Perkisas: Fallen Dignity

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Warning: The information in this page is from an old version of Elsword and is no longer available.
Pass my trials, and you'll be granted my treasures and power!!

Phase 2: Fallen Dignity


Elsword and the El Search Party reach the top of the forsaken castle's ruins in Ancient Elian, having just survived Perkisas's first trial. Enraged, the red dragon takes to the air and goes on another terrible rampage. The adventurers will need to do more than their own weapons are capable of, in order to take the furious beast down.

Boss: Perkisas, the Incarnation of Greed

Part 1 Moves

In part one, Perkisas will chase you as you travel across the Ruins. This section of the fight will last for 6 minutes.

  • Bite: Perkisas will attempt to bite any players are close to him.
  • Crunch: Perkisas will stop moving and will charge his head forward to bite any players on the upper platforms.
  • Magnitude: As Perkisas moves across the stage, he will smash the ground to create earthquakes that will knock up players that are not in the air.
  • Crystal of Greed: Perkisas will summon a Crystal of Greed to the stage while temporarily retreating. He cannot be attacked while this move is active. The crystal will deplete 10% HP from all players close to it per second. If the crystal is destroyed within a certain time period, it will release an aura that will restore everyone's HP. If it's not destroyed, Perkisas will use Outrage.
  • Outrage: If the players fail to destroy the Crystal of Greed in time, Perkisas will be enraged and will continuously use Bite as he rapidly moves across the stage.
  • Flamethrower: Perkisas will begin to inhale, sucking players toward him, and then release a large burst of fire across the stage. Avoid it by hiding behind the 'less' destroyed pillar. Sometimes this seems to be bugged so prepare for manabreaking if you don't plan to die.
  • Dragon Claw: Using his claws, Perkisas will smash the area in front of him, creating a shockwave that covers most of the lower platforms.
  • Eruption: Perkisas will shoot 3 fireballs to the ground, creating a large fire pillar when they explode.
  • Fly: Perkisas will fly away and the battle will enter Part 2.

Part 2 Moves

In part two, Perkisas will corner the group at the summit of the Ruins.

  • Lava Plume: Perkisas will summon a meteor shower that will continuously rain meteors throughout the stage. When the meteors hit the ground, it will leave behind a flame trail that will burn any players touching it.
  • Magnitude: Similar to Part 1, Perkisas will slam both its claws to knock up all players that are not in the air.
  • Eruption: Similar to Part 1, Perkisas can shoot a fireball to the ground to create a fire pillar.
  • Slash: Using one of its claws, Perkisas will swipe his arm across one side of the stage.
  • Incinerate: Perkisas will release his fire breath on one side of the stage, leaving behind flame trails.
  • Dual Chop: Using both arms, Perkisas will swipe across the stage in both directions to slam the center.
  • Dragon Tail: Perkisas will use his tail to quickly slam across the stage.
  • Fly: Perkisas will fly away and the battle will enter Part 3.

Part 3 Moves

In part three, Perkisas will fly and cannot be hit with normal attacks. To attack him, you must use the harpoon launchers at the end of the stage.

  • Draco Meteor: While in the air, Perkisas will continuously shoot meteors towards the players.
  • Inferno: If the players fail to fire 3 harpoons from each launcher, Perkisas will release a stream of fire that will damage all players and leave flame trails throughout the stage. If Perkisas is hit by 6 spears, he will not use this move and will instead fall back onto the stage and become immobile for a few seconds. After this move, Perkisas will return to his original position in part 2. When entering solo don't mind the ballistas. Instead manabreak through the inferno and avoid center stage so you don't get burned by the remaining flames afterwards.


Boss Intro Cutscene

  • Perkisas: How dare you step foot in here... Know your place, pretentious rascals!! Pay for your sins, with your lives!

Mid Battle Cutscene

  • Perkisas: Kuahhhh! Is that all you're going to do? Run?

Mid Battle Cutscene

  • Perkisas: You little rats... There's no place to hide! Taste the fires of hell!!

Boss Outro Cutscene

  • Perkisas: Keuu... this can't be...! You insignificant critters...! You will regret this!!


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Alternative Names

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Korean Flag.png South Korea ??? Perkisas: Fallen Prestige

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