to retire the need for the El Lady to be sacrificed to the El. Among the first El Priestesses was Gaia's sister, Verdel.

The Rosso Clan

Stirbargen's Crimson Eye

At some point, the Red-Demon Lord Stirbargen made a bet with somebody where he wagered one of his Crimson Eyes. The demon lord lost his bet and had to forfeit his eye over his game. They eye made its way to Elrios where it was in the possession of the Rosso clan though an unknown black cloaked individual.

Creation of a Fire Master

The Rosso family was determined to produce a Fire Master under their family name. In order to do so, the family began taking in children to be used in their Fire El experiments. One such child, was Ainen whom they designed as subject B-99. A child of unknown race with an unusual tolerance against the Fire El's energy. After tests, they decide to implant the Crimson Eye in their possession. This result resulted in many casualties from B-99's outbursts but was ultimately successful. They successfully produced a suitable Fire Master in, Rosso.

Though after the experiments, Rosso turned his back on his clan and wiped out those who had tormented him. Though left feeling empty for those who lost their lives on the way, he decided to give their sacrifices meaning, and fulfill the role as the Fire Master, hopefully the last Fire Master.

The Ebalon Brothers

Halves of the Moon

The Ebalon clan at the time was famed for their lineage which had bore suitable candidates to take on the role of the Moon Master. However, their most recent heirs were Harque and Noah. Harque lacked affinity toward the dark element while Noah lacked affinity toward the moon energy. It appeared neither of the two would be suitable candidates to take on the role this generation.

The Imposter

The Ebalon household became a target of Henir's Order who believed they could use Harque as a mole for their cause. Originally they confronted the man with an offer to join their forces, especially learning of his recent break thought of a device which could manipulate time. Harque disagreed and the order soon orchestrated a plan where they manipulated all the servants in the house, with the aid of the current Moon Priestess Misty, so they could axe Harque and have Dantelion take his place. They were successful little little incident outside of the appearance of Noah who they soon wiped the memory of.

Mole in the El Tower

Dantelion disguised as Harque Ebalon soon proved himself to the El Masters and elites, suddenly possessing the affinity toward the dark element he previously lacked. He found his seat as the Moon Master. Dantelion was unable to take in all the moon energy required of him, so he would visit Noah and perform experiments, injecting the boy with the excess moon energy, rending the boy ill.

Fenriart and Hernia Solace


Hernia was a victim of a war, one which took both of her parents. She was brought in by the head of the Solace clan and adopted as one of their own. However she was not welcomed by her siblings, all except the young Fenriart who had been brought into the clan much like she was. Abused by their elder step-brother Sigmund, the two children protected each other and in the process learned that they were both of Rubenian descent, giving them a strong connection to the El. In the years to come Sigmund would kidnap Hernia and try to extract her powers for his own, only to be killed by Fenriart. The two decided on that day that staying with their clan was not safe, that this would repeat so long as his other siblings lusted for her power. They planned to run away together on the Night of Ishmael on the final day of the Harmony Festival.

However, their plan wouldn't come to be. On the Night of Ishmael, Hernia did not come, Fenriart went to look for her, only to be greeted by a crowd of spectators and Envoys of High Priest. Hernia had been chosen to be the next El Lady and was taken away that very night.

The El Explosion

The Harmony Festival and the El Explosion (0 Years After El Explosion)

Solace trained and gained the title of El Master of Sun in the hopes that he would once again reunite with Hernia. When he saw Hernia again, she was not who she used to be, now cold and distant, the Illuminous Phenomenon was slowly taking place. Solace went to talk to Hernia herself, but she told him that she can't abandon her duties. Solace did not give up, and instead began devising a plan which would circumvent the need for the El Lady. When he completed his device, he tried to convince Hernia to leave with him and allow the machine to stabilize the El. She refused, stating that the girl he once knew was fading and she can't risk the world's happiness for her own. She pleaded Solace to make the right decision when the time came.

The day of the Harmony Festival came and Solace agreed with Hernia, and decided not to use his machine. However, Dantelionmaking his move as a spy for Henir's Order did, the machine was activated improperly and caused an explosion. When Solace arrived to the top of the tower, he saw that Hernia was being consumed by the El, he reached out to her and the memories of their childhood brought her back. Without any other options, Solace escaped with Hernia. But without the El Lady, the El's stability was compromised and exploded, shattering into millions of pieces that scattered all across Elrios and even into other dimensions. This catastrophe was the El Explosion.

God's Agent

During that very Harmony Festival, the goddess Ishmael had sent an agent from the heavens, Ainchase Ishmael, down to Elrios in the quest to restore the El back to its prime state. When Ain arrived to Elrianode, he was too late, the El had exploded, sending him through a gap in space time and leaving him stranded in the realm of Henir. There, he wanted through the void of chaos aimlessly in hopes of making it back to Elrios.

El Explosion Aftermath

El Tower Explosion.png

Intervention of the Order

Henir's Order appeared in the destruction's aftermath to perform their various tasks. One was seeking out Noah Ebalon for their own experiments, injecting him with sun energy. The Moon Priestess, Misty, after the El Explosion soon began to regret her involvement and managed to take Noah away from the organization and hide and seal him away in the Temple of Time.

Solace in Elysion

Through unknown means, Solace made his way with an unconscious El Lady to Elysion. Solace had arrived to Elysion during a meteor shower that was assaulting the city. He helped defend the city with his immense powers and protected it from the meteor shower with ease. Solace soon found himself taking refuge in Elysion, Herjuno however feeling suspicious of Solace. Adrian, blinded by his fascination towards the El Lady, planned to replace Herjuno. Solace and his goons, suspicious of Herjuno, attacked the boy and threw him off Elysion into Atlas. After Herjuno had been disposed of, Solace had requested a stay in Adrian's Palace as well as a hibernation capsule the El Lady. Adrian, eager to investigate the El Lady for himself, gladly complied to Solace's demands.

Adrian hacked into the El Lady's capsule and extracted information on her powers. Solace eventually caught wind of Adrian's scheme and became outraged at him. Refusing to allow any additional interference, Solace decided to shut off Adrian's Palace by placing barriers. With Adrian trapped and returning to his slumber, Solace found his way to the city's main power supply and rerouted it to his base.

While in Elysion, Solace came into contact with an Elysion Nasod named Dekal, who would begin to work under Solace. Requiring high quality Diceon ore, Solace sent Dekal down to Atlas. He planned to use the Diceon to generate enough energy to create a device he believed could be a permanent replacement for the El Lady's role so he could spare Hernia. Solace overtime augments his body with Nasods to prolong his life.

The El Masters and Priestesses

The large explosion had caused the El to shatter into millions of pieces and the shards had been dispersed throughout the whole continent. It had even spread through the wilderness, mountain crevices, and the deep river swamps. The Nasods and human civilization had ceased to exist.

Survivors could only breathe in places where El Shards existed, and so it has caused many people to reside in areas where there were large El Shards. Soon, a massive earthquake split up the lands. Tremors continued for several months, and this eventually led to the continent splitting in two. Communities had been divided and rumor's that Solace has fled with the El Lady spread wide. The credibility of the El Masters had sunk to an all time low during these trying times.

In order to maintain the world and ensure it is not destroyed, the El Masters urged the people to let them use all their energy and poured it into the remaining large El fragments scatted all around Elrios to create the Elemental El, in doing so, the Masters fell into a state of slumber. Rosso having transferred his Fire El energy, he hopped into a Henir fissure created during the chaotic time so his demon nature would do no harm to Elrios, imprisoning himself in the Demon Realm. The Sun and Moon Priestesses were left without masters, instead they were forced to use their own powers to create their elemental El, the first Moon Priestess gave up her life to create the Moon El while the Sun Priestess was secretly aided by Solace and survived the creation of the Sun El. Denif, still awake after transferring his energy, traveled back to Elrianode and sealed the city, thus to keep any important information from leaking into the hands of Henir's Order and contain the gaps of Henir created from the El Explosion.

The remaining people who had followed the Masters sacrificed their lives in order to restore the continent back to the way it used to be. Yet the heirs waited at the tower for the El Lady to return. The Kingdom is overrun with wicked beings that steal the broken El Shards and others that try to protect it. The El Priestesses appointed by the the El Masters soon became the protectors of the remaining large fragments, the six priestesses settled themselves near six of the large El where society would then prosper.

Rebirth of the Nasod Kingdom (0 Years After El Explosion)

Among the places which El Shards landed all across Elrios, one shard struck Eve's capsule and she was reawakened from her long hibernation. Eve found that her surroundings had completely changed, surrounded my nothing but ruins. With the aid of a AI of Adrian Nasod, they devised a plan to connect Eve to the system core and have it guarded and managed by a Nasod which had been uploaded with Adam's code. She placed herself back into a slumber as the core's energy source. With that, King Nasod was revived, and was set on the path of researching the time period they now exist in and producing more advanced Nasods.

Over the next 500 years, the Nasod Kingdom was slowly being revived, with Altera being its base of operations. During that time, King Nasod learned of an impending invasion by the Demon Armies, this additional pressure forced him to take extra measures in order to prepare for the foreseen invasion.

Post Nasod Era


Nasod Ruler

Sometime after the Nasod War, the use of Nasods began to fall out of favor by some groups. Eventually their influence spread and the use and research of Nasod became outlawed. This disdain and purging of Nasod information gave birth to the organization known as the Nasod Ruler. This group used their knowledge of Nasods as well as knowledge from the Nasod War to hunt and destroy all traces of Nasods.

The Grenore Family (200 Years After El Explosion)

In this era, one such family who did study Nasods was the Grenore family who lived in a mansion in the area outside of Elder. The father of the family, Asker, researched deep into all the forbidden knowledge of Nasods. The mother, Grace, studied the use of Nasods to cultivate life. The two had a son, Edward. Asker would drill the son day and night teaching him mercilessly all he could about Nasods so the boy could be his successor.

One day, Asker received a letter from the Nasod Ruler. Warning that they knew their location and would raid the mansion. Placed in a bind, Asker ended up taking his son Edward, and implanting a Nasod device in the boy which would allow him to become a powerful weapon. When his wife Grace learned of this, she did whatever she could to prevent the device from activating, she modified the code of Asker's Dynamo to not input Edward's name, instead using the name "Add" as well preparing a destination where he would go in a moment of desperation.

The day came and the Nasod Ruler raided the mansion. Asker and Grace were both killed in the attack while Edward was captured and enslaved. The boy managed to escape but was hunted down, he found himself at a cliff where he was shot and fell into the abyss. Miraculously, he survived but found himself in what appeared to be a Nasod Library. This library was a location that Asker had discovered and turned into his lab, a place that Edward would be taken to, where vast amounts of knowledge of Nasods was kept. While in the library, Add read and studied the the information stored in the library for years. Eventually gaining enough knowledge to create a device which would allow him to escape the library, but in the process deplete the last of the library's power and causing it to fall into ruins.

When he teleported out the Library, he was sent exactly 300 years in the future, in the area outside of Elder.

The Four Demon Lords

Nightmare 1.png

Garens and Nous

In the Northwestern edge of the Demon Realm was a land scarce in resources, the primary races which inhabited the land were the Garen and Nous. The two races warred against each other for a long time before Aegirp came and offered her hand to both races alike. Under the rule of Aegirp, the two races managed to develop some form of peace and united to form the White-Ghost Army, one of the Demon Realms most powerful factions.

Reign of the Demon King

The Demon Realm for the longest time was a ruthless land filled with countless factions who all strive to claim power. However it wasn't until the Demon King arrived did the entire Demon Realm fall under one united rule. While recruiting powerful demons leaders, he negotiated and pit his strength against those he saw as fit candidates. He had recruited: Black-Eye King Berngart, Red-Demon King Stirbargen, White-Ghost King Aegirp, and Steel Queen Luciela. With his new allies, he set them off to launch a campaign to unite the entirety of the Demon Realm, establishing himself as the realm's absolute ruler. Ruling with the absolute authority of himself and the lords beneath him they quashed those who stood to oppose them, Chloe and her followers volunteered to join the unified alliance the Demon King created in order to spare the Dark Elf Village from becoming involved, a decision not shared with the other Dark Elves who branded her a heretic.

Demon Realm Collapse of Power

The King's Disappearance

One day, the Demon King's position would be left vacant due to circumstances not yet known. This empty throne left much confusion throughout the four realms and eventually created a power vacuum among many in the demon realm who lusted for power. The power structure of the Demon Realm soon completely collapsed.

Aegirp's Struggle

After the Demon King's disappearance and condition in her land becoming worse, Aegirp was forced to relocate her people as conditions grew worse. After discovering an abandoned laboratory under the land she ruled, the White-Ghost Army was able to create a functioning portal between Elrios and the Demon Realm with the technology they found. Aegirp believed that she could bring peace and prosperity to her land through trade between humans and demons. During her reign, she called for campaigns to try and create settlements in Elrios, where demons could attempt to try and live peacefully and trade with the beings of Elrios. One such settlement was a province of North Fluone, where she sent Calonne, Gunther, and Deborah as emissaries for her quest. There, the demons disguised themselves as humans or were thought to be Holy Beasts and attempted to live among the people of Elrios. The White-Ghost Army's primary export were Mystic Stones, which they traded for other necessities which would be imported back to the Demon Realm.

The Nine-Tailed Fox Eun (200 Years Before El Explosion)

700 years before Ara was able to awaken Eun from her imprisonment inside the hairpin, the Holy Beast was free. Eun was a powerful beast with the ability to see into the future. A powerful demon however used their ancient magic to assist the Haan family, with the demon's power, they were able to seal Eun and trapped the beast inside the hairpin she would be imprisoned in for the next 700 years. During her long incarceration, her ability to see the world's future faded. While they were the ones who sealed her, the Haan family revered the beast for centuries.

Coup d'état

Even within the rule of the Four Demon Lords, many underlings began to grab for power, in the process the Steel Queen Luciela and the Red Demon King Stirbargen were sealed away while the White Ghost King Aegirp had fragmented his soul to evade his death. The coup was led by Luciela's trusted general Barkat. Having collaborated with the other lords' generals such as Ran and Berthe respectively.

Within the chaos of the Demon Realm, Barkat rose to become the realm's forefront leader. Now in the front seat, Barkat began to united the other armies to plan an assault on Elrios itself.

Rena's Journey

Portrait of Younger Days 4.png

Portrait of Younger Days

Every day, two young elves, Lua and Rena, explored the forests that surrounded their village. One such day, a change occurred in Rena, as she was now seeing small spirits gather around her. She attempted to tap into the power of these spirits by saving a wilted flower, but the effort caused her to fall unconscious. The head elder, Branwen arrived to help, sending the spirits away and awakening Rena. After learning what happened, Branwen took Rena in as her disciple, and taught her how to control and use her power responsibly.

On the night of a festival, Lua and Rena ventured into the woods to ditch their chores. They relaxed under the moonlight, gazing at the stars and speaking of their future dreams. Rena was reluctant to talk about hers, but Lua wanted to become an adventurer, with Rena as her companion. Rena later wished to prove herself to Branwen and requested a test. She ventured deep into the dark forest for her task, which caused her spirits to act unusual. It had appeared they prevented Rena from encountering any danger, which allowed her to complete her task, and head back to the village.

Crossroad of the Wind

Sometime after, an event occurred which caused Rena to lose her best friend Lua. Still haunted by the memories.

More than 2 years before the El Search Party's arrival in Elrianode, Rena met the wind spirit Lincy outside the forests of Ruben. Lincy had waken up after a long slumber inside a cave, but she had a mission to retrieve an item that tied her and Soren together. Rena helps the fairy but finds that she is scared to call for the spirits, looking back to her childhood and especially when she lost Lua. When Rena falls off cliff trying to save Lincy, she finds that the spirits still want to protect her. The two eventually find the cave that Lincy was looking for and she resonates with the Wind Stone. With that, Soren had awakened. Outside the cave, as a gift of gratitude, Lincy gives Rena a bow, one that once belonged to Soren, before the two departed their separate ways.

Soren Ventus

Having been awakened due to Lincy's efforts, Ventus was not awake in a new time period. He first met up with Lincy once again and the two explored the new time period. The group would eventually catch wind of Henir's Order boiling up a plan. From there on, Ventus lurked and observed their actions from a far, all the way till they reached Elrianode when it was reawakened by Elsword.


