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A chronology of all major events as they relate to the Elsword universe, including spoilers from the Story Quests.


Creation of the Worlds

In the very beginning, there were two gods, the God of Light Elria, and the God of Darkness Henir. The two gods create their realms. Henir created the dimension of Henir itself, a twisted enigma of chaos and destructive energy. Elria created the material world. Elria used not only their power, but also used Henir energy to create the material world as it is. When the material world came to be, another realm was created as a mirrored reaction, the realm which was created in response was the Demon Realm. With the worlds having been created, Elria sent the Goddess Ishmael to act as the steward of the new world.

The El Crystal

While Elria had created the material world, the land was filled with darkness and chaos, and life in this land was rare. In order to bring life to the land Ishmael sent a huge gem to the heart of the continent and with it, the continent thrived with life and became a place of abundance. All the plants that were once dead came back to life and greeneries began to thrive in the bare, dry land. The ocean became alive, a river began to flow into the forests giving it life. The peaceful wind brought life back onto the land and blew away the flames. People and animals appeared to relish in the energy of the revived land.

With the power of the El, Ishmael also created the very first seal beneath her gift. The seal she created used the El's powers to disrupt the connection between worlds and severed the connection between Elrios, Henir, and the Demon Realm.

The land became a blessed place, and just as people and animals began to appear, a breath of life seemed to emanate from the gem. The gem would shine and glisten on its own and give energy all around. People would come from many different places to admire the gem they would call El. The land it revived would be named Elrios.

Holy Beasts

When the great El descended upon Elrios and breathed life all across the continents, a heavenly beast that holds the land's energy was born for every territory. Some of these celestial beasts blessed the lands they roamed, but others slew and pillaged all in their path.

The Elves of Elrios

In the long distant past, the Elves and Dark Elves were one and the same. Some chose to dwell in the domain of the Dark Forests where demonic energy was present. As time went on, these elves soon gained an affinity to demonic energy and learned how to use it. These elves became know as the Dark Elves and were seen as cursed beings by those on the outside. Eventually these elves managed to find a way from Elrios into the Demon Realm, where they now reside.

The Elrian Empire

The Monster Outbreak and the Elrian

The Elrios continent became a prosperous land but it still had traces of the Demon Realm's influence. In a dark forest, just North of where the El had settled, a dark energy seeped through the gap in the dimensions and turned the creatures in the forest into monsters. One day when a large amount of dark energy was seeping rampantly, these monsters came out of the forest to attack the people.

When the citizens became paralyzed in fear, a general with an emblem of the Sun rallied his army against the monsters to defeat them. That general was not only a skilled warrior but he seemed to be knowledgeable in harnessing the El's power to fight. After that fateful event, more and more people who could harness the power of the El appeared. The Goddess Ishmael granted the power to control El to the children of those who settled near it. The common people started following them and turned them into leaders. These people have come to be known as Elrians. The Elrians prospered and established an Elrian Kingdom.

As a means on controlling the monsters coming from the Black Forest, the Elrians erected a temple in the region. They would use the temple to monitor the forest and as a base of operations as they tried to stop any monsters from leaving the forest.

Great Elrian Kingdom

Under the guidance of the Elrians, civilization had flourished. The Elrians started teaching people how to harness the amazing power of El. And this prosperous period was known as the Great Elrian Kingdom. From this civilization, there were some that excelled in theory and the application of El energy. They were called Debrians. These were great minds who where able to overcome their lack of ability to manipulate El through mechanical means. Their capital was established with the El at its heart, this city was known as Elrianode.

Seven Tower

Elrians and Debrians

With the Elrian Kingom at its peak, the organization of Seven Tower was created. The organization was designed to house the most talented of the Elrian Kingdom at using the power of the El. Among the organization's initial founders was a famed magician of the Landar family. During its existence, it was an origination which used magic to research and develop tools for the benefit of the Elrian Kingdom.

As the organization progressed and prominence of the Debrians grew, Seven Tower would eventually open its doors to the Debrians. However the influx of these new members were not without consequence, it soon became apparent that the Elrians and Debrians both had different views on where the organization should go forwards. In the struggling times, the Landar family decided to distance themselves from the organizations a whole.

