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Nono on the left & Yuno on the right
Full Name
Herjuno (Yuno)
Nasods (3rd Generation)
Station Administrator
Welcome to Atlas! Any questions about the Station, ask me!

~ Yuno

Beep? Beeeuu-...

~ Nono


Yuno is a third generation Nasod and manager of the Atlas Station. He and Nono seem to be the only ones around the station, apart from Glave. Yuno is friendly, active, and curious. He longs for Elysion that stands above the great pillar of light.


Building Elysion

A long time ago, when the Adrian Nasod and the other Devrians escaped Elrios to form their own society in another dimension. Herjuno was created as one of the main architects of this new city. While his creator, Adrian would go in and out of his suspended slumber to view what his creation had made, Herjuno would lead the construction of much of Elysion.

Solace and the El Lady

One day, Solace arrived to Elysion with the El Lady. Adrian greeted the man with open arms but Herjuno began to feel cautious of the visitor. With alarms ringing in his head, Herjuno alerted his father on multiple occasions. However Adrian, busy with his thirst to gain knowledge about the mysterious El Lady paid no heed to Herjuno's warnings. Herjuno continued to insist that Solace was a bad man, leading Adrian eventually believed that Herjuno's intuitive sensors had simply begun to malfunction. Believing the boy to no longer be of proper functional use, her planned to replace him with Herbaon. Herjuno knowing his fate decided to try and back his code up in a smaller Nasod, as he was doing this, he was attacked by Solace and his goons. Defeated by Solace, Herjuno was tossed from Elysion and fell down to Atlas. His body in a state of heavy damage, he was repaired into his current state.

Yuno in Atlas Station

After being repaired in Atlas Station, Herjuno was no longer able to access his memory storage of his previous existence. From that point onward, he was known as simply, Yuno. As Yuno, he began to function as the lone supervisor of Diceon Ore moving through and out of Diceon Mines. After many decades if not centuries having passed, Yuno grew lonely and built his faithful robot companion Nono. Despite being a creation of Yuno, he treasured Nono like a close friend and Nono kept his company while he alone managed the mines.

Chapter 21: The Other Dimensional World

Enter, the El Search Party, having crossed the pillar of light, the group find themselves in a completely foreign world. The group in awe, they are greeted by the Station Manager, Yuno. Yuno, unfamiliar with humans, believes they are other Nasods and inspects them. In doing so he groped Ara which Eve quickly slaps him for doing so. Yuno introduces himself, as well as his robot companion Nono. Aisha asks Yuno where they are, which he promptly informs the group that they are in Atlas Station, Aisha attempts to ask him about what lies beyond, but Yuno is limited in what he could inform the group of. Elsword asks Yuno about the El Lady but he has no clue, however when Elsword mentioned Solace, Yuno displayed a clear sign of anxiety. Unfortunately, before the conversation could continue, the alarms in Atlas Station go off, signaling Yuno that supplies of Diceon Ore have gone missing, immediately he suspects the local wildlife. He asks the El Search Party if they could aid him, Rena wishes to focus on the mission, however Raven find the task as an opportunity for them to scout out the area and assess their situation. The group return with supplies they found from the wildlife in Shyflowne Pond, he gives Nono the supplies to scan. While Nono scanned the supplies Lu asked about the tower that loomed in the distance. Yuno explains that the tower leads to "a really amaaaaaaazing place!", Elysion. Nono completes his scan but the supplies they brought back were no the ones that Yuno was searching for.

Noticing the supplies are from Sector 2, he asks the group to see if they could investigate Sector 2 for him. In exchange he would help them reach Elysion. Having found more supplies in the forests of the Diceon Mines, they however too proved to no be the missing supplies Yuno was looking for. Elsword grew impatient with the task and stormed off, Yuno however told them that the area he needs to investigate also is where the Diceon Research lab is and that the director may help them get to Elysion. Elesis agrees to help out Yuno so they could meet up with the director, she also grow curious about the Diceon Yuno keeps mentioning. Yuno tells the group that Diceon Ore is a stone which store El Energy and can be manipulated through machines to multiply the El's efficiency, Add is very interested in the technology. Yuno reminds them to be on the lookout for his missing supplies, Add tries to dodge the conversation while Chung reassures Yuno that they will be on the lookout.

When the group return, Yuno is shocked to have learned that the miner Nasods have become aggressive, Yuno expresses much concern as their D rank cores normally are not equipped with any form of combat capability. Yuno needing to learn more about what is going on tells the El Search Party to retrieve some D rank cores for him. Analyzing the cores, Yuno concludes that they have been altered, Add suspects the director of the mines may be involved. After heading to the Diceon Research Lab, the group encounter Science Dekal. After returning to Yuno, they explain to him that Dekal had been stealing the supplies and sending them to Solace. Yuno tells the group to investigate Dekal's lab. After learning that Dekal had been sending the Diceon supplies to Atlas City the group made their way their to track down Yuno's missing supplies and Solace. Yuno and Nono bid farewell to the group as they headed off to Atlas City hoping they would return with the missing Diceon Ore.

