Field Boss Raid

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Field Boss Raid
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City in the Sky Fahrmann's Peak

How to enter Raid Boss Field

  • After hunting certain amount of monsters in Hamel and Sander's fields, the "Gate of Time" open. The Highlighted blue text is the area where the Gate is located.
  • When the Gate of Time opens, a notice can be seen by people in both fields and towns. However, people in Sparring or dungeons won't see any message.
  • You can use the Gate of Time opening notice to see which field boss battle you can enter.


  • Gate of Time remains open for 15 minutes before disappearing.
  • Dungeon and PvP queuing is cancelled when entering the Gate of Time.
  • After entering the boss field, you have to wait 20 minutes before re-entering.
  • You can exit the boss field during the battle. This, however, won't let you enter inside the portal again, forcing you to wait for the next portal.
  • If there's more than one minute left, the limit of players fighting the boss hasn't been reached and the boss' health isn't below 10 bars, you can enter mid-battle.
  • You will not receive any items if you enter the Raid without any Stamina.

Battle with the Raid Boss

  • Maximum of 12 people can enter the Gate of Time into the Boss field.
  • When Boss field is full with 12 people, new boss field is created.
  • First character to enter the boss field can see the Giant boss emerging.
  • There is 12 minute time limit for the Giant Boss. When the time limit is up, the boss will retreat.

Gate of Time limit

  • You cannot re-enter for 20 minutes after you've entered once.
  • You cannot join mid-battle when Boss's HP is less than 10%.
  • You cannot join mid-battle if the time limit is 60 seconds or less.

Raid Boss rewards

An example of a Weapon after the Ancient Iron Wedge is applied
  • Depending on damage dealt by you, you can acquire following items. Raid Boss Cube, Ancient Iron Stone, and Ancient Guardian Stone.
    • If damage contribution is high, you will receive: 6 Raid Boss Cubes, 2 Ancient Iron Stones, and 2 Ancient Guardian Stones.
    • If damage contribution is low, you will receive: 3 Raid Boss Cubes, 1 Ancient Iron Stone, and 1 Ancient Guardian Stone.

In addition, the Raid Boss can drop unique items that can be used to obtain Unique-rare weapons.

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect/Uses
HQ Shop Item 117434.png Ancient Iron Wedge Craftable by Glave with the following ingredients:
  • 100 Ancient Iron Stones
  • 100 Magic Ice Powders
  • 200 Alchemy Essences
Increase Weapon socket slot by 1
HQ Shop Item 117435.png Ancient Guardian Wedge Craftable by Glave with the following ingredients:
  • 40 Ancient Iron Stones
  • 50 Magic Ice Powders
  • 100 Alchemy Essences
Increase Armor socket slot by 1

Equipment can only be enhanced by the Wedge once and cannot be reverted once it's applied.

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