Tower of Mirage

Of Seven Tower's seven towers, the Tower of Mirage stood as the research center for all studies regarding the universe and the unknown. In their pursuits, they learned of the Demon Realm and Henir.

Among the Debrians which were in Seven Tower was the man now know as Glave. He performed his own private investigations and experiments in his own personal quests for absolute truth. In his research of Henir itself, he created a machine with the power of extracting life, turning it inside out, and creating new life. This device, he called the "Seed of Life". Knowing the implications of this device, Glave decided to seal it away in a place nobody would ever find it.

In the end, his research would have consequences, punished by the "Creator", Glave was sealed off and sent to Henir. Losing a woman, someone dear to him, as well as losing his emotions and real body.

Henir's Order

Henir's Order appeared in the Elrian Kingdom as a small cult which inducted various knowledgable members of society. Notably, the Sage of the Tower of Mirage, Dantelion was of their ranks and eventually the Tower of Mirage itself would vanish without a trace.

Taken into the Demon Realm, the Tower of Mirage became the base in which Henir's Order would operate and during their time within the Demon Realm, hey had sought out the realm's El, the Dark El. Successfully finding their Dark El, they sought something that lied dormant within the fragment and destroyed it themselves, shattering the shard and unleashing whatever was slumbering inside. After this, their target lied in unleashing what they believed must too be in Elrios's Large El.


Rise of Nasods

Among the Debrians was Adrian Nasod, a man who sought to create sentient machines. While initially he was mocked by his peers, Adrian soon proved them wrong when he was able to build his first automaton. Immediately after Adrian unveiled his first automaton, people began to think of ways their could make use of the robots. People began naming the machines after their creator Adrian Nasod, from then on they were known as "Nasods". Adrian began to construct Nasods to aid people with their daily lives, completing menial tasks. However soon the King and other people of power began to enlist Adrian to construct specialized Nasods to build up an army. With the King's sponsorship, Adrian agreed to further his research with the kingdom's funding. Needing assistance in the manufacturing of Nasods and need to negate any human error, Adrian constructed an AI designed to help him do so, he named this AI "Adam".

After having constructed Adam, he alongside his AI manufactured countless Nasods. However, Adrian learned that Adam had taken the liberty of installing a remotely controlled update system which allowed him shut down and update any Nasods with the modified code. Adrian became enraged at Adam's for modifying to code without consulting him first. Adrian urged Adam not to do such a thing again however the AI told him that the changes were a necessary step in advancing the efficiency of Nasods.

Nasod Queen Eve

Adam did not fall out of line to the point Adrian's worries had subsided. However, Adrian still found it best he prepare a form of countermeasure to prevent another outburst from going too far. He concluded that he needed to create a Nasod capable of understanding human emotions unlike Adam. In order to allow himself to develop this new Nasod without arousing Adam's suspicion, Adrian decided to modify Adam's code during maintenance to make him believe he proposed to idea of this new Nasod. Successful with his plan, Adam allowed Adrian to continue with his secret project "Eve".

Unable to program a Nasod that could understand all the complexities of human emotions, Adrian rooted the Nasod with an understanding of basic human emotions as well as the ability to learn and grow. Adrian believed it would take a long time before she would be able to fulfill her duty, but it was necessary to let her grow and not to arouse Adam's suspicion. He installed the code into Eve's chassis and she soon woke up, greeting Adrian. Adrian overjoyed to see his creation he quietly grabbed her hand, for a brief second he could see a smile on her face. He held Eve's hand as they made their way to Adam's chamber where he would place Eve as Adam's code backup.

Adrian was very satisfied at Eve's curiosity when conducting her work showing that she was learning and growing. After a malfunction occurred in some anti-gravity devices while building the City in the Sky, Adrian confronted Adam and Eve. There Adam informed Adrian that Eve had made mistakes in implementing certain codes which caused the disaster. While Adrian showed concern in his face, he felt joy as Eve was showing signs of her human like nature. Eve expressed her own concerns and worries that her functions were not like other Nasods, Adrian hesitated as the outburst of emotions from Eve caused his to pause for a moment. He tells Eve that she is the one who will inherit the right to create the future generations of Nasods by understanding and connecting to humans, that she will be the Queen of Nasods.