When Ciel was still young, his family was mistakenly killed in the local gang violence of the slums of Lanox, including his little sister Terre. Left without a home, the legendary hitman Wolvernian saw the homeless boy and took him in as his own, seeing it as a chance to reform himself. He offered to take Ciel with him, and Ciel followed. Wolvernian housed the boy and provided him food. He offered to teach Ciel how to cook but Ciel replied with a request to teach him how to fight. Wolvernian agreed to teach Ciel, however only under the condition that he would not use his teachings against humans or to exact revenge.

Ciel went back on his promise and attempted to seek his revenge, Wolvernian caught on. Angry at the boy, he tried to reason with Ciel, however blinded by his thirst for vengeance, Ciel showed no concern for anything else. Aiming to prove a point, Verni forced Ciel to make pancakes, a process which Ciel hated due to his impatience.

The two had lived together for some time, even moving together to new residences. Ready to move once again, Ciel had handed Wolvernian a note that had been left on their porch. Reading it, Verni learned that gunners hunting him had learned of his location and were going to gun him down. Keeping his calm and composed expression, he didn't want Ciel to know. Prepared to make his way out, just calling it business, he asks Ciel how their time together was. Ciel oblivious to Verni's situation complained about all the things he made him do. Verni, laughed, happy that he and Ciel were able to live normal live for a time. Satisfied, he thanked Ciel before leaving. Some time during the following week, the gunners who the townsman tipped off were able to kill Wolvernian.

With the loss of his new father figure, Ciel fell back into the cycle of revenge, and became a notorious hitman.

Raven's Story


A Piece of Memory

Raven Cronwell is a commoner born in the Velder Kingdom. His biological father was an unknown commoner but also a strong warrior. At some point, he died, leaving Raven orphaned. Raven was later adopted by one of Velder's most powerful commanders, General Cronwell. He raised Raven to be an expert swordsman. He attended a prestigious military academy but once word of his commoner upbringing became known, many of the students began to discriminate against him, birthing his hatred for nobles. During the academy's Mock Siege Warfare, Raven saved a student named Owen, a brilliant tactician who was bullied by other students. Raven met Seris leading up to the Siege Warfare, a student who wasn't part of any team, she asks Raven and Owen if she could be a part of their team. While Owen was reluctant, Raven agreed to invite her. The three turned out to be a great team and won the competition.

The Crow Mercenaries

Raven would come to lead a group of mercenaries based in Velder known as the Crow Mercenaries. He rose from his commoner status to a state of respect, but one day, Owen, the man he once thought as a friend betrayed him when he was no longer of use to him. Raven was framed for a crime and was sentence to be executed. On the day of his execution, the prison was stormed by his fellow comrades as well as his fiance Seris. The group tried to flee but were soon hunted down and killed one by one. Raven was left for dead in the forests outside of Velder.

When he was left alone, a Nasod sent by King Nasod came up and took Raven as well as other mercenaries. They were forced to be part of a new experiment to create Human-Nasod cyborgs. They were given mind controlling devices and were made to be soldiers of the Nasod Army, stationed on the Black Crow.

My Brother & I

Brother & I 4.png

In the Northern Empire, resides a martial arts family, known for having sealed the destructive Spiritual Beast, Eun. After the great El Explosion, the Haan family was able to wield the power of the Moon El after it flew into their territory, turning them into fierce warriors. This did not sit well with others in the capital, who tried to quell their power by appointing the eldest son, Aren as the capital's guard captain. Ara's mother met the head of the Haan family by chance and the two started to see each other, eventually marrying. Within the family, some of Ara's new step siblings weren't too pleased with her and her mother being a part of the family, all except Aren who treated her just as he would any of his other siblings. She tried her best to be as perfect as can be, in order to avoid being teased by her other siblings. Due to Aren's respect and faith in her, she was able to withstand the teasing from her other siblings, knowing that at least one of them cared for her.

Ara saw herself as a failure who despite her best efforts, continued to fail at martial arts. Aren showed up to ease her resentful mind, and ordered her to spar with him. After pushing her to do her best, she defeated him, much to his amazement as he encouraged her to continue devoting herself to training. During a festival worshiping the Spiritual Beast, Ara struggled to find excuses to avoid participating in a sparring contest, in fear of soiling her family's reputation. As she hid, she overheard members of the Jin family questioning the Haan family's reputation after defeating her siblings in sparring, including Aren who had previously injured his arm. Aren pointed out there was one participant remaining, which was Ara, who he escorted to the arena. Remembering her brother's words of encouragement, she managed to defeat the Jin family participants, earning the Haan family the final victory of the sparring contest. Aren smiled in delight at her accomplishment, knowing that she was on the path to becoming a great warrior.

The Red Haired Knight

Velder Civil War

The Legend of the Red Haired Knight 7.png

Elkashu, the leader of the Red Mercenary Knights was enlisted by the Kingdom of Velder to aid protect the state during the Velder Civil War. When he was called to fight in the front lines he had to leave his home in Ruben along with leaving his children, Elsword and Elesis behind as he went off to war. He promised the two that he would be back soon before he made his way off to Velder.

Several years later, the prolong time at war had done a number on Elkashu and he was in a less than pristine state of health. Having reached a bottleneck in the battle, his men's supplies were starting to wear thin and he could not wait out the battle any longer. He contacted his daughter Elesis to join him on the battlefield. Looking over the current situation, Elkashu elaborates that the enemy general Sir Branderk was currently holding strong in his fortress in the Glornir Plains, but due to the Dark Forest Marden between them and the plains, Branderk's general Corkus has been able to hold onto the only clear path between the two. After discussing the situation among the other commanders, he introduced Elesis. Elkashu knew that her experience with the El Search Party program and experience in demon infested dark forests would aid in their situation. Elesis chose to lead all the soldier with El Search Party experience through the Marden Forest to launch a surprise attack. Elkashu agreed with the plan to the other commanders' shock and dismay. He entrusted Elesis and partnered her with his vice captain Penensio.

While Elesis went through the Marden Forest fending off demons, her team made their way to the other side of Corkus's army and launched a successful sneak attack. With the enemy forces scrambled, Elkashu made his way to Corkus himself where he confronted the rebel general. He dueled Corkus who was on horseback, the battle dragged on but soon Elkashu's weakening body gave way. Corkus was just about to deliver the finishing blow on Elkashu before Elesis intervened and saved her father. Having saved her father, the two greeted the end of the battle in victory representing a major turning point in eliminating the rebel forces.

This victor would crown Elesis with the title of the Legendary Red Haired Knight, as well as a position as a Captain when her father retired.

Demon General Scar

After the Velder Civil War came to a close, Elesis returned home to Ruben for a time. A few years later, when she and her brother were training, the powerful Demon Genreal Scar showed up, seeking to gauge the strength of the Red Haired Knight. The two fought but Scar eventually got an upper hand, before he could fire at Elesis, Elsword was able to stab Scar in his shoulder given Elesis the opportunity to strike the general, who then retreated.

Lost Power


Aisha Landar alongside her grandfather Kuenbaran were exploring ancient ruins in search of the mythical Ring of Mimir. After an encounter with a Holy Beast, she saved its kin and learned of the potential location of the ring. After this discovery, Hennon began to tail her also interested in the ring.

She and her grandfather travel to the ancient Elrian ruins where Aisha is able to undo the seal and they both enter. Unannounced to them, they were followed by Hennon. Aisha and her grandfather became separated whilst overcoming a series of trials, after which Aisha proceeded onward and discovered the altar which held the ring. A force had briefly taken over her body, and when she finally came to, the ring was already on her finger. Whilst trying to remove it, Hennon man appeared, attempting to extort the ring from her.

She futilely attempted to battle the stranger. In desperation, she tapped into the ring's power. Before she could attack, the ring absorbed all of her power, along with the surrounding energy. The stranger proceeded to steal the ring from her and then left. Her grandfather found the unconscious girl who came to a week later. Kuenbaran researches and finds a connection between the Ring of Mimir and the El which prompts Aisha to travel to Ruben.


Elsword was now alone with both his father and sister away serving the Kingdom. Wishing he was stronger, he grabbed his sword, and began to train relentlessly, swearing that he will become strong enough to protect everyone. Filled with a new sense of determination, Elsword trained hard and eventually joined as the youngest member of Ruben's El Scouts in history.

Nasods of Elder

Lord Wally

The Lord of Elder, Wally at the time began to gain a fascination in Nasods of the ancient past. In order to fund his research into these machines, he imposed high taxes and severe reinforcement of them over the merchants. In his quest he visited the village alchemist Echo and manage to salvage some documents relating to the Nasods.

Add in Elder

Add was teleported exactly 300 years into the future and found himself in Elder. Exploring the town he found Echo and his attention gravitated to an old Nasod part she had. She gave him a new change of clothes and asks him he would check on an EMP disturbance in the waterways in exchange for the Nasod part. Add investigates the area and find a hidden room that once belonged to his family, there he learned about what his mother did and was compelled to travel back to his own time. He returns to the library and uses the last of its energy to read through everything he could. He concludes that he need the core of the Nasod Queen Eve in order to meet his ends.

After leaving the library for the last time, he encountered Wally and proposed that the Lord could make use of his Nasod expertise in exchange for aid in his quest to find the Nasod Queen. The Lord agrees, Add providing him with schematics for various Nasods. The two research and discover the existence of the Nasod Queen Eve. Following the discovery, both Add and Wally plotted to back stab each other. Add tries to confront Wally in his underground lab but Wally had already anticipated his betrayal, sending his Nasod after Add. Add manages to defeat the Nasod and escapes with the information related to Eve.

Following the betrayal, Wally deduced Eve's location to be on the flying island of Altera and begins to supply an airship on the outskirts of Bethma to depart for the floating island.

Ruben (500 Years After El Explosion)


Stolen El

In the Elf Village, Rena's elder Branwen felt that the El in their possession was dwindling, in order to ensure the survival of their kind in this world, she sent Rena off to investigate the El in Ruben to aid restore their El. At the same time Aisha had set her eyes on researching Ruben's El to see if it had the answers to restoring her lost powers back. When they arrived to the Tree of El, they were greeted by a gang of bandits scouting the area. Elsword along with the rest of the El Scouts were also checking out bandit activity when suddenly the demon Berthe appeared, trying to steal the El. Elsword and Aisha managed to fend the beast off when Berthe noticed Elsword was resonating with the El, however the bandit's leader Banthus snuck in and nabbed the El while the two were bickering. Rena called the two kids out and they soon pursued the bandit.

At this time, Ain had escaped from Henir through a small gap and found himself among the El Search Party. Introducing himself as a Priest of El, he helped them to try and retrieve the El.

Banthus managed to slip by and ran towards the forests. The group go and alert Hagus and he sends them off to retrieve the El back. With the El gone, the Ancient Phoru went berserk and the group went to quell the Holy Beast. They manage to subdue Ancient Phoru and find scraps of Banthus's plans, suggesting he may be headed toward Elder. Hagus points them toward his friend Hoffman and the group head off.



The Secret of Wally's Castle

Sent off by Hagus, the El Search Party go to Elder and meet with the head merchant Hoffman. Hoffman seeks the group's aid to deal with issues in Shadow Forest as well as the bandit hideout hidden within. After storming the bandit's hideout, Elder merchants take them into the castle. Elsword points out the machines Banthus had, them soon coming into the conclusion he'd somehow gotten his hands on Nasod technology.

Some times passes, but the merchants who'd taken the bandits in were now being held inside the castle for investigation and rumors that the same bandits which were taken in were back in the act. The group consult Echo about Banthus's necklace and learning that Nasods require the El to function and Wally's refusal to let the merchants free, they come to conclusion that Lord Wally was their culprit.

Seeking Luichel's advice, they sneak into Wally's Castle through the Underground Waterway. Elsword, Aisha, and Rena served as the advanced party. Inside the castle, they were spotted, Rena realizing the bandits and soldiers were one in the same. They begin their offense which signaled the villages from outside to also begin their assault. When they cornered Wally, the ground opened up and the lord was able to escape on top of Wally No.9. The corrupt lord escaped, but the merchants were now free from his rule. The village thanks the trio, but the El Search Party grew concerned that they allowed Wally to escape with the El. Hoffman suspects Wally must've gotten the materials to build his Nasods from Bethma and suggests the group seek out Stella.



Kayak the Shadow Shaman

Kayak was originally a shaman of the Lizardman tribe but harbored great hostility towards the humans who occupied the land. His rash ideologies got him banished by Berauk and he vanished deep into the Dragon Nest.

The Uprising Problem of Bethma

With Hoffman's suspicion, Elsword, Aisha, and Rena went to Bethma. When there, they soon learn from Stella that they have their own issues, due to the Lizardmen having suddenly become hostile. When investigating the Lizardmen in Bethma Lake with Chacha Buch, they encountered Berauk and learn he was under the possession of berserk spells and powerful necromancy. Chacha Buch knew the culprit and sent the group to Dragon Nest where they encountered the Shadow Shaman Kayak himself. They defeat and capture Kayak, turning him into Bethma's authorities.

Wally's Whereabouts

With the Lizardman issue in Bethma no longer being a problem, they were allowed to help Richian investigate the suspicious activity in his mines. Wally's Nasods were discovered in the mines and his Cargo Airships at the end. The El Search Party took Toma to the airship in order to sabotage it. The group take the second airship and end up jumping aboard Wally's ship. Ain takes Toma back to Bethma while the rest of the team duke it out against Wally No.9 before being interrupted by The Black Crow who attack the Cargo Airship, Raven boards and steals the El from Wally, before quickly escaping. Wally is trapped under rubble of his airship as Ain returns, choosing to leave the Lord to his demise. The Black Crow shoot down the Cargo Airship, causing it to crash down into Altera.



The Floating Island, Altera

Wally's Airship crashes on the floating island of Altera. The El Search Party barely manage to survive the crash. They are found by Adel who takes them to Altera Village.

They learn that The Black Crow has been floating around the island and terrorizing the Ponggos to keep them from fleeing the island, blowing the cover of the Nasods and that Raven is being controlled but still might have some consciousness left. They fight and defeat Raven, taking him back to the village. Elsword stays in the village to monitor Raven while Aisha and Rena seek out clues in the Return Plains. Raven comes to, and joins the group seeking atonement for his actions. He points them toward the Transporting Tunnel B4-1.

The Land of the Nasods

They traverse the tunnel, discovering the Alterasia which the Nasods have been trying to quarantine. Past the tunnel, they found Altera Plains and past the plains, the Nasod Foundry.

They storm the facility and face off against Crow Rider, a Nasod modeled after Raven's fighting techniques. Raven defeats his doppel and in the process managed to destroy the necessary component of the foundry, preventing the Nasod Army from mass manufacturing more Nasods. With the road to the Core open, they press onwards.

King Nasod now possesses the El Shard that Raven had taken from Wally. The El Search Party face off against King Nasod and come out victorious. With the large king defeated Elsword retrieves the El Shard from the king's core, at the same time, Eve awakens from her log hibernation. Unable to comprehend what had happened, Eve slaps Elsword in the face, with the others surprised to see another person.

King Nasod with the last of his power calls out to Eve. He tells her that he is an AI named Adam, and she had restored him to rebuild their Kingdom, but was stopped by the humans. He then warns everybody that he had been preparing an army in order to gather El for the looming threat of an invasion from the Demon Army on the horizon. With the last of his power, he leaves the rest to Eve, the last known Nasod. The group are alarmed by the sudden revelation of an imminent demon invasion. Elsword stared at the lonely Eve, before asking if she wanted to be their friend. Eve declines their offer as the rest of the group then return to Altera.

Elsword then orders they return to Ruben to return the El, Ain however sees it as pointless, pressing that they must keep onto the El and gather more in order to restore the El. Elsword however promises Ain that he plans to find the El Lady herself and will bring back the Large El.

Add soon arrives at Altera Core and comes upon the data of the Nasod Queen, Eve. The boy now has his sights on the Nasod.

Start of a New Chapter

The group leave Altera and make their way back to Ruben to return the El. In the aftermath, Rena learns that her village's issues extend further than just Ruben's El and Aisha had been conducting research on any leads about the demons.