Chapter 22: The Elysion Journey to Solace

After the El Search Party arrived in Atlas City, the city's security system detected the El Search Party as the Diceon Cube thieves, the city went on high alert and security Nasods stormed the group's location. However, Atlas City going on high alert also had an effect on Yuno. Responding to the emergency signals of Atlas City, Yuno gained access to once blocked off stores of memories. With access to some of his once lost archive of memories, he resonates with a golden glow and remembers that he is a creation of Adrian Nasod and his identity as Herjuno, the AI in charge of building Elysion. However he did not remember all the details but did recall that he was betrayed by Solace who tossed him into Atlas. Recalling some of his memories, Yuno is more determined than ever to get back to Elysion.

Accessing what was going on in Atlas City, Yuno confirms that with Science Dekal gone, his tracks begun to surface and the blame pinned on the El Search Party. In order to track down the missing Diceon, Yuno with his administrative powers, planned to hack into Atlas City's AI, in doing so he overheated his processors and shut down. After the El Search Party retrieved spare parts from other Nasods, they repaired Yuno who was able to pin point the coordinates of the Diceon Cubes. He pin points it to the last factory which leads to Elysion, he suspects either the supplies or Solace is there. Not finding Solace, they do discover that the missing Diceon had been hidden inside statues which were then sent up to Elysion. Planning to track the statue to Solace they were halted at the gates of Elysion Tower, Yuno states that they require an A-grade core to enter the tower. After the group retrieved the A-grade core from Surviellan, Yuno copied the core for each of the members of the El Search Party, Elsword asks if Yuno needed a core, which he replies that he has an S-grade core inside of himself already.

Inside of Elysion Tower, while they were able to bypass the entrance with their cores, the defenses inside the tower were still hostile. Planning to hijack the tower's elevator, Yuno tried to hack into the system while the group high tailed their way to the elevator. Unfortunately, even with Yuno's status, anybody below the title of director is able to control the elevator. With the elevator no longer of use, Yuno takes a risk and decides they'll make their way up the tower through the transporting tubes. After defeating the guards standing in their way, inside the transporting tube Chung wonder why the supplies are suspended while they are not. Yuno replies to Chung stating the anti-gravity has no effect on living creatures as it proved harmful. As the El Search Party made their way up the tower, Yuno used his powers to manipulate the cargo to build a path for the El Search Party. Making it all the way to the top, the Yuno and the group are faced with the Commander of Atlas, Maya. Yuno trembles in fear of the high ranked Nasod Commander as she expresses shock to see Herjuno alive. Maya swiftly attack Yuno. Yuno was too surprised to see Maya defending the teleporter as she controls much of the systems in Atlas. He tries to tell Maya the truth, that they need to get to Elysion, but she cares not for their intentions. The group having defeated Maya, in her last moments, she disarmed the transporting device and sent it hurdling down the tower preventing the group from ever making it to Elysion. However Yuno, determined to get the group into Elysion to save his father and stop Solace dived for the machine. Unable to bring it to safety, Yuno made the ultimate sacrifice and removed his own core and putting it inside the machine. With his core powering the transporter, the El Search Party were able to make their way out of Atlas and up to Elysion. However, Yuno having sacrificed his core, the remnants of Herjuno flew away from his body and even the shell that was Yuno ceased to function. No longer possessing a core, all that remained of Yuno was an empty shell which fell down Elysion Tower with the transporting device.

The El Search Party and Nono had made it to Elysion, but Yuno was lost. Eve discovered that Yuno had left her a fragment containing a part of Yuno's memory. Giving it to Nono, he projected a prerecorded message from Yuno. There, Yuno reveals that he anticipated the possibility that he would cease to function before being able to fulfill his quest to reach Elysion. Yuno thanks the group for everything they've done, that the moments he spent with them were some of the best in his centuries long life both as Yuno and as Herjuno. There he reveals that at some point his memories had been fully restored, he reveals that Solace and the El Lady had arrived in Elysion one day, welcomed by Adrian. As Herjuno he felt suspicious of Solace. His father did not believe him and in the end planned to replace him with a new model. He was attacked by Solace and his goons and was tossed aside and fell down to Atlas where he was repaired and lived under his new identity of Yuno till the El Search Party arrived. He expresses his last farewells, he says that he wishes he would be reborn as a human in his next life. To reunite with Nono, join Elsword and his friends, and enjoy Ciel's cookies before he abruptly cuts the recording. Everybody in the group is torn about Yuno's final words, and Elsword expresses his fury and grief, that he will make Solace pay for what happened to Yuno.

Chapter 42: Reunion

Since, Nono met Herbaon and the two eventually became close friends, though Nono refuses to go up to Elysion proper. Herbaon tell Eve about him, which puts a smile on Eve's face though she doesn't tell Herbaon exactly why.



Alternative Names


Server Name Translation
South Korea 유노 Yuno
Japan ユノ Yuno
China (Simplified Chinese) 优诺(赫尔朱诺) Yuno (Herjuno)


Server Name Translation
South Korea 노노 Nono
China (Simplified Chinese) 诺诺 Nono

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