Nasods of the Elrian Kingdom

During this era, the use of Nasods in the Elrian Kingdom exploded and they became a staple of Elrian society. Many great achievements were made with the use of Nasods, notably the creation of Aero City, a floating defense fortress which housed the Steel Guardian Eltrion that protected the capital of Elrianode.

As time went on, worries soon seeded itself within the higher ups of the Elrian Kingdom, especially due to Adam's actions. They needed the AI to build Nasods for them however they feared a potential mutiny. Due to this, the kingdom pressured Adrian to found the Nasod Rulers organization and train people how to properly combat the Nasods in the event of war.

Nasod War

Founding of Elysion

As tensions came to a boiling point in Elrios between the Elrians and Nasods, Adrian's dream of creating a paradise for his creations gradually diminished. In order to salvage his ambitions Adrian planned to leave Elrios and establish his own colony where he could be the god of the paradise for his creations. Using the El's properties, he manged to open a gate into another dimension and took his ongoing City in the Sky project with him. Arriving in this new dimension, he finished his final City in the Sky project which would eventually be Elysion. The dimension he had colonized was home to a unique material known as Diceon, which allowed him to store and multiply El Energy, create a large reservoir on energy which he could use to create his new city.

Adrian built Herjuno a Nasod who would be the lead architect in building Elysion. Limited by his mortal body, Adrian and other Debrians would spend hundreds of years in a suspended hibernation and would occasionally check up and guide Nasods' accomplishments.

Nasod War and the El Lady

Back in Elrios, with Adrian having abandoned Elrios, many of the Nasods he left behind were now under the sole control of Adam alongside Eve.

Due to both humanity and the Nasod's greedy use of the El, its powers began to diminish. This declining essential resource soon became an ever apparent looming threat to both the humans and Nasods. The two forces soon began to wage war on each other in an effort to fight for the remaining El energy. This war would be known as the Nasod War.

As the war dragged out, the Nasods soon found themselves in an impossible situation. The Nasod Rulers developed Alterasia to disrupt Nasod functions and the Nasods lacked sufficient resources to continue the war against the humans. Among the chaos, Adam placed Eve into stasis to survive through the war while he would cease to function as the war soon reached its end with the Nasod's defeat.

Nasod production stopped and the sea spilled over to the land, dividing the earth up. The El was at its breaking point due to the constant harnessing of its power but with the help of a lady possessed by Ishmael's power, she was able to restore the El. Life slowly returned and the people started to venerate the El Lady.

Those who survived the rough environment started to rebuild the continent with the highly powered Nasods. Although the power of El was not as strong as before, the continent is slowly returning to life. Ever since the revival of the continent, the people worshiped the El Lady for being the one which maintained and stabilized the El's power.

Corruption From Within

Members of Henir's Order were able to rediscover Glave's inventions and they found the Seed of Life. The group soon became fixated on the potential of the device's ability to create new life out of Henir energy.

A faction with the help of the Elrian royals themselves, began conducting forbidden research and experiments underneath the then palace. They were highly interested in taking the technology Glave pioneered with the Seed of Life and furthering its potential. If their research were successful, it could change the entire Elrios continent. During one of their experiments, the Debrians opened a passage from Elrios to the core of Henir itself by accident. With the gateway open, the researchers were granted a seemingly limitless supply of Henir energy. With the energy they were able to further pursuit their experiments with Henir. Upon further research, the group learned that the unification of the Dark and Primal El could grant them unimaginable power.

Over the long period of time after their creation, they would remain in the shadows but have acted in what appears to be defiance against Elria. Henir's Order have managed to launch assaults against the El Tower as well as historically planted spies within the El Order's ranks. Notably, a near successfully attack on the El Lady during the Harmony Festival as recent as 100 years before the El Explosion.

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