Eve had also made her appearance in Ruben Village, encountering Raven, requesting to perform maintenance on his arm. With everybody gathered, Aisha tells them about Allegro and Feita's circumstances. Eve decides to join their group and they head toward Feita.

Demon Invasion of Xin


Corruption of Aren

One of the earliest target of the Demon Army was the Moon El located in the Northern Empire Xin, in Isshin village. Aren Haan was a strong warrior of the Haan clan and was stationed as a guard captain for the land's capital. He was the target of the demons, the demon Ran managed to possess Aren's body. With one of the empire's best warrior under their control, Ran opened a portal and demons began to flood the city. The capital city quickly descended into chaos and fell.

Ran, hoping to take the Moon El for the demon army, went to the village of Isshin, Aren's hometown. His demon forces were powerful and the village burned to the ground. Ara did her best to defend her village but the oncoming demon forces forced her and the other Haans further back, Ara being one of the few remaining. Hurrying to the sanctuary, she confronted Ran and Victor. Ran went off to search for the Moon El while Victor attacked Ara. Cornered and without any hope of surviving, the floor crumbled beneath her and she found herself in an ancient sanctuary where Eun's hairpin was kept. A shadow loomed over her, Ara looked up and got a good look at the figure, only to realize that she was face to face with her brother Aren. Ran realized the girl had some connection to the body he was possessing. Having little sympathy for her, he was ready to strike her down, but the remnants of Aren prevented him. The opening allowed Eun's power to awaken inside of Ara and the fox spirit, now controlling Ara's body, was able to fight back against Ran and the other invading demons. Eun's power was able to make work of the lesser demons, but Ran was able to escape the fox spirit.

In time, Ara was able to regain her own consciousness and she began to hear Eun's voice calling from the hairpin. Eun filled Ara in on what had happened as well as why she was trapped inside of the hairpin. The fox spirit, requiring Ara to act as her medium, decides to make a deal with the girl. Eun would help save Ara's brother in exchange for Ara helping Eun seek out the power of the El, a power she believed might be strong enough to break the seal that had been placed upon her, undoing the ancient seal.

Master of the Crimson Eye

The Master of the Crimson Eye, Stirbargen, around this time, escaped from his imprisonment between realms, finding himself in the Xin region of Elrios with very little powers.

Ara escaped the village with the help of Eun and wandered the countryside, staying away from the demons. There she met Stirbargen, who was in disguise as a young boy going by the name Tir. With Ara's help, Tir was able to regain part of power which had been sent over to Elrios alongside the monster which guarded it. While Ara was unconscious, Tir began to show his true nature but only Eun noticed it. Eun was ready to attack when Tir mentioned a demon bragging about sealing a wolf spirit in a hairpin. The two made a bet, a game of hide-and-seek. If Eun won, he would tell Ara about the demon, but if he won, Ara would have to kill her own brother, with the condition that Ara must never know. The two agreed to the bet and went their ways.

Ran, noting his plans had been set back due to Ara's interference, so he continued to search for the girl in his quest to kill her, with the purpose of ridding one of the remaining grips for Aren. While contemplating on Aren's resistance, he ran into the Demon Lord Stirbargen. Ran states he did not recognize him at first given his new childish appearance, however claims he no longer has any loyalty to him. Stirbargen notices Ran appears to be proud of his betrayal but then states he no longer cares about his throne. He tells Ran of a bet he made with Eun, and that Ran is not to harm Ara in fear of his life as Stirbargen quickly surrounds him with spikes of demon energy. He tells him that he will make another bet once they all converge before parting ways.

Demon Occupation of North Fluone

With their conquest of North Fluone being a complete success, much of the region was left in chaos. Many of the refugees scattered and a large sum of them gathered in one of the last stable towns. Knowing they were in for hard times after the fall of the capital, the townspeople and refugees made the best of what they had.

While most of the demon army moved away from Northern Empire to their next targets down south, Nenya, a demon general who had worked with Ran decided he wanted to ruler over all of Northern Empire. He infiltrated the village, once set to be part of a campaign by the White-Ghost Army to establish peace between demons and humans. At this time, many members of the White-Ghost Army had fallen away from their initial mission since communication with their lord had completely ceased with little knowledge of the situation in the demon world. Nenya was able to sway many of the straggling demons on his side, however he required they all take some of his demonic energy as an oath of loyalty.

With his small army, Nenya secretly overthrew the previous lord. Nenya imprisoned the lord in the keep's prison and spread a rumor that he had abandoned his people. Without a ruler, Nenya managed to sway the villagers to make him their new lord in exchange for the protection of his private army. With that, he rose to power. He quickly started to abuse his position and began to work the citizens of he region like slaves, additionally to prevent people from leaving he increased security at the borders to prevent anybody from coming in or out. He ruled with an iron fist, jailing or exiling anybody he wanted at will, many began to live in fear and started to do anything necessary to please their new tyrannical lord.



Invaders from Another World

The demons launched their first large scale attack through the El in the Feita region commanded by Berthe, opening a large portal at the top of the tower, the Glitters started to pour out and corrupt the desolate tower. The Feita Knights couldn't fend the demons off, but they were able to at least barricade them inside the tower to prevent them from escaping.

Allegro greets El Search Party, now unofficially dubbed hence forth. With Lento, push into the Shrine of Dedication Entrance and manage to push the Feita soldiers into occupying the area after the defeat of the Durahan Knight.

They travel deep into the Underground Chapel where they discover that the demon are corrupting the El within the area into corrupted Dark El. Ain finds a statue that he could resonate with. He looked into the past and saw the demon corrupting the El Shards and of the El Lady performing her duties to halt the demonic energy in the tower. The group gather up all the Dark El they could find in the chapel and hand them over to Lento, who sealed it away so it would no longer be a danger to anybody.

With the Underground Chapel secured, the group make their ascent up to the Altar of Dedication. During Ain's ascent to get back to the party, he began to rage out before his body began to deteriorate. Elsword notices Ain's absence, and tries to call out for him but nobody was there, Aisha told Elsword to pay more attention before Ain's body returned back. Ain then realized that he was tied to Elsword.

Arriving at the Altar of Dedication, they all see the giant portal to the Demon Realm at the top of the tower. They all rush to fight the demons and face off against Berthe. They defeated Berthe and the demon commander realized the boy was the same he had saw resonate with the El in Ruben, he tells his enemies that the war will be long and wished to watch them fall into despair before fleeing. With that, the demon invasion of Feita ended with the demon's defeat.

Some time later, Lento gets a message from Velder, learning that the capital was under siege. While he cannot afford to send his troops, he send the El Search Party to meet the Velder Troops in the capital's outskirts.

Demon Invasion of Hamel

Simultaneously, demons began to invade the Senace Kingdom and its capital of Hamel. Learning of the invasion, the Velder Kingdom sent their Red Knights to aid in the efforts to fend off the demons.

Rod Ross was soon contacted by Karis who proposed to him a deal to hand over the Water Seal to a demon named Ran.

Helputt, as the Commander of Hamel's Defenses, was at the forefront defending Hamel. However, things would make a grinding turn when Ran provided the guardian with an ultimatum. Ran had control of the Guardian Stone and was going to take complete control over either Helputt or his son Chung. Unwilling to allow his son to suffer such a fate, Helputt reluctantly agreed to Ran's ultimatum and surrendered himself to the demons. Helputt disappeared from the battlefield without a trace and the missing hero dealt a hard blow to the morale of the Hamel military, even more so once he reappeared. The next time he was seen, he was clad in black armor and was fighting alongside the demons.

With the help of Helputt, Ran stormed the Temple of Water and captured both the Water Priest Avalanche and the Water Priestess Sasha. Controlled like a puppet by Ran, Helputt interrogated the Water Priestess for information about the Water Seal and the "Prophecy of the World's Root". However, the Priestess remained silent and the Water Seal's location remained unknown.

With the Water Priestess captured, the Water El began to go out of control and with the intervention of the demons in the Ancient Waterways, they managed to open the flood gates and flooded the Resiam area which surrounded the capital city of Hamel.



Demons and the Earth El

As the El Search Party were dealing with the situation in Feita, the Demon Army had already begun to launch their attack on the capital Velder. Using the Earth El as their medium for traversing the realms, they opened a large portal at the heart of the capital itself and the Demon Army began to storm from the inside. The group was led by Chloe among other Glitter generals.

Velder is in Danger

The El Search Party make their way to Velder where they meet up with Vanessa who informs the group of the demon swarms that came from the El. Elsword realizes the situation is almost identical to that of Feita. They see flares from the palace, indicating that soldiers may still be there, and that they should launch a rescue operation. The soldiers had managed to keep Residential Area 3 secure and launch their advance through Hope Bridge. They are met with resistance from Chloe and the Dark Elves but the El Search Party and Velder Troops managed to secure the bridge and head toward the capital.

When they make it to the area immediately outside of the place, they find the entire area engulfed in an ominous fire. Not only that, but they learn the flares were a ploy by the demons. They manage push forward and are confronted with the Glitter Vanguards that were patrolling the palace grounds. When they destroyed the tank, it exploded, leaving everybody dazed. Aisha realized that the tanks had been filled with fire spirits ready to explode, many of their soldiers were caught up in the series of explosions. Ain got scattered away from the other members of the party, Vanessa orders a retreat. Ain decides that he must intervene and assumes his spirit form once again. He makes his way to the Earth El itself, using up nearly all his power, he manages to shut the Demon Realm portal tied to the Earth El.

The group barely make it out of the Palace Entrance alive but they are soon greet by the fact that the demon have reclaimed the city and are burning down Hope Bridge, their only escape. Luckily they all managed to cross the bridge, but demon troops begin to surrounding them as they retreat, Elsword sacrifices himself and shuts the gates while the others manage to escape. Chloe arrives and almost manages to kill Elsword before Elesis, Elsword's older sister, arrived and delivered a powerful attack which sent the demon troops scattering and the two manage to group back up with the retreating troops.

Leaping Faith

Aisha patches Elsword back up while Elesis introduces herself to the El Search Party as the Captain of the Red Knights and thanks them for taking care of her brother. The troops reconvene and managed to launch a successful operation to reclaim parts of the city. Raven retrieves demon plans on his expedition. The remaining areas held by the demons are the capital and the Southern Gate which connects to Velder's port. Fearing the remaining demons could make an escape through the port, the El Search Party and troops plan to reclaim the gate.

When they arrive to Southern Gate, it soon became very apparent that the plans they had found were a ruse to lure them into an all out attack from the demons. Not only that, but they find that Chloe had summoned a powerful demon, Dark Nephilim into the area. The El Search Party power through the demon forces and fought against Dark Nephilim, eventually destroying the Seal Stone that Chloe has been using to summon the beast. With Dark Nephilim no longer being of use, Chloe and the rest of her forces retreat back into the palace. Vanessa informs that she plans to launch a counterattack, but requires the aid of the Red Knights which had been stationed in Hamel. She sends the El Search Party to Hamel to deliver a letter requesting for aid.



Hamel Fell into Darkness

Upon arriving to Hamel the group meet up with the Red Knight Captain Penensio. While discussing the situation of Velder and Hamel, new of a Black Armored Knight appear. The El Search Party except for Elesis head out to face the issue.

Helputt led the Demon army and stormed Resiam Outskirts, where he slaughtered anybody who stood in his way and nearly killed his own son Chung. The El Search Party find him and take the boy back to Hamel. Back in the city, the Red Knights and Lord Rod Ross have a meeting about what should be done. Rod Ross surprisingly agrees to letting the Red Knights go, but Elesis and Penensio surprised, managed to negotiate only sending half of their forces back to Velder while the other half stay in Hamel.

Chung informs the group that Water Priestess, Sasha, had been kidnapped and the Water Temple had already been sieged by the demons. The group try to locate where the demons would attack next and go to the Ancient Waterway. On route, Add managed to save Eve from danger and they encounter Taranvash possessed by the demons. The Holy Beast reveals the demons are after the Water Seal, in order to enter the Halls of Water where the Water El is. Chung reveals he had gotten the Water Seal from Avalanche, but has since given it to Rod Ross.


Secrets of the Temple

The El Search Party try to find Rod Ross, but they are informed by Daisy that he had taken some Red Knights to seek out the Water Temple himself. The group give chase and travel through Magmanta's Cave, they are horrified to discover that many of the Red Knights had fell prey to the spiders' cocoons. They managed to save the captured knights who they then leaned were under some type of demon curse. Going further in, they find Rod Ross, but the Lord ran away and disturbed Magmanta. They defeat the spider and confront the Lord.

The El Search Party pressure the Lord into revealing what he had really been up to. Rod Ross reveals that he chose to sell out the Water Seal to the demons as part of a supposed deal to give the demons what they came for and leave Hamel.

The El Search Party then travel into the Halls of Water to face Ran. They reach the end of the hall and find Ran and the Water Priestess Sasha. They fought and proved victorious against Ran himself, when Chung was able to deliver the final blow, he was stopped by Ara. Ran escaped to rendezvous with Karis and Chung became furious as the girl. She explained the the El Search Party that Ran was her brother corrupted by the demons, Chung while not yet forgiving her did understand her position being much like his own. With Ran gone, Sasha was saved.

Water Seal and the Prophecy

Return to the Seiker Estate, Chung is given a letter that a servant had found in Helputt's study which revealed to the boy his father's decision to sacrifice himself for his son's sake. He and Ara eventually make amends and they soon meet up with the recovering Sasha. Sasha reveals that the demons were after the prophecy the priestess had which would reveal the El Lady's location. She warns the group to go the Sander and seek out the Wind Priestess. After this, Chung and Ara ask to venture forth with the El Search Party, Add too tags along. The remainder of Hamel's restoration is put in Penensio's hand.

Reconstructing of Velder

With the Demon Portal shut and the demons now trapped inside the city, once the Red Knights from Hamel returned, the Velder forces launched a siege to reclaim the city. Their efforts were successful and they managed to push into the city and wipe out the majority of the demon forces which were now trapped. With the city cleared of any and all invading demon forces, the Red Knights set their sights on doing the same all around Elrios.

Over the following years, Velder would begin reconstruction and recovering from the major blow they had faced. The sea paths between Velder and Hamel were cleared and a joint effort between many regions began in order to aid in the recovery of the fallen capital. Among those who sought to help in Velder's recover were the Ponggo's of Altera. They introduced the people of Velder to their Nasods and used them to expedite not only the reconstruction of the city, but also to advance their technology, such as ships.

Chrono Gates

Eltrion Poster.jpg


During this time, Glave had been opening Chrono Gates across Elrios that teleported the El Search Party to varying different points of time. One such time was the Elrian Kingdom's prime where Eltrion defended the capital in the City in the Sky, Aero City. The group fought and defeated the mechanical beast.

After a meteor shower covered Elysion, a team of Atlas Nasod Developers persisted on studying new anti-aircraft defenses. During their time studying these defenses, they were reminded of Aero City, a floating city which housed Eltrion, who defended the skies of Elrianode in its prime.

Unfortunately, Aero City has been reduced to ruins making it impossible to travel to so the group had to search for alternative solutions. But as luck would have it, the Atlas Nasod Developers realized that there was a group of combat units searching for El that had successfully reached Aero City through the Chrono Gate and had battled against Eltrion.

The group studied the traces of these combat units and was eventually able to pinpoint the station's coordinates for Aero City. They forced themselves inside the Chrono Gate where they found Eltrion. These Atlas Nasod Developers began upgrading Eltrion with the latest technology, until it became Eltrion MK2.

Fahrmann's Peak

Another time gate that the El Search Party were taken to lead them to Fahrmann's Peak where they faced on against the Dark Serpant Drabaki who dwells in the corrupted dark mountains in the Fahrmann region. After the beast was defeated however and the Chrono Gates closed, the powers of Henir came and consumed the area, breaking it off from Elrios and into a pocket dimension of Henir. The powerful serpent reduced to a tool at the hands of a mysterious Red Henir's Order Member.

Demon Duo

Luciela managed to escape her incarceration, now reduced to the form of a child and winds up in the slums of Lanox. Ciel discovered her and was reminded of his mentor Wolvernian, he saw potential in the child to reform him and escape the cycle of revenge he had fallen into. He nursed the girl back to health, though her memories were still foggy. One day, Karis appeared searching for Lu, and tried to kill her, Ciel however protected Lu and took on Karis's lethal blow, killing him. Lu in that moment made a contract with her protector and their souls became linked together, amplifying each other's energy. The two formed their pact and fled as fast as they could. Karis catches up to them but Lu manages fend her off with her new bond with Ciel. And Karis flees. Ciel recommends they shouldn't stay in the village anymore so they vacate the premise and started to camp in the Burnt Forest.



Shadow Hiding in the Sandstorm

Karis was sent to the Sander region of Elrios in order capture and use the Wind Priestess to wreck havoc in Elrios. In order to do so, Karis planned to manipulates the residents of Sander to do her dirty work. Her first course of action was to gain control over the Trocks, she made a deal with Chieftain Trockta in order to retrieve their homeland, she gave him an amulet which ended up controlling his mind. Her next targets were the harpies, knowing that there were already fragile relations between the harpies and humans due to the long history of harpy hunting in the past, she killed a harpy and framed the merchants for selling harpy feathers, an infringement on the peace treaty the harpies had with the merchants of Sander. With that, Karis gained the support of the Trocks and the Harpies.

The El Search Party arrive to Sander and meet up with the village leader Emirate, they request to see the Wind Priestess. They were in luck as the Wind Priestess was supposed to arrive in town soon on a regular visit. She didn't show up and Emirate grew concerned due to the Trocks having been acting up lately. The El Search Party went to search Barren Sander and find the Wind Priestess Anduran, but she was soon attacked and kidnapped by Karis and Kelaino.

Returning to the village, they report the incident, and Emirate tells them that two other individuals had recently come through town and were dealing with the misunderstanding with the Harpies and Trocks. They looked into a symbol they found with the Trock while Moby, Remy, and Rena begin to become more agitated. Veiga shows up in Sander with news that the tribesmen of Caluso have been acting similarly Karis had come to the village. They soon come to understand the symbol included a curse which caused people to become irate and distrustful and dispell the curse.

Eternal Ship of the Desert

The El Search Party storm the Caluso Tribal Village and managed to dispell the curse from Karu. Learning of the circumstances, Karu reveals that Karis had tricked them and was aiming to unseal the Holy Beast Behemoth in Parugo Mountain to wreak havoc in Sander. The demons were occupying Parugo Mountain, so approaching would be impossible. Karu decided it was time to search and awaken the ancient airship, Sandtilus. They search and uncover the ancient airship and begin work to repair it with help of both magic and Nasod technology and soon enough, the vehicle was ready to take flight.


Dreaming Wind

They took off on the airships with Raven serving as commander of the force, making good use of his abilities and experiences in commanding airships. They flew toward Parugo Mountain where they found that Behemoth had been awakened. With the ship's wind cannons, they were able to stun Behemoth and they dropped into its head where they found Karis and Anduran. Karis was defeated but she fled deep inside Behemoth itself while Andruan was freed. Anduran told the group about Karis's plans to control Behemoth herself from inside its heart and guided them to where Karis went.

The group traveled through the bowls of the beast and find Karis fused with Behemoth itself in her true form. Managing to defeat her as she cursed the Ancient Gods and swore they would fall to the demons. Ain grew suspected that the demons are aware of the angels and ancient gods. Everybody escaped Behemoth and the people of Sander thanked them. Anduran said she felt her mother while she was connected to Behemoth and ensured he would be alright. The El Search Party then ask Anduran about the prophecy, which she tells them requires the presence of all the El Priestesses. However Anduran relays them a vision she'd been having about the other Priestesses, a vision of a burning land with immense darkness, Aisha speculating it may be the land of the Fire El, Lanox. With their next destination set, they prepared to depart Sander.



Demon Conspiracy

Scar and demons under his command made their target the volcano of Lanox, instead of coming in with a large invasion, the group worked in secret, they were able to capture both the Priestess of Sun, Gloria, and Moon, Darkmoon. He used the two an ransom against the Fire Priestess Ignia to get her to work for them in their quest to summon the Demon God Sult. Alongside the capture Earth Priestess Artea, the demon general began to construct a chasm fit for the god's summoning while Ignia disrupted the Fire El in order to prevent trespassers from interfering.

Sign of Darkness

When the El Search Party arrived to Lanox, Ignia is tasked with dealing with the group, preventing them form interfering with the ritual. She finds and introduces herself to the El Search Party to their surprise. The group attempt to ask about the prophecy but she's dismissive of the topic, leading them to see Edel. When speaking with the chief, she's unaware of any demon activity. Steel recruits the group to help with her father and the other blacksmiths who've been acting weird.

When approaching the Ash Covered Village, Eun senses demonic energy and they all ready themselves when Lu and Ciel appears. The group are caution of the two demons. Lu and Ciel explain that they've been trying to track the group down for some time with vital information regarding the Demon's plans. While skeptical, Elsword decides to trust them and agrees to accept their help. The group invade the blacksmith village and manage to discover and rescue the Sun and Moon Priestesses, Gloria and Darkmoon. They then decided to reconvene back in Lanox. The two Priestesses are safe and Ignia decides to depart on her own business.

An Exposed Dark Secret

Looking into a cure for the entranced blacksmiths, they're told about a Crystal Ball in Phantasmal Geyser. While traveling there, Add and Eve both begin to have suspicions about Ignia's actions when he come upon Jin and In in the act of controlling Sirena. They managed to break Sirena free and find the Crystal Ball they were looking for. The group return to Lanox with the news of demons. Somewhere else in Lanox, Ignia was meeting with Scar, trapped in his scheme.

In town, Lu identifies the demons as members of the Dark-Eyed Army. Ignia shows up again, the El Search Party question her, now seeking to see the Fire Temple for themselves. Ignia leads them to the Fire Temple, but when they arrive, she decides she has no options but to turn on them since they knew too much about the demons being in the area. She nearly succeeds, but Add manages to get everybody off the volcano and back to town.

Now more concerned than ever, they seek answers and with the help of Steel and Sdeing, they create heat resistant suits which let them brave the volcano and reach the Fire Temple. Inside they find it had been overrun with demons and the Holy Beast Ifritan had been controlled. They save the beast and he tells them the demon's true agenda, to use the Earth and Fire Priestesses to summon a Demon God.


Prophetic Mission

Lu is shocked to hear this, and ponders if any of this has to do with the Demon King's disappearance. While she is uncertain Scar would be able to actually summon a Demon God, anything he would summon would be equally as devastating. The group raid the Grand Cavern, and managed to save Artea, but it was already too later, the Demon God's chasm had already been formed. The cavern collapses around them but they are saved by Ignia, she tells them that she had been forced to help Scar in order to save Gloria and Darkmoon and apologizes. The El Search Party press onward to fight Scar himself and come out victorious, but the Demon God Sult had been revived. Lu and Ciel attempt to seal the summoned demon up, however it was too late. All was doomed until the El Lady herself took control over Elesis's body and sealed the demon once again.

Incarnation of Greed, Perkisas

Glave approached the El Search Party with info of a powerful weapon guarded by a dragon in the Elrian ruins outside of Lanox. He takes the group to the ruins where they face off in a long battle against the dragon, Perkisas. They fight the large dragon as it scales the walls and climbs the towers until they reach a set of mounted crossbows which they use to ground the dragon. It comes crashing down and collapses into its treasure room, in one final battle, the El Search Party fight Perkisas in the treasure room and in its simulated nightmares. The dragon is defeated and its spirit is trapped within a sword.

Prophecy of the World's Root

Sasha and Artea soon arrived to Lanox, with all six El Priestesses assembled, they would finally be able to open the prophetic gate said to show the road to the El Lady. The Priestesses travel across Lanox to reach the far edge of the Elrios continent, the Distant Ruins. There they find a hidden shrine that was only revealed after the demon's commotion. The six priestesses offer their prayers and a light shines from the shrine. The El Search Party all prepare themselves as they step into the light which would take them into the unknown. With the El Search Party gone, the El Priestesses reflect on their decision, Sasha worrying that they may have sent them off ill prepared or that they have tasked them with problems that they should be dealing with. Ignia and the other priestesses decide to quell Sasha's worries. Artea, trusting Elsword that the El Search party will do their best as well as the priestesses doing their part. Rekindling their purpose to the world, they all strive to do whatever they can, they return do whatever they can to protect their El.

Demon Army Disarray

After a series of failures in their attempts to attack Elrios, most remaining demon forces retreated back to the Demon Realm. With additional pressure from human reinforcements traveling around Elrios, many areas which the demon had occupied were being abandoned. This includes the capital of the Xin Empire in Northen Fluone, which after the demons left started to enter a state of reconstruction.

With several of their leaders having been killed in their campaign, a power vacuum occurred within the Demon Army's ranks and a degree of infighting began as many struggled to claim the now vacant positions. During this chaos, Chloe saw her position within the Demon Army as no longer worth the conditions she had agreed to. With their forces weakened, she quietly abandoned her position, in doing so she breached her terms that they would spare the Dark Elf Village so long as she were among their ranks. Knowing the Demon Army would eventually catch wind of her defecting, she seeks to return to her home and warn them of the imminent danger.

Ran returned to the the Demon Realm along with the Moon El. He began instructing some of his troops to mine Mystic Stones so he could regain some of his power. While this was going on, he began to neglect the Red-Demon Army and Dream Demons started to abandon the army. This was only changed when Victoria stepped in to restructure the Dream Demons into a new theme park town.



The Other Dimensional World

Passing through the pillar of light, the El Search Party find themselves in the completely unfamiliar Atlas Station and are greeted by Yuno. He introduces himself and his companion Nono as the area's Nasod Director and apologizes to Eve who he immediately recognizes. Elsword asks him about Solace which Yuno then stutters before an alarm signals indicating that Diceon Cubes were detected missing from the mines.

At about the same time, Rose was sent by Princess Ezre of the Empyrean Empire in a different dimension to investigate the forces said to bring forth a great calamity. She traveled through a portal created by Cloud Mason and ended up in the dimension between her's and Elrios, landing on the outskirts of Atlas.

The El Search Party help investigate the cause for the alarm and discover the Dekal had been stealing the S grade Diceon and sending it to Solace. Elesis then gets a headache at the mention of Solace as the El Lady's power begin to take root inside of her. Following the transport tubes, they deduce the supplies are headed to Atlas City so they follow their trail.

When they approach the city, they are all spotted and the alarms start to ring. The security system has them pinned as the Diceon Cube thieves. With security high, the group flee the city. When they return back to Atlas Station they they find that Yuno has taken on a different form, he reveals that he was once Elysion's architect, Herjuno. Herjuno regained memories he had previously lost when Atlas City reactivated its emergency protocol and remembers that he has betrayed by Solace and was cast down into Atlas. He realizes that he needs to get back to Elysion, that he knows that Solace is planning something. Herjuno hacks Altas City's system to trace the missing cubes to Elysion Tower.

A Certain Farewell

Bypassing the security system, the group manage to ascend using the cargo transport tubes and reach the very top of the tower. The tower's commander, Maya spots the intruders but also notices that Herjuno was still alive. Not allowing any unauthorized travelers to Elysion, Maya attacks the El Search Party and Yuno. She is defeated but in a last ditch effort to prevent anybody from reaching Elysion, she causes the teleporter to self-destruct, hurling it down the tower. Yuno in a desperate attempt to get the party to Elysion, leaps off the tower and dives for the teleporter core. Using his own core, he jams it into the teleporter causing it to send the El Search Party up to Elysion, sacrificing himself.

When the El Search Party land in the outskirts of Elysoin, Eve notices that she had a fragment containing some of Yuno's memories. She gives it to Nono who then projects the memory of Yuno thanking the entire group for the short time spent together, and his final farewells. Elsword is filled with a new determination not only to find the El Lady, but to avenge Yuno's sacrifice.

Eltrion MK2

Sometime during or after their time in Atlas City, Glave appears to the group with another tip, that Eltrion the beast they had once slain in the distant past was in Altas. The upgraded version of Eltrion at this point was a guardian of Atlas City, it engages in a battle against the El Search Party. After being damaged, it retreats into its hanger, the group pursue it and try to destroy Eltrion before it could repair but fail to do so. It transports them to its ultimate defense fortress where it mounts itself and assumes its final form. The party manage to defeat the steel dragon a once again and this time for good. With the Nasod defeated, Glave managed to sent it back to its own time.



Land of Angels

Now in Elysion, after the group gather themselves, Eve decides to sent Moby and Remy to scout but then she starts feeling signals from the Nasods in the area. Using Eve's authority, she manages to mask the El Search Party as Atlas Troops so the surrounding Nasod would not find them as intruders. Now so close, the El Lady was able to reach out and spoke to Elsword faintly. When they reached the gates of Elysion, the guardian statues come to life as Solace congratulates them for coming this far. Elsword lashes out and Solace tells them to stop playing their little game and tells Elsword that he must be the one to decide. Defeating the statues they finally make it into the village of Elysion.

Elsword hears the El Lady again, urging the Guardian of El to come to her. In the village, they meet with the chief, Bernard and learn the city have been put on lock down and communication with Adrian's Palace has ceased due to a barrier. Seeking aid, Bernard directs them to Durenda, who has them gather Nasod Wokers who've gone missing outside the village, the group recover one of the attacked workers and are able to read its memories, they find that the Nasod had information on Solace's Fortress. Without any way to get directly to the palace, with Hugo's aid, they deduce the barrier is being held up by somebody on the outside and eliminating that factor should grant them access.

Father of the Nasods

They manage to find Dekal as the barrier's gatekeeper, upon defeating the scientist, the barrier is lifted and they travel upwards towards Adrian's chamber. At the highest point, they come face to face with Elysion's current acting leader, Herbaon. Herbaon quickly sees that they were not Atlas Troops as the systems said. Herbaon assumes the El Search Party are with Solace and prepares to fight. Eve tries to calm the Nasod down but he assumes they had altered her code. After a battle, Eve explains that she is acting on her own will and Elsword tries to tell Herbaon their current situation. He cautiously accepts, under the condition they keep their distance. After Elsword explains the situation up to this point, Herbaon understand them and agrees to help them awaken Adrian. Eve and Herbaon connect to Adrian's hibernation capsule and are able to hack it, allowing Adrian to awaken prematurely.

Adrian Nasod awakens, but realizes that it was not the proper time for his reawakening. He sees Eve and is surprised to see his creation alive, having assumed she was lost long ago during the Nasod War. Eve explains to her father all the events that had transpired up to this point. Adrian expresses his regrets for what he had done to Herjuno. He then retells the events of Solace and the El Lady's arrival to Elysion. Elsword asks if Adrian knew what Solace was planning but he did not know himself, but given he is tapping into Elysion's central energy, Adrian says his actions may affect the entire continent. Adrian tells the El Search Party of a hidden path that will lead them into Solace's Fortress, and he returns to his hibernation capsule to resume his stasis.


The Dark Flame Sun

They descend down underneath the palace where they find the entrance to Solace's Fortress. Immediately they are greeted by Nasods enhanced by Solace's power and the Diceon energy, unable to defeat these machines, they retreat. Theodore introduces himself, and reveals the existence of some strane Diceon device at the Fortress's core he isn't able to reach. They managed to traverse the fortress and destroy the cores until they managed to reach the center of the operation. As they get deeper into the fortress, the El Lady calls out to Elsword. When they arrive to the very center, they find a massive device with a Diceon core. Elsword feels a familiar sensation, one that he describes as being similar to that of the original El. Ain asks Elsword if he still desires to restore the El, Elsword replies that he'll do it no matter what. Ain begins to fear that the restoration of the El will cause him to disappear, but he trusts Elsword's judgement. The ground begins to shake and a large scabbard breaks through the floor, sending the El Search Party below.

The group get back their feet after the surprise fall, and they notice right before their eyes, is the El Lady herself in a type of stasis pod. Being so close to the El Lady, Elesis's begins to have severe headaches, completely disabling her. Solace appears before the group, he tells them that the El Lady has chosen Elesis as her successor and calls upon Elsword's decision to choose the fate of the future. Solace however, prepares to combat the El Search Party as a final test. Rose, performing her own investigation, winds up falling in the sidelines of the El Search Party's confrontation with Solace, she and Zero keep a low profile as they watch from afar. Solace manages to defeat the El Search Party, they all find themselves collapsed on the floor as Elsword remains the only one barely standing. With just the two of them remaining, Solace turn on his device and the entire room is consumed in a blinding white light.

The Past and the Future

Elsword, alone, was in the blank white void. He begins to hear voices, then he finds his surroundings changing before his eyes. Elsword is shown the memories of Solace himself, the story of him and the El Lady, Hernia.

Choice Between a Diverging Path

As the story ends with the fateful day when the El exploded. Elsword finds himself in a new location, with Solace before him. There, Solace reveals his plan, that he intended to create this device in order to circumvent the need for the El lady. He hoped that by connection his device to the large Els of the world, and with the contribution from all life that blesses the land, he could create a sustainable world that did not require the El Lady in order to slave away as a sacrifice. He leaves the decision to the Guardian of El, Elsword. The boy told Solace that he promised that he would restore the El no matter what, but Solace urges that doing so would only make history repeat itself, with his sister Elesis being the next casualty. Solace tells Elsword that he alone cannot change the world, that the cooperation between he and his friend are what shape their destinies. He leaves the boy to make the final choice.

Elsword hesitates, but he begins to hear words of encouragement from his friends, though they themselves do not see Elsword. Ready to make his choice, Elsword decides on neither of Solace's proposed solutions. Elsword sees beyond what Solace had said, and worries for Elysion under Solace's plan, realizing sacrifices have to made no matter what. Instead, Elsword decides that he is unwilling to sacrifice anybody he cared about, sacrificing himself. All the El from around the world to reunite and reform the original El, with Elsword himself in its core.



The Boy and the El

With Elsword having sacrificed himself, his will restored the El. The seal that Denif had placed on Elrianode was lifted and the El Master began to awaken from their slumber. Additionally, all the El Priestesses were teleported to the reawakened city, where they met Denif and conversed about what had happened over the past 500 years as well as the recent development with the El Search Party. Ain, much like he anticipated completely lost his form when Elsword restored the El.

Back in Elysion, the other members of the El Search Party regain consciousness and Hernia awakens from her long slumber. Solace rushes to her side and tells her that she needs to rest. Hernia tells the group she has been watching them and apologizes to Elesis. She tells them that Elsword had restored the El, but she fears that if left, he will disappear into the El. Aisha panics for Elsword but Solace tells them that he managed to inject the El with Diceon, temporarily halting the El's absorption. Hernia tells them of somebody in Elrianode who can help them while Solace and Hernia stay in Elysion investigating the ones responsible for the El Explosion. Hernia uses her powers to teleport the party to Elrianode. Rose, unaware of what had transpired noticed Zero has ceased to function. Hernia confronts her, already aware of their presence as she'd been watching them for some time. Believing the Large El may restore Zero and wishing she aid the El Search Party, Hernia gives her her blessing and sends Rose down to Elrianode.

The El Search Party arrive in Elrianode, Denif spots them and approaches cautiously before the Earth Priestess Artea introduces them as the El Search Party she had mentioned earlier. Aisha tells Master Denif what they were told by Solace and Hernia that he could help them save Elsword. Denif agrees, but warns they may get consumed as well. He opens up a gap in the El for the group to enter. While inside, each member is split up and faces a person trial as the El tries to test their wills. They all manage to successfully resist the El temptations. Ain's lingering spirit sees the value in the El Search Party and in an act of defiance, goes against his original mission and decides he must save Elsword. In that moment, Ain realizes that his master had switched from the Goddess Ishmael to the God Elria. Elsword was in a state of slumber in the El, comforted by its powers. His friends start to call for the boy, they all reach out to Elsword and manage to free him from the El.

During that time, Rose arrives in Elrianode and meets with Denif holding a token from the El Lady to gain his trust. Denif takes her to the Large El and sends her into the Hall of El where Zero regains consciousness. While in the Hall of El, the two begin to see visions of Elsword.

Back outside the El, the the group introduce Elsword to Denif, and he assures the group that he and the priestesses will do their part in maintaining the El. However, when the Diceon runs out, he is unsure if they can keep it stable, suggesting the group seek out a hidden relic which had been sealed in Elrianode by Denif's ancestors. Ain find himself alongside his friends, now no longer a spirit tied to Elsword's memories, but his own being.

Restored Elrianode

With Elrianode return, Hennon and his minions had their opportunity to return to the lost city. With pre-existing knowledge of the location of Henir's Passage, Hennon and his colleagues went to Debrian Laboratory underneath the old palace almost immediately. There they made their way to the Passage to Henir's Core and reactivated it. Using that energy they managed to open a portal to the Demon World. With a gateway open, Hennon was able to extract a piece of the Demon World's Dark El for himself, with half of his plan already completed, he only needed to get the Primal El located in the Water Dragon Sanctum.

Learning of Aisha's ability to potentially undo ancient seals, Denif takes the group to the Water Dragon Sanctum where Aisha is able to undo the seal which locked the area off. The group scout the sanctum and when Elsword approached a pedestal, the ground opened up and an El rose out. The group were confused since the stone itself didn't radiate any noteworthy energy, but before they could take the stone, Hennon swoops in and takes the Primal El. Aisha realizes the man was the same one who stole the Ring of Mimir from her. Hennon flees and zealots of Henir's Order begin to show themselves, injecting themselves with the Seed of Life and transforming into Freak Beasts.

While Hennon was fleeing, Ventus who soon arrived to Elrianode after Henir's Order, managed to sneak by and nab the Primal El away from the cult leader, replacing it with a nearly identical stone.

The El Search Party manage to catch up with Hennon but he summons a Skin Splitter who distract the El Search Party while he makes his escape into the city. The group manage to obtain one of the devices from the cult members.

Rose exists the Hall of El with a revitalized Zero. Tipped off by Denif, they seek out the El Search Party, but trail behind their wake. While in the Water Dragon Sanctum, Zero begins to project visions of the El Search Party's deeds just prior to their arrival, though this power swiftly runs out and they head back to Denif.

Invasion of the Order

Afterwards, the El Search Party alert Denif of these intruders and show him the device. Ain proposes the possibility they may be Henir's Order, which Denif finds likely. Denif asks if the group knew anybody more experience with Henir, the group then take the device to Glave. He reveals he is the one who invented the device and runs through his past as a scientist at Seven Tower, he also tells the group of an laboratory build underneath Elrianode once used by the Debrians for their forbidden research into Henir energy, however is unable to tell them its exact location. With that in mind, they search through Elrianode City. Rose overhears the conversation and decides to conduct her own investigation. The El Search Party are greeted by portal of Henir being opened up and spilling more Freak Beasts all over the city. As they were being overwhelmed, Solace appeared to help the group out. When they meet back up with Denif, Solace confirms their suspicion of Henir's Order, he also has found out that certain types of beasts are generating these Henir portals. Solace agrees to stay and defend the tower as the El Search Party go and scout the city once more.

After finding the creatures creating the gaps of Henir, they manage to defeat it, but it tries to land one final attack on Rena. It explodes, but Rena is saved by Ventus. Rena is shocked to see the wind spirit Lincy once again. Ventus introduces himself but the El Search Party are wary if he is telling the truth. Ventus shows them that he has stolen back the Primal El. They all return back to Elrianode where Ventus intends to meet up with Denif.

While the El Search Party search the city, Zero used his knowledge of the old Elrian Kingdom to help search for the whereabouts of the ancient Debrian Laboratory. During their hunt, Zero brings up knowledge about Henir's Order and their rumored ties with Seven Tower, suspecting they may be the current perpetrators. Their search proves successful as they find rubble matching that of the old Elrian Palace around a cave. They head to report their findings to Denif.


Henir's Passage

Ventus speaks with Denif and reveals the ancient inscriptions on the bottom of the stone, revealing half of a phrase. Chung brings up the information about the ancient lab they learned from Glave. Denif tells the group of Rose. With Rose and Zero's help, they all travel to Debrian Laboratory and the ever present Henir energy becomes very apparent. Lu notices that Ain is being affected heavily by the Henir energy, she tries to tell Ain to back out, but Ain tries to dismiss the demon. Elsword tries to calm the two when Lu suddenly runs off. Ciel, Elsword, and Ara chase after her. Elesis and the remaining party decide they have to press on.

Lu tells the group that followed her that she notices demonic markings and followed them, finding a secret door into a closed off room. She finds material belonging to a researcher who must've been researching the demons. She finds a Seed of Life on the chamber's desk and some letters in a demonic script. She takes the device and reads the letter, learning of the power of the Primal El they had found. That if the Primal El and Dark El were united, it would unleash an unspeakable power. She quickly gathers the material and rushes back to the other group.

Ain begins to fade due to Henir's influence but Lu suddenly bursts in with the Seed of Life. Lu uses the device on him which absorbed all the Henir corruption out of his body and manifested it as a monster which the group quickly disposed of. Having been saved by Lu, Ain begins to see her in a better light. They then press forward as a group and find themselves at the lowest part of the facility, there they see the enormous Henir's Gate but are then attacked by the lab's security system. Eve manages changes the control options and minimizes the output from the gate, but they all assume that Henir's Order had already gotten to it and had taken what energy they needed. Lu tells them about the full prophecy she read from the researcher's notes and they deduce that Henir's Order was planning to open a gate to the Demon Realm in order to retrieve a Dark El in order to awaken the Primal El's power.

Interdimensional Colossus and...

Hennon discovered that the stone he had was a fake, and in retaliation planned to attack the El Tower.

The El Search Party realizing what Henir's Order was targeting, rush back to Elrianode anticipating an imminent attack. Sure enough, Hennon jumps through a gap in Henir and lands in front of the El Tower. Ready to attack the tower to obtain the Large El and reclaim the Primal El, he summons hordes of Freak Beasts. Denif hands the Primal El to Elsword to prevent the enemies from getting it if they claim the tower. When things started to get heated, Hernia appeared in the city, she please to let her stabilize the El but Denif denies her request, instead he sets the El Priestesses to use their powers to stabilize the El together. As the monsters advanced towards the tower, all the El Master present prepared themselves to defend the tower at all cost.

While all the El Search Party were distracting with dealing with the monsters, Hennon took the opportunity to surprise attack Elsword. Hennon obtains the Primal El and with it, he combines its power with the power of a Dark El that he had already obtained from the Demon Realm. With it, he transforms into a massive interdimensional colossus. After a fierce battle, the group were able to barely take down the enormous beast, and the hordes of monsters that followed him started to dwindle.

With the situation calmed down, Hernia tells Denif that she wants to go back to position of maintaining the El, but Denif once again disagrees. Seeing that sacrifice is not the right road to take, he dismisses Solace and Hernia, allowing them to leave and do whatever they wish. The El Search Party agreed that their next course of action should be going to Demon Realm to prevent the Dark El from getting into the enemy's hands. Spending the following days recuperating from their battle.

Twisted Time and Space

After the defeat of Hennon, other members of Henir's order began taking actions of their own. In the process they began running experiments which caused twisted holes in time and space to open all around Elrios. One such portal sent the group back to Farhmann's Peak, but the area had been consumed by Henir. A mysterious member of Henir's Order released Drabaki back into the area to gauge the power of the El Search Party. They faced off against Drabaki once again and were able to slay the beast and escaped the distorted realm. The remnants of the beast were retrieved by the Henir cultist and he was impressed by the El Search Party's performance.


As the El Search Party rested before embarking on the next step of their journey. Ventus approached them with information that might be useful to them. He tells of places called Elriabrunnrs where the flow of El energy go, places where those of the past used to travel to train. He sent the group off to explore an Elriabrunnr he had just rediscovered, where they each individually hear the voices of the past and had their powers awakened to a new level. When they returned from their training, they came back with new powers and were ready to take on the Demon Realm.

Laby and Bellonde


The Girl in the Black Forest

In the Black Forest in the Feita region, lived a mysterious girl who would later be known as Laby. She didn't know where she came from and a voice in her head forbade her from leaving the Black Forest. She was lonely, until she was able to make one friend during her existence inside the forest, a small young monster. One day, her friend passed away, filled with sorrow and pain, Laby cried and her tears became a black pond which took form and became a mirror, a physical manifestation of her sadness. Laby had forgotten all about her friend, and her mirror became her new companion without even realizing what it was. During her time in the forest, she saw light three times in her life, she called these lights mornings. The first at the end of the Nasod War when the El Lady restored the power of the El, the second 500 years ago when the El Exploded, and the third when the Large El was restored by the hand of Elsword. When the third light shown, the voice which tethered her to the forest disappeared, the girl was free.

Bellonde Gaia

After the restoration of the El, Bellonde Gaia was reawakened from his long slumber in the Earth El. He found himself in the palace of Velder, in a new time. When he had awakened, he learned from the Velder high priests that Elrianode had reappeared. He asks and learns that the first Earth Priestess, his sister, Verdel had chosen to be buried in the Black Forest, Nisha Labyrinth, believing she didn't deserve to rest peacefully while her younger brother entered a deep slumber in order to save them all. He wished to pay respects to his older sister and ventured to find her grave.

Nisha Labyrinth

When Bellonde found his sister's grave, that is when he met the mysterious girl of the Black Forest. Laby leaving the black forest, saw a light and followed it till she found herself as the Earth Priestess's grave. He introduced himself and asked why the girl was in the forest, she explains that it is where she came from. Gaia is oddly suspicious of how she could've existed in the forest of demonic energy, but they both start hearing voices calling for help. The girl jump to try and help but Gaia realizes it is likely a trap by a monster. Laby is lured in by the monster but Gaia manages to save her. Gaia worries for the child, learning that she didn't know anybody or even had a name. He then goes on to tell her about the forest she came from, Nisha Labyrinth. Using the name of the forest, he gives her the name, Laby, which she gleefully adopts. She then gives her mirror the name, Nisha, calling it her friend. Bellonde is confused when he looks at the mirror as he sees no reflection and begins to wonder if it is some kind of Nasod. With Bellonde planning to meet with his teacher Denif, he decides to take Laby with him, hoping that he might potentially know more about what the girl was.

Map - East Lurensia.png

The Sea, the Ship, and the Teacher

Leaving the Black Forest, they find themselves on the border of Velder, overlooking the East Lurensia Port town. They're greeted by a port worker who tells them about what had happened since the demon war, thanking the El Search Party for helping pave the way for them to reclaim the city. Laby notices metal contraption roaming around, and Bellonde is surprised to see Nasods. The worker tells them that the Ponggos from Altera had come and introduced Nasods to them to aid in the restoration process. The worker telling him that thanks to the technology, they've managed to build ships that can take them all the way to Lanox. That the expedited travel even helping them take out the remaining demon remnants in Fluone.

Laby asks if they could board a ship but they learn that the ports have recently had a bit of a monster problem and the soldier are busy dealing with demons elsewhere. Seeing the monsters, Laby is vaguely reminded of her friend, Bellonde is curious as he thought Nisha was Laby's only friend. Laby hesitates but notices that the monsters are trying to eat parts of the ships. They clear the monsters, Bellonde is surprised to see how resilient Laby appears to be when taking harm and how cheerful she remain in spite of being attacked. While they wait for the ship workers to finish repairs on the ship, Gaia decides he could teach Laby how to fight. Laby gleefully accepting him as her teacher.

After the repairs were complete, the two board The Lariness and set sail. Suddenly their ship is attacked by a band of mermen pirates. Gaia confronts the captain and learns that he had steered them through an unsafe route believing they could get by faster. He and Laby defended the ship when intruders suddenly retreated as the ship approached a violent storm. The captain tried to steer out of the way but they're caught in the current. Even worse, the ship is then attacked by the giant Leap Octopus. The remaining crew begin to panic but Gaia and Laby do their best to fight the monster. In that moment Laby began to realize she couldn't understand what fear was. The octopus breaks a hole through the ship and it begins to sink, as a last resort, Gaia focuses and using his powers manages to lift the earth underneath the ship, grounding it. When they let their guard down, a tentacle swooped and knocked Laby off the ship. Gaia was too weak to help the girl, he was also unwilling to put the lives of the remaining crew at stake, regretfully leaves Laby behind and stays on the ship. He does manage to put a protective barrier around her so she wouldn't drown at sea. The crew of the ship manage to repair the ship and reach Fluone.

North Fluone

Map - North Fluone.png

Second Help

After being castaway, Laby ended up washing ashore in North Fluone. She is spotted by a Feudal Guard that worked under the lord of the land, the demon Nenya. Guard give chase but Laby runs away. Mao sees and helps Laby escape the guards. The guards lose her but report the news of the intruder up to the lord. Mao and Laby hide out, Mao tells her that the guards patrol the Bamboo Forests and prevent the townspeople from leaving. Laby explains how she ended up here, but just confuses Mao, she asks to go to the town. Mao first properly introduces herself but due to the guards advises Laby not to head to town. She then offers to take Laby to her home high in the mountains. Mao tells her the town and the capital's situation.

They eventually make it to Mao's house where she introduces Laby to her grandfather, Calonne. He accepts Mao's plea to offer Laby asylum. Laby is curious as she sense similar energy from Calonne as she did the Feudal Guards, an energy she finds familiar. Mao talks over some food, Mao tell Laby that Calonne found her after demons had killed her family, he took her in and they've been family since.

Where Faith Comes Together

When they went to check up on Calonne they are shocked to learn that he had been kidnapped by the guards. Mao is deeply saddened that her grandpa had been taken away and Laby feels as if she can't understand how she is feeling, only feeling an empty sensation. Laby tells her she is strong and can help. The two take a shortcut through the dokkaebis infested forests. The two reach the Lord's Keep gates and are confronted by the Captain Guard, he tells them that Calonne was arrested by order to Nenya himself. The guard refuses to let them through and they fight, they defeat the guard and realize they'll have to make their way to the prison.

The two sneak into the keep and try to hop the roofs during the darkness of night. Mao sense there were more soldiers inside than there should be and she felt their demonic energy. They learn that the soldiers were demons. Wandering through the corridors, Mao finds her grandpa's glasses, surprised to see it, Laby accidentally discovers a hidden passage. They follow the path and find themselves underground, but they are attacked by Gunther. Halting them from reaching the Underground Prison, Laby fights and defeats Gunther. Mao is okay due to a device in her necklace that Calonne has made for her.


From the Ground Up

Inside the Underground Prison, they sneak by the guards patrolling the dungeon. One of the prisoners calls out to them, and reveals himself to be the Estranged Lord of the town. He tells the two girls what had happened to him. He hopes that the situation could be resolved once the capital's army comes to the region, and suggests they wait it out. Mao tells the lord the unfortunately truth that the capital has been in shambles for quite some time. Learning that the lord fears for his own life since Nenya likely only kept him around in the event inspectors from the capital came. Laby tries to break the lord free but he insists that he is in no position or state to help them out. They are spotted by the guards, Laby and Mao fend them off and then manage to start freeing the inmates. They find Calonne and try to save him but an alarm rings and the warden, Deborah, shows up. Deborah notices the children and criticizes Calonne for playing family with humans, Calonne then criticizing her for being disloyal to their original lord, Aegirp. Deborah expresses her frustrations with their previous lord. Deborah fights them but Laby manages to defeat the demon, allowing for the other prisoners to escape. Calonne talks with his former comrade. Deborah expresses her wavering faith in their lord's belief, but Calonne tells her that the time he spent till this point has proven their dream to be possible. Laby and Mao come and suspect Nenya to be at the heart of the issue. Deborah seeing the child call Calonne her gramps, starts to see that maybe Aegirp's dreams were possible.

They manage to free the rest of the prisoners, including the Estranged Lord. Now freed, the prisoners agree to fight alongside them to fend of the demons outside. The lord informs them that Nenya's chamber is located at the top floor. Calonne gathers that Nenya is likely one of the demon who invaded the capital several years ago. He believed Nenya sought Calonne in an attempt to make a demon portal so he could conquer all of Northern Empire. Scaling the castle's interior they are confronted by Nenya's generals. Deborah returns but Nenya has taken control of her, after they defeated her, she reveals his mind control over the other demon troops. Informing them that they must kill Nenya to free them. They reach his lavish chamber and Nenya appears before them, he asks if Calonne reconsidered his offer, but Calonne swiftly declines. Nenya manages to take Mao and threatens to kill her if Calonne doesn't make the demon portal. Calonne still refuses and Nenya strikes Mao. Laby filled with an empty feeling doesn't understand how to feel. Nenya assumes his demon form and attempts to control Calonne's body, Laby attacks Nenya. He attacks her with a blast of demonic energy but Laby is completely unphased, she fights and defeats the demon. Calonne is relieved to see that his device was able to protect Mao, then asks Laby if she was a demon, but he noted her energy wasn't quite like other demons, faint but powerful enough to defeat Nenya. Laby tells him of her goal to find who she is and her destination of Elrianode.

After everybody escaped the castle, they returned back to their house in the mountains. Calonne creates a compass that points towards Elrianode to help Laby make it to her destination. Mao and Calonne decided they need to help rebuild the town now that Nenya is gone and the other demons under control. Mao thanks Laby and Laby promises to come back when she learns the truth. Laby bids farewell to her new friends before taking off eastwards towards Elrianode.



In the Demon Realm

Denif informs them that the Dark El that Hennon had used was no longer a viable means to getting to the Demon Realm. They brainstorm ideas, Add suggests the Henir Portal in Debrian Laboratory, but they lack the Demon Realm's coordinates. They realized that the El was the key for interdimensional travel, or specifically disrupting said travel. Ara remembers seeing something below the Large El. Looking below, they find an ancient seal, so ancient it may have been placed by the goddess herself. Denif refuses to break the seal, but decides they could pry it open temporarily just long enough to let the El Search Party through.

Inside the seal, they find themselves in a subspace of Henir between the material and Demon Realm. Trying to go through the labyrinth, Elsword begins to have visions, visions that his friends would be wiped out by a large school of Chaos Leviathans. However, the group manage to get through without issue. Making it out other side, they emerge from a place known as the Cave of Death by the local Dark Elves. Wandering through the forest, Rena spots a Dark Elf, she tries to talk with her in an Ancient Elven tongue, however the Dark Elf immediately becomes suspicious of the group and call for reinforcements for their capture. In their escape, they run into the Red Guardian, Forginay and defeat the guardian. In that moment, Chloe appears struck by what they had just done. They learn that Chloe had since left the Demon Army and has business with the Dark Elf Village. Elsword tries to ask Chloe for aid, but she shuts him down before he could even get a word out, Elesis proposes they help each other get through to the Dark Elf Village, Chloe reluctantly agrees to working with them.

Strange Phenomenon

Making their way through the forest, security was high due to the El Search Party attacking the Red Guardian. They are spotted, and the Dark Elves begin to fire at them. Chloe reveals that the Dark Elves see her as a traitor, but she still believes in one person who she can reason with. Making their way deep into the Dark Elf Outpost, they face off against Sentinel Commander and prove victorious, when Rena was about to make the final shot, her arrow is stopped by the Dark Elf Elder, Edith. She, Rena, and Chloe begin to have a discussion. Edith asks and answers Rena's questions, but Chloe interjects Edith and brings to her pressing news that the Demon Army is likely planning to launch an attack on the Dark Elf Village since she had abandoned their ranks. Edith tells the El Search Party about the news and suggests they meet up with their patron god, Nephilim Lord, both for their sake and as their best lead to learn of the Dark El. Edith prepares an envoys capable of speaking the Elrios dialect to go with the El Search Party and meet with the spirits.

When they all arrive to the Forsaken Spirit Asylum, they find that the spirits had turned hostile and the land burned away. They manage to save a Tiny Spirit who tells them that out of nowhere his friends just begun to attack him. The Tiny Spirit guides the group all the way to Nephilim Lord who had gone berserk. After defeating the berserk lord, he regains consciousness and the Dark Elves pleas him to help them. Nephilim Lord recalls the tower in the distance appearing in Varnimyr around 500 years ago, which only a few months ago started to emit an aura that burned the land and turned spirits berserk. With all the spirits' aura running through Nephilim Lord, he was the first to be corrupted. Elsword asks if he knew anything about the Dark El or Henir's Order. The lord does not recall seeing anybody like Henir's Order but speaks of many that had come seeking the Dark El. He doesn't yet trust the group to divulge any information. He instructs them to deal with the tower plaguing the sanctum first. The Dark Elves choose to stay behind and tend to the spirits while the Tiny Spirit chooses to guide the El Search Party to the tower.

Back in Elrianode

While in Elrianode, Denif and Ventus begin to speculate ways in which they may safely return the El Search Party back to Elrios when the time comes. Eventually, the two device a plan using one of Ventus's Wind Stones. They realized that the masters are able to sense the stone even from the other side of the seal. In addition, Denif had begun to suspect that Fire Master Rosso may also be in the Demon Realm. Denif tasked Ventus with delivering the Wind Stone to the El Search Party for them to return as well as seek out Rosso. With the help of the priestesses, they open the seal once again and Ventus delves into Henir's passage.

12-7 Malice.png

Cradle of Sin

Arriving at the Crimson Edge, the group make their trek towards the tower, Elsword noting energy identical to the Fire El. Out of the tower, a large meteor hurls down and crashes near them, they are alright but a four headed dragon golem spawns from the meteor. Upon its defeat, the ground collapsed under them and they find a lone scythe, the weapon suddenly begins moving on its own. The scythes flies past them after they fight, as it flew past Elsword, he heard Rosso's voice. They chase after the Scythe and wind up just beneath the tower. The stone golem appears once more and the group fight it on the exterior of the tower. In the battle, the beast damages the tower and once it was defeated, the group managed to break a hole and enter its depths.

Inside the tower, Elsword begins to hear the voice again, getting the feeling that they were memories. Ain tells Elsword to listen to the voice carefully, believing the tower is somehow connected to the El. They encounter the core, a Crimson Eye, they fight it off but it escapes through the cracks. The group follow it up to the cradle of the tower.

There, they find Rosso trapped at the center, Elsword felt confident he was the one who called out. A massive surge of demonic energy bursts through the room and a massive demonic form created from the volcanic rubble stood before them. Elsword begins to hear Rosso's voice one more, this time directly communicating with him. Taking out the giant, the tower begins to collapse and the person trapped inside was freed from their prison. The Crimson Eye which had escaped the tower's depth inserts itself into Rosso and he gains an immense amount of power. His scythe flew into the collapsing chamber and into his hands. They all come crashing down on the shattered remnants of the tower. Rosso bursts from the rubble and absorbs all the demonic stones to create a dark armor shell as he continues to fight.

The El Search Party manage to defeat Rosso and the demonic stones fade away. Elsword tried to grab hold of him when Ventus arrives out of the blue. Elsword asks if he knew the person, Ventus confirming they were long time friends. Rosso barely able to speaks tells Ventus to shut up and help him. Rosso briefly introduces himself. Beyond that, Rosso remained rather dismissive toward any questions he received. Ventus interjects, saying that he should take Rosso back to Elrianode. Before he left he gave Rena a Wind Stone to help them get back. Ventus asks the El Search Party if they should return to Elrianode together. Ara however mentions that they've found a lead about the Dark El. The two begin to leave, but Rosso warns Elsword that the Master of Crimson Eyes is near. They group go back and meet up with the Tiny Spirit before immediately collapsing of exhaustion. After they rested, the Tiny Spirit tells them he got word from Nephilim Lord of a location nearby they may want to check.

The Master of the Crimson Eye


The Tiny Spirit lead them to a large deposit of Mystic Stones. Eve, Lu, and Ciel all confirm that the stones gave off a similar aura to the Dark El Hennon had used, though faint. Ara remembers seeing similar stones when she was a child visiting the capital city. Further down, they spot Shadow Demons with mining equipment, they try to sneak past them but are spotted. They encounter Nero who introduces himself as Ran's right-hand man. The group managed to corner Nero, in a last ditch effort, Nero manages to distract them and manages to strike and shatter the ground beneath them. They land and awaken the master of the vein, Dark Agate. After they defeat the gem monster, the Tiny Spirit thanks them, but a lone demon soldier tries to land a sneak attack. Caught off guard, the Tiny Spirit uses his powers and swiftly takes out the demon. He then reveals himself to be Stirbargen. He goes on to explain he too had his powers stripped away, before Eun, taking over Ara's body, lashes out in rage, planning to kill the demon. He offers to strike a deal with the group, he tells them Barkat, as the current leader of the Demon Army, is seeking it out. He also reveals to them that the spirits are only able to vaguely sense the Dark El, stating the Nephilim Lord would still have pointed them here. He tells them that the Crimson Eye was his, though has since been drained of its power. The Demon Lord then strikes another bet with the group. He mentions to them that the Dealm Realm has been in political disarray for quite some time.

The group return to Nephilim Lord, the lord tells them exactly what Stirbargen had predicated. They group was left with no real lead, however decided to procure a Mystic Stone. They choose to return back to Elrianode. Elsword confess to his friends about the visions he had when they first passed through the Labyrinth of Ruin. The group take caution to Elsword's vision. They decide they need to report to Denif about their findings.


Reunion, Coming Face to Face

Following the compass made by Calonne, Laby entered the Fallenode region, her compass begins to stop working. She feels the energy from where she is and senses it as being somewhat familiar but still different than the feeling of the Black Forest. In that moment, Gaia found her and the two reunited. Gaia is relieved that the girl is okay after the two lost each other. He tells her that he was combing the coast of Fluone in search of her to no avail, Laby then tells Bellonde what had happened since they split ways. Gaia had been searching for her because they promised to go the Elrianode together, now that they are together they would try to get into the city. However, the city is now surrounded by a large Henir barrier, the two approach the city dealing with the nests of draugr. On the way, Bellonde expressed his regrets, both for leaving Laby on her own and in the distant past when he failed to protect the El. Expressing prior hesitation to return to Elrianode, but says that Laby who he had met at his sister's grave, inspired him to press onward. On the way they find an exceptionally large pool of Henir which housed a Giant Draugr, not wanting to leave such a beast free to roam, Gaia and Laby defeat it. Letting go of the past, Gaia is filled with his original drive to protect everybody. Faced with the Henir barrier, he then creates a barrier around them with his El energy that will last them long enough to get through and they both delve into the barrier.



Inside the barrier, Laby and Bellonde are isolated from each other. Remembering her teacher telling her that she must focus on leaving the barrier. She thanks Nisha for being by her side but her mind then begins to space out. Nisha begins to react and then takes on the form of Laby's Friend, Laby begins to remember it. Having severed the memory of her friend's death, she wonders why it is here and notices the gaps in her memory. Stepping forwards she find herself in a room identical to Nenya's chamber. Calonne appears in front of Laby and criticizes her for feeling nothing when Mao died, Laby became confused and tries to run away. She runs into Mao who similarly criticizes Laby for feeling glad when Calonne was taken away, Laby keeps running away. She panics and wants to run away, even back to her forest, but she runs into a monster, the same one that attacked the ports of Lurensia, the ones that reminded her of her friend. It called out to her, asking if she had forgotten it. She tells herself she hasn't forgotten and tries to keep running forwards till she finds herself exactly where she met Bellonde. He appears before her and she pleas to him that she wants to leave. Bellonde tells her to go back to the place where these memories all began. She wakes up deep in the Black Forest, wondering if everything was a dream, she begins to feel as if she shouldn't ever leave the forest, so she can just be alone with Nisha. Her friend appears before her, she expresses joy that they could be together and have fun forever but it transforms into formless monster and attacks her. She remembers all the good times they spent together, but then the memories begin to return to her, she remembers its death. Remembers the sorrow she felt and how her tears created Nisha, that she had severed the memory and feelings she felt, that this was the first time she truly knew what Nisha was, her sadness. She feels glad she finally knew what Nisha was, but she still feels scared of the sadness she once felt. She however decides she would face the future with Nisha.

Return to Elrianode


Sage of Fluone

Laby made it to the other side of the barrier but was badly hurt from it. Bellonde rushes her immediately towards the El Tower for aid. The priestesses are shocked to see an outsider approach and Denif is surprised to see his pupil and fellow El Master return. Denif orders Darkmoon to take Laby and heal her wounds, the other priestesses follow to aid her. Denif thanks Gaia for coming back, and informs him of the El Priestesses, proof that his sister, Verdel, and the other priestesses succeeded in carrying their duty. Gaia reclaims his duty as an El Master.

Darkmoon goes to try and heal Laby but her injuries had already healed. Laby wakes up and feels better, Artea explain where she is and explaining that Bellonde is the El Masters Gaia. Laby asks about Denif and realizes that Denif was her teacher's teacher and the Sage of Fluone. She jumped out of bed and ran to meet the masters.

When Laby arrived to the El Tower, she was struck with awe when she saw the Large El, saying that it was the same light she called morning. Denif asked her what she meant, she told him of the Black Forest she came from. Denif called all the priestesses in to the conversation, though Ignia was absent. Curious, Denif asks further as Laby explained. Denif concludes that the morning Laby spoke of were most definitely related to the Large El. The priestesses correlating them to the El's restoration during the Nasod War, the El Explosion, and its most recent restoration by Elsword. Gaia is alarmed to learn of a boy with such power, Denif believing he either might be an Elrian of unprecedented power or a being similar to the El Lady. Laby gathers that the boy's actions freed her and wishes to meet him, Denif notes that Elsword doesn't himself even realize what he might be. Denif then asks Laby about Nisha, but Laby hesitates, simply calling it her friend.

Darkmoon wonders if she could be a demon, sensing a similar aura. Laby says that Calonne had said a similar thing. Denif and Artea ask about Calonne, Laby tells them about Calonne being a demon in North Fluone. Gloria and Darkmoon become a bit wary of Laby but Sasha believes anybody is capable of both good and bad. Laby promises to stop anybody who bullies her friends, pleading them to not hate Calonne. The priestesses trust Laby, Denif was still a tad suspicious. With the day soon reaching its end, Denif calls an end to their meeting and suggests they all rest.


Answer to Belief

That night, while Laby contemplated what she should do with Nisha, Ignia met up with her. The two talked, Ignia reflects on her life, her determination and purpose after becoming the Fire Priestess and the regrets she harbored when she became a pawn for the demons. She explains that ever since, she has been giving her all to duty, so much so that she had exhausted herself and passed out earlier in the day, she says that she aspires to meet the Fire Master and learn under him to better her abilities. Laby opens up to Ignia and tells her that Nisha is her sadness. Ignia presents the information to Denif, who is a bit skeptical. He is vexed by Laby's situation, having never seen somebody's emotion take on a physical form. Laby mentions the energy she felt inside the barrier felt familiar to her. Denif brings up ancient theories of portals opening up in the core of the Black Forest.

Denif senses that Ventus was approaching from the other side of the seal. With the priestesses and Gaia's help, they open up the seal where Ventus comes through with Rosso. Ventus notes that the Henir passage has become more chaotic on the way back. The priestesses introduce themselves to newly arrived Fire Master. Rosso asks if the Fire Priestess is present, Ignia presents herself but Rosso is quick to criticize her for being weak and unfit for the harsh responsibilities of controlling the power of fire and tells her that she should leave now that he is back. The two fight among each other until Gaia drags Rosso away to get his injuries tended to. Ignia feels dejected by her encounter with the Fire Master but both Ventus and Denif find their encounter to have gone better than expected, knowing Rosso's personality.

Darkmoon tends to Rosso's wounds when Laby follows them to talk with Rosso. Rosso tries to dismiss the child, but Laby explains how Ignia had idolized and was looking forwards to learning from him. Rosso expresses he has little interest in teaching, saying he doesn't wish to burden others with the responsibilities of fire. Rosso sensing the abnormal energy coming from Laby demand to know if Gaia knew what she was and wondered why Denif for allowing something like her this close to the El. Gaia tried to calm him down assuring Laby was no threat. Rosso remains suspicious but is willing to accept she isn't an immediate threat if Denif was fine with her. Laby is curious if Rosso knew what she was, he refuses to answer until Darkmoon pleas him to help them even just a little. He states that her aura was certainly of Demon Realm origins, being something he himself felt near where he slept. Rosso warns Gaia that he only spoke this information so he would be aware and be responsible for the child. Rosso rests, Laby thanks Darkmoon for helping her and Darkmoon reveals to Laby that they already know of a demon who had helped them before and are confident that Laby will be their ally just the same.

You and I Are One


Laby feels she might need to go to the Demon Realm for answers. Ventus appears before Laby using the power of the wind. She asks him if he and the wind are one, which he replies that he accepts the wind. He tells her of the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum where she could train and grow. Laby takes the offer and goes off.

Back in the city, Denif recalls to Gaia the events following the El Explosion. Gaia wondered why Denif decided to seal the city alone and not requested the aid of the other masters. Denif gave two reasons, the first being that making the Elemental El was the more important priority they could not afford to fail, and the other was he suspected the possibility of a traitor. Gaia understands his judgement and promises to earn his trust in the present. Denif applause Gaia's growth in the time they've been apart, he thanks Gaia for returning. Gaia states his new resolves came from Laby, believing their meeting at his sister's grave was a sign.

In the sanctum, Laby began to hear the voices of the past, mistaking it for the voice which prevented her from leaving the forest. She begins hearing her own voice asking herself what she is afraid of, where she replies she fears losing Nisha. She wonders what would happen if they did become one. Afraid of losing herself, she doesn't quite want to become one with Nisha, but wants them to share with each other. For Nisha to teach her sadness, and for her to teach Nisha other emotions. To understand each other not as one being, but as partners. With her new perspective, she heads back to Elrianode.

Laby returns back to the tower and seeks out her teacher. Gaia is glad to see Laby return and she tells him her decision to accept Nisha. Laby's new goal is to find the voice that kept her in the forest and seek out answers from them and thanks Bellonde for everything he has taught her.


Having learned everything up to this point, Laby believed it might be time for her to go to the Demon Realm. She speaks with Ventus about the matter, he divulges his brief experience in the Demon Realm, the hazards as well as the situation in regards to the dark elves preparing for an imminent war. After he recollections, he tells Laby that the El Search Party may be on their way back to Elrianode soon, which convinced her to stay in Elrianode a bit longer.

Meeting the El Search Party

Denif worries about the El Search Party's return with Henir's Realm becoming more chaotic. He mentions the El Search Party's unsuccessful attempt to use the portal in Debrian Laboratory which reminds Laby that Calonne was a portal engineer. Laby agrees go get Calonne to help them when Ventus arrives with the news that the El Search Party were already approaching Elrianode. All the priestesses and Masters gather and open the seal, Ventus notices the El Search Party were being held up by the monsters and Artea notices the monsters trying to approach the rift they made. With all the master's tied with keeping the seal open, Laby volunteers to go in and help the El Search Party, Denif agrees to her plan.



Unexpected Meeting

The El Search Party once again enter Henir's Passage, the area had changed greatly since last they entered. The masters opened up the seal when the El Search Party approached, but the Chaos Leviathan began to swarm the area in a massive school. Elsword realized the vision he had was beginning to come true, the group were prepared this time however they couldn't protect them from swarming the seal. Laby jumped through the seal into Henir's realm, all the Levithan stopped moving. The space around them started to change, resulting in the entire El Search Party falling into a newly opened fissure, transporting them deep under the seas of the Demon Realm. Aisha uses her magic to allow everybody to survive. The group are attacked by a Leviathan and manage to defeat it. Eve suggests they move to a safer location and located a pocket with air, sensing no dangerous lifeforms. They travel to the location with an unconscious Laby in tow.

The El Search Party take refuge in the Closed Deep-Sea Tunnel, suspicious of the tunnel and sensing no lifeforms, the group agree to investigate further. Laby wakes up and is glad to finally see the El Search Party. She introduces herself and some things that have happened thus far. Laby tells them she promised Denif she'd bring back the El Search Party, but Elsword informs her that they are stranded in the Demon Realm. Their introduction is interrupted by a gas leck. Eve analyzes and finds the gas to be some toxic substance. The group is suddenly ambushed by A.M.P.S robots. Eve is surprised to see such worn robots to still be functional. Raven takes apart one of the robots and find that their interiors have been regularly maintained. Elesis notes the particular robots acted more like security systems than worker drones, queuing the group to suspect something of importance laid at the end of the tunnel.

At the end Eve detects that only sea lied beyond. The door in front of them began to move on its own, revealing itself to be a A.M.P.S type robot itself. Once the group managed to defeat the robot, Eve detected a new life form approaching. Winster had already spotted the group, especially Steel Queen Luciela and had considered destroying the tunnel entirely to rid the potential threads, however he meets to greet them on the possibility they may ally, feigning ignorance of Lu's identity. Ara and Chung were wary of the demon as a potential subordinate of Ran due to his appearance. Laby notes that Calonne had a similar look, Winster surprised to hear of his former comrade, he then denies any relation to Ran and introduces himself. Lu asks Winster the purpose of the tunnel, Winster tells them the history of his people and how they were persecuted and took refuge in the region, as well as their plans to rebel and reclaim their land.


Deal for Return

Winster invites the group to his village, however the group still prioritized returning to Elrios. Winster suggests helping them reach the surface on the condition they go to his village to hear them out. The group hesitantly agree and take Winster's submarine. The submarine crashes in an air pocket of Rigomor. As they landed, local Troshes stole the energy core of the submarine, Winster requests the group help retrieve the energy core back while he stays and called for help, he does plea them not to harm the local wildlife. While on their mission they ran into Winster's son, Haivan, who was also in the region searching for something. Haivan guides the group to the nest, they enter the nest and encounter the Troshes. The group managed to retrieve the energy core and stop the Troshes without excessive violence, however Haivan comes to deliver the finishing blow before the El Search Party stop him telling him of his father's request. They return with the energy core and the news that they abided by his conditions. Winster then bows down to Steel Queen Lu, revealing he was testing if Lu would be their ally. He reveals their plan to revive Aegirp. Add is very caution of the prospect of reviving a demon lord, however Lu tells the group that Aegirp is one that they could trust. Laby reveals that Aegirp's army had already been trying to conduct trade in Northern Fluone. Elsword wonders if they'd have a useable portal, they learn of an ancient portal they had discovered but had never used. Winster offers the use of the portal in exchange for Lu's cooperation, the group compromise and agree to work alongside Lu to assist in reviving Aegirp first. However both Add and Eve request to see the portal before anything is decided.

Abandoned Icerite Plant

Nichel arrives to help take the group back to the village. Winster informs the group that in order to reach the portal, they would have to craft a special key first. The group travels to the Abandoned Icerite Plant to perform the necessary task. Since the plant had been in a state of disrepair, the group split into three smaller groups in order to get the plant functioning again. Winster, alongside Chung, Lu, Ciel, Rose, and Ain cleaned out the mines of the Icerite devouring wildlife. Haivan working with Elsword, Aisha, Raven, Ara, and Add helped repair the refinery, running into a batch of already activated A.M.P.S robots which they managed to salvage for parts. Nichel, working with Rena, Eve, Elesis, and Laby cleared the stacks of the factory of natives that had nested in the factory. When they had neared completion, a large armored Clockwork Frost Hermit awoke in the mines, they were able to defeat the beast before the others arrived to see what had gone on. Haivan crafted the Power Capsule they needed during the commotion. Haivan suggests he go open the way by himself but his father insists they all need to go for this important matter. Lu confesses that she wished for the rest of the group to go back to Elrios and leave her behind, since her goal lied in the Demon Realm, however still admitted their separation would be short as the El Search Party still sought out the Dark El. Haivan requests his father take Nichel back to the village as he goes to the portal alone with the El Search Party.

Another Deal


Haivan goes to the Laboratory by himself ahead of the group, the El Search Party, Winster and Nichel go the lab which is underneath a lake. Haivan activates the titan stored inside the laboratory, declaring he cannot have anybody interfere with the fragment of Aegirp's soul that was stored in the laboratory. Haivan expresses his view of the White-Ghost King and her faulty ambitions. Haivan enters the cockpit of the titan and sends all of its defenses to destroy the El Search Party. The El Search Party tackle the titan for a way in while Winster went to the control panel to aid the group remotely. The group infiltrate and managed to destroy the titan's main engine, in a last ditch move, Haivan overloads the energy core to caused an internal explosion. The group manage to stabilize the core and Aegirp's soul escapes from Haivan, but the situation was soon interrupted when Berthe infiltrated the lab and snatched Aegirp's soul. Haivan reveals he had worked with Berthe in order to place himself among their ranks. The El Search Party realize Berthe had absorbed a fragment of Aegirp's soul and had become more powerful. Berthe's forces begin to approach the facility putting them at a power and numbers disadvantage. Winster commands the group surround the energy core, he activates the portal and unwillingly sends the El Search Party away. Nichel and Winster are captured, Berthe takes Winster with him for his technical expertise, the Demon Army take the machines and return to central.

In Elrianode, Denif has researched and found the Master of Portals, Calonne, which Gaia was soon off to see to help them retrieve the El Search Party. Before Gaia departed, they received news that the El Search Party had suddenly appeared out of a portal.

Master Road

Project Forward.png

A Wounded Return

The El Search Party suddenly found themselves back in Elrianode, the priestesses find the group and notice that Ain is unresponsive. The priestesses and even Denif attempt to heal Ain to no success, concluding that they must seek the aid of the El Lady in this situation. Eve volunteers to take Ain to Elysion to seek out the El Lady as well to seek Adrian for repairs. Add chooses too to head to Elysion for his own reasons. Elsword and Raven head up to ensure Ain's safety. With the priestess' help, they are sent off to Elysion. The remaining group learn that the seal beneath the El had been shut tight after the previous incident and conclude that they have to use the portal in Debrian Laboratory. In order to gain the Demon Realm's coordinates, Gaia proceeds with his plans to retrieve Calonne alongside Laby, Ara goes along to visit her homeland.

Gaia alongside Laby and Ara travel off to North Fluone to seek out Calonne. Unfortunately Laby lacked the exact directions to return to the village but Ara noticed certain flowers which led them to a rundown shrine worshiping a twin-headed serpent. They spar and converse for a time before leaving the shrine. Ara converses with Eun, about their past and future while Laby spoke with Nisha about joining the El Search Party. Ara recognizing the path leads them until Laby spots where Mao and Calonne's house is.

In their own pursuits to find leads or ways to return to the Demon Realm, Elesis, Lu, & Ciel decide to speak with Rosso. They find the fire master training in the outskirts of Elrianode. Rosso is quick to deny their request, believing their efforts to go to the Demon Realm foolish, insisting they leave it to the El Masters. He engages them in combat to try and scare them against their plan but is faced with their resolve to see it through. This causes Rosso to budge, they learn of his past and how he had ended up in the Demon Realm after the El Explosion. Elesis begins to realize Rosso's determination to protect others at the cost of his own life mirrored that of her brother, she insists they can help. Rosso still remains skeptical of their abilities and was as dismissive as ever.

After their return to Elrianode, Rena found herself fatigued and fell unconscious. Darkmoon and Anduran went to tend to her. Rose seeks Ventus out to try and help her establish radio communication with the people in Rigomor. Ventus takes her and Zero to an Elriabrunnr where he and Rose spar in order to create El waves. Eventually they successfully manage to receive a radio transmission, though unclear, appeared to be an individual who had located a fragment of Aegirp's soul and had assured the safety of Rigomor.

When Rena awoke, Ventus offered to aid her and they sneak out to visit an Elriabrunnr which greatly revitalizes Rena. Lincy attempts to talk Rena out of going to the Demon Realm, as Rena laments her past friend Lua and her current motivations, they bet on a sparring match. Rena is victorious however Ventus reveals they knew they wouldn't be able to stop her from going, instead revealing that they had briefly seen another Elf in the Demon Realm. They then return to Elrainode where they get scolded by Anduran.

With the others having left, Aisha and Chung decide to also spend their time seeking aid for their next venture to the Demon Realm. Meeting with Denif, the Water Master shows them a compass of his which seeks out the power of the Water El, he suspected the tool may be of help if the Dark El produced elemental powers like the El. The two agree to use the compass however must break the seal which binds it solely to Denif. The two are transported into the seal and encounter the will of the El, taking on Denif's form, and are trialed on their motivations. Both manage to pass the seal's test and are teleported out of the seal, now with the ability to use the compass. Aisha suggests Chung keep the compass for what he had gone through and his ties with the Water El.

The El Search Party still in Elrianode reconvene with each other with what they had learned individually. Rose and Zero reveal their message from the Demon Realm, Lu suspecting the message came from the Far North based on the codenames. Rena brings up the supposed elf Ventus and Lincy had reported in the Demon Realm, the group only inconclusively speculating upon it. Aisha and Chung then show them the compass they had inherited from Denif.


Elsword, Raven, Eve, Add, and Ain arrive in Elysion where they are greeted by Hernia and Solace. Hernia take Ain to tend to his condition while Elsword follows Solace to ask him something while Raven follows. Eve and Add go to meet with Adrian.

Eve meets up with Adrian who provides her with the necessary tools and facilities to conduct her repairs. While she went off to repair herself, Add confronts Adrian. Add and Adrian strike a deal, Add would provide Adrian combat data on himself for components for Add's time travel. After multiple tests against Durenda, continuing his conversation with Adrian, Add begins to loath the Nasod creator's mentality and calls off his offer, choosing to stand alongside his allies and reach his goals on his own terms. Soon after Eve completed her repairs and too wished to speak with her creator. She learned of Adrian's choices to abandon Elrios and start anew and declines his offer to stay in Elysion, wishing to become the Nasod Queen he had originally designed her to be.

Elsword asks Solace if it is possible for him to gain the power of the El Masters to become stronger. Solace tells them the power must come from the individual and critiques the two. Raven in a fit of anger takes on the Sun Master, Elsword joins in. After their spar, the boy manage to vent his frustrations with his own weaknesses, accepting who he is, however Solace notes that there is much more to the boy, wonder what Elsword was himself, as one who he'd been keeping an eye on and the one who managed to restore the El though their own power. Raven comes to speak with the master and notices that Solace it too part Nasod, Solace urging Raven to not do anything he will regret in his quest for atonement, especially noting Raven's shortened lifespan.

Hernia treats Ain, she has already knows he was an angel of Ishmael and knew to transfer her El energy into him. Ain begins to see flashes of Hernia's memories before Hernia herself appeared in his mind, there she helps Ain confront his lingering regrets about straying from his intended purpose in the eyes of the angels and Ishmael. Facing the manifestation of his anxiety, he regains consciousness.


The group in Elysion reunite and return to Elrianode, when the entire party barring Ara and Laby regroup, they discuss what they had each learned. Elesis comes back from messaging Velder and learns of missing nobles during the Demon Invasion that were suspected to have been taken into the Demon Realm. However without much more to do, they decided they should continue to investigate the message Rose received. The group decide to apologize to Add, but Add himself decides to apologize them too, Elsword apologizes to Add for venting his own frustrations. As their conversation closes, they notices Gaia, Ara, Laby, and Calonne approach the city. During this time, the Master and Priestesses were having their own conversation, the El Masters reveal to the Priestesses that Ebalon was in fact the one responsible for the El Explosion and that they'd be conducting their own investigation into Henir's Order's true motivations independent from the El Search Party.

Northern Lanox

The First Two Cycles

Noah awoke in the Temple of Time due to the restoration of the Large El. He initially went to Lanox to learn more about his situation and traveled around before returning to Northern Lanox to discover the region had been hit with an unknown disease. Investigating the old manor in the area, he believes he finds his brother's imposter and manages to get his revenge, but dies in the process.

He then finds himself waking up once again in the temple again. This time, he helps a girl, Yuria who then unseals a sickle which awakens Clamor, allowing him to talk to Noah undenounced to both of them. Then she takes him to the Landar Camp and try to help with the recent epidemic spreading across the camp. Going through, they visit the old manor where Noah uncovers that Clamor's incubators were directly tied to whatever horrific experiments were being conducted at the facility. Somebody sabotages the lab, causing it to collapse in, killing Noah and sending him back to the beginning.

Regret, and Determination

In his third cycle, Noah saves Yuria again, but this time goes deeper into the Temple of Time to try and find out more about Clamor. Unlocking the door, he is transported to an academy, one of the Seven Tower, where he meets a elven Clamor. Noah sees Clamor realize the grave mistake of creating his incubator and his encounter with Henir's Order which lead to Clamor being sealed in a weapon. Noah tries to stop the cloaked man, but the door rewrote the events to how they were supposed to properly play out in the past. He now knows he can trust Clamor, and now he knows he needs to find out what it going on with the Manor.

What Needed to Change

Noah meets with Yuria at the Landar camp, but night has dawned an the plague scourging the camp has gotten dire, Yuria now already aware that Titania was the culprit. Yuria unseals Clamor, but his awakening was delayed. In the time being, Noah took off to seek a cure for the plague and pursue Titania. Going to Moonlight Hill, he manages to find a flower to make the cure, which responded to the Moon Element. He also encountered Titania, she tries to play coy, but she realizes Noah knew more than he let on. They fight and she restrains Noah until Clamor awakens to save the day, causing Titania to retreat. Noah was able to give Yuria to ingredients for a cure. Noah goes to the manor and finds Titania who puts them under a spell that manifested Noah's nightmares of the past.

Forbidden Area

Noah and Clamor manage to break free with Yuria's help, fending off Titania. They deduce Titania was present to steal the technology and documents in the lab for Henir's Order and pursue her into the lab's depths. Noah confronts her while Yuria manages to destroy the incubators. Backed into a corner, Titania injected herself with the Seed of Life and transformed into a Henir monster. Noah defeated her but she tried to cave the entire place in. Noah passes out at the worst moment. Yuria manages to get herself and Noah to safety as the lab collapsed in on itself. Before Noah could regain consciousness, the Landars search the ruins of the lab but cannot find traces of Titania. Noah still unconscious, Yuria takes him with the Landar Camp and continue their trip toward Elrianode.

The Brother in Elrianode

Unfamiliar Home

Noah and the Landar Camp arrival to Elrianode, Noah decides to part ways and explore the grounds on his own. The two explore the city, Clamor surprised how much more holy the location is now than it was in his time. Noah encounters Darkmoon and Rosso investigating the aftermath of Henir's Order's attack. Rosso notices Noah and then notices the ring Noah took from Titania, causing things escalate quickly before Ventus and Lincy defuses the situation. Lincy was able to communicate with Clamor, averting suspicion. The El Masters learn that Noah alleges to be Ebalon's brother from the past so they take him to El Tower for further questioning.

Everyone's Reason

Denif, Gaia, and Artea work to set arrangements for the Landars when the other Masters and Noah arrive. The two parties interrogate one another, the El Masters trying to decipher if Noah can be trusted, and Noah on how they never suspected the mole amongst their ranks. Denif affirms they can trust Noah and they allow each to their own devices. Rosso decides to tail Noah due to learning the boy went to the Rosso Manor. Rosso probes Noah for what he knows and they discuss about Henir's Order, what they've done in the past and the location of their base potentially being one of the Seven Tower, taken to the Demon Realm. Noah and Rosso get into a heated argument and Noah passes out. When he comes to and levels out, he learns of Rosso's choice to become the Fire Master to prevent anybody else from having to shoulder the burden of the role. He then tells Noah that Darkmoon had been to see him and sends the boy off.

Righted Memory

Meeting with Darkmoon, she had learned Noah had passed out again and aimed to help heal him. They talk about the first Moon Priestess, Misty, and she takes Noah to the Elriabrunnr to heal him. The boy goes into slumber and enters his mindscape where he is confronted by his younger self, much like when he was under Titania's spell. Unlike the previous instance, he was able to properly converse with his younger self, processing his thoughts and learning that his memories were even further altered than what he even knew now. Coming to, he needs to find out what memories had been altered.

The One Hidden

Upon learning of Noah's appearance in Elrianode from Solace, he and Hernia travel to Elrianode to meet the boy. Darkmoon is unable to pry deeper into his memories, but she believes the El Lady could. Hernia agrees to help and puts the boy into slumber once more. Noah it taken first through Hernia's lost memories, seeing a moment before the false Ebalon erased her memory and then was taken through into Noah's lost memories. There he can peak into a conversation between Misty and the false Ebalon, revealed to be a leader of Henir's Order, Dantelion, as well as knowledge of some entity which had come out of the El and the Dark El. Upon awakening, Noah relays this knowledge to everybody, the group ponder the order's next act. Noah decides he must head to the Demon Realm next.


To White-Ghost Land

The El Search Party and Calonne catch each other up on all the informaton they know about the current situation regarding Berthe and the White-Ghost Army. Calonne readily accepting to aid the group is taken to the portal in Debrian Laboratory where he inspects and manages to get the machine in operating order. Providing the El Search Party with his useful though dated knowledge of Aegirp's soul fragments, ponders where they should be teleported to. Ruling out the portal in the heart of the White-Ghost Army's capital and Rigomor, he speculates the potential location of the Aurora base the El Search Party mentioned and plans to send them by the Deap-Seal Tunnel's surface entrance. Ventus and Rosso arrive to bid them farewell, Ventus provides a Spirit Stone as a symbol of good luck. The El Search Party depart, after they left, Calonne asks if the El Masters would allow him to use the portal once more.

Chapter 45 Quest 2.png

First Soul Fragment

Teleported into the cold tundras of Pruinaum, the group tried to find the secret Aurora Operation Site to little success. They were tracked down and ambushed by Asella and her men, however just before things got bad, Nichel arrived and vouched for the El Search Party. Nichel catches the group up on their situation as they return to Aurora, noting the sudden retreat of the White-Ghost Army from Rigomor, suspecting they've found a way to track down the soul fragments. Once at Aurora, the El Search Party provide them with the map they had gotten from Calonne which greatly narrowed down where the soul fragment Aurora had already been searching for was, Nichel volunteers to escort the El Search Party to find the soul which Asella agrees to.

Guiding the El Search Party through the terrain which had changed drastically from the map Calonne had provided, the El Search Party wonder why it is Haivan seemed to be regarded as a prison and not a traitor in Aurora. Nichel explains Asella's rational, noting that Aurora's existence hasn't been compromised as well as the identity of certain spies within the White-Ghost Army. As they travel down, a disembodied voice suddenly calls out of Nichel. Aegirp's soul fragment began to relay memories of her struggles to maintain the White-Ghost Army, other El Search Party members began to hear the voices as well. Approaching it, they find the Old Village Site and the mist parted revealing the soul's location. Arriving at the altar, they are attacked by a yeti, Meson, who had absorbed a portion of the soul's power. Defeating him, they secure the soul, which Lu let's Nichel hold onto. Nichel sends a report back to Asella as the group prepare to head off to the location of the next soul fragment.

Second Soul Fragment

After reporting back to Asella, the group depart to the next location Winster had given them which they'd been informed was now under White-Ghost occupation. Approaching they connected with Aegirp's soul again and learn of the White-Ghost King's mixed Garen Nous heritage. Making it to the Sanctuary of the Soul, the El Search Party split up and launch a surprise attack against the White-Ghost forces. They manage to round up all the soldiers so none of them could warn Berthe and manage to swiftly secure the soul fragment. The leader of the demon squad, Baryon converses with the El Search Party, willing to tell them everything he knows in exchange for their own safety from Berthe and his forces. The El Search Party gather that Haivan was now helping Berthe and managed to find a way to search for soul fragments and Berthe was now preparing to launch another invasion of Elrios. The group return to Aurora with their captives.

Upon returning to Aurora, the group receive a remote message from Winster informing them to stay put and that the souls were being tracked. The El Search Party were backed into a corner since they didn't want to expose Aurora's location, they decide to take the souls they do have and make their way to the capital to confront Berthe. Baryon tells them about the abandoned railway that used to be used for trade with Northern Empire that leads straight to the capital. The Auora forces lead a distraction to lure the White-Ghost forces around the train away and the El Search Party sneak into the station. They find the train Baryon mentioned was not there, but another train was on the next station over. The group board the train, then it suddenly begins to move one its own. Haivan announced his plan to take their soul fragments and reroute them away from the capital. The group try to get to the engine room but are met with failure. Haivan shows up in their train car and the soul fragments gravitated towards him before he made an escape. The train enters a cave in the outskirts of the capital where they run into Winster, who'd managed to escape his imprisonment. They learn the Aurora message was a ruse by Haivan. Winster is regretful of letting his son come to this, and he agrees the lead to the El Search Party back to the capital to try and destroy Berthe's portal.

Savage White-Ghost's Castle - Full Loading Screen.png

End of Long Standing Enmity

Returning to the capital, they are immediately spotted by Haivan. They try to understand the reason behind Haivan, but he remains vague as they had caught him at a bad time. The alarms are rung as he retreats into the capital as all the White-Ghost Army are alerted of the invaders' presence. They manage to take out the White-Ghost's Castle's gatekeepers, but they were soon to be overwhelmed by the army coming from both sides, fortunately Asella and the Aurora forces arrive due to Nichel's updates. The Aurora forces fend off the White-Ghost Army as the main cast enter the castle. Hadron intervenes and faces off the El Search Party. A portal sudden opens up and Deborah steps out, by shire coincidence, Deborah's reckless entry through the portal in Elrianode resulted in her popping up at the right place at the right time to take on her former subordinate.

Halted in front of the portal gates, they are suddenly rerouted into the basement of the castle where they are greeted with an entire arsenal of Iserlohn weaponry and Haivan. Elesis fears the weapons will be used on Elrios, but Haivan tells them it won't be the case. Haivan lashes that the White-Ghost King is a wraith of the past and must remain that for them to truly move forward. Prepared to defend the plan he has in store, he clashes. Once defeated, he tells them his actual intention of having Berthe obtaining Aegirp's soul and have their conflicting souls clash and destroy each other. Nichel asserts that Aegirp had a dream, even before she rose to power, and that they want to revive her to continue reaching that dream. Haivan let's the them go to attempt to save Aegirp.

Altar of Invocation - Full Loading Screen.png

Reaching the portal, they come face to face with Berthe for a final confrontation. The Garen much more powerful than he was before, put up a fight. Though his immense power started to become imbalanced, then the power began to consume him. As his conflict with Aegirp's soul ate away at himself, Elsword demands to know why the demons even wish to invade Elrios, with fleeting control of himself, Berthe tells them that Elrios was merely a stepping stone for their conflict with the heavens. Berthe notes Elsword's very existence as proof of their cause before the demon goes completely mad from the dysphoric power. The new form created from Berthe and Aegirp's clash created a barrier which consumed the entire castle. Haivan realized something had gone wrong and had Nichel and Winster escort him to the El Search Party. Reaching the El Search Party, Haivan speculates that the White-Ghost King's will is attempting to destroy everything in the area to keep the portal from falling into the wrong hands. Haivan desperate to keep those he cares for safe hatched a plan to get close to Aegirp's soul and take it into himself, sacrificing himself but averting the crisis. Nichel rejects his plan and decides that she will take the soul in herself, not as a sacrifice but believing she could convince the White-Ghost King. The El Search Party face Aegirp's soul.

Nichel successfully comes in contact with it. As the mist settles, Aegirp emerged in Nichel's body. In the aftermath, Aegirp catches up with her subordinates. Elesis asks if the Lord knew anything about the Dark El, unfortunately she did not. Nichel regain control and thanks the El Search Party. Haivan approaches them and asks about Nero and learns that he was in Red-Demon Territory, he also mentions that the demons preparing for the invasion of Elrios were camping in the Red-Demon Territory and request they find and apologize to Nero for them. The El Search Party grow concerned that Ran may have something up his sleeve and decide that the Red-Demon Territory would be their next destination.

Pruinaum Outskirts

Ancient Beast Slumbering in Pruinaum

While the El Search Party remained in Aurora, expedition teams discovered ruins emitting a powerful presence equal to that of a Demon God. They learn the seal is being slowly undone, however were unable to simply reseal the beast. They then deciding to undo the seal themselves to strike down the beast before it reaches full strength. Traveling deeper into the underground ruins, obtaining one half of the sealed door's lock mechanism down the left path. On the right, they found a place which was under such distortion that the underground cavern appeared to have a sunset sky and the area was lush and warm despite being hidden in the tundra of Pruinaum. They obtain the other half of the lock mechanism. Using the two pieces, the ancient demon was unleased and the El Search Party fought against it. At the time, Noah had also just arrived in the demon realm and caught up with the group in the midst of their fierce battle. The manage to defeat the beast and apply a new seal over it. Now once again lying dormant within the temple, the Aurora forces kept watch over the area.


To the Red Demon Territory

Village of Demons of Dreams

Trickster's House

Strange Theater

Queen's Concert

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