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LKTiny.png Lord Knight
ElSkill3i.png Rolling Smash
ElSkill4.png Counter Attack
RSTiny.png Rune Slayer
Heat Rune.png Fire Rune
ElSkill4.png Magic Counter
ISTiny.png Infinity Sword
Fatal Slap.png Fatal Slap
SacCounter.png Compact Counter


EMTiny.png Elemental Master
AishaS28.png Circle Flame
Shining Body.png Elemental Body
VPTiny.png Void Princess
AishaS15.png Petit Angkor
ShadowBody.png Shadow Body
DWTiny.png Dimension Witch
Wormhole.png Worm Hole
Shadow Body.png Energetic Body


WSTiny.png Wind Sneaker
WSs2.png Nature's Force
Reflect Kick.png Reflective Kick
GATiny.png Grand Archer
CAs2.png Stigma Shot
NWTiny.png Night Watcher
NWActive1.png Delayed Fire
Wrath seed.png Seed of Wrath


BlMTiny.png Blade Master
RavenNew3.png Sonic Slash
STactive2.png Cut Tendon
RFTiny.png Reckless Fist
LimitCrusher.png Limit Crusher
EnchantHand.png Enchant Hand
VCTiny.png Veteran Commander
RAactive3.PNG Breaking Fist
RFactive1.png Ground Impact


NemTiny.png Code: Nemesis
Tesla Shock.png Tesla Shock : Short
EmpTiny.png Code: Empress
Tesla Shock.png Tesla Shock : Swing
BSTiny.png Code: Battle Seraph
Tesla Shock.png Tesla Shock : Spear


IPTiny.png Iron Paladin
Artillery Nova.png Artillery Nova
SI GUARD.png Guard
DCTiny.png Deadly Chaser
SI RUMBLESHOT.png Rumble Shot
Rapid Cannon.png Rapid Cannon
TTTiny.png Tactical Trooper
MarkOfCommander.png Commander's Mark
AutoMortar.png Mortar


SDTiny.png Sakra Devanam
Lowbrandish.png Tiger Stance 3 : Earth Axis
Breaking.png Counter Switch
YRTiny.png Yama Raja
HighSpeed.png High Speed
Reflect.png Repel
AsuTiny.png Asura
AA 1.png Phantom Fox Stance 3 : Rapid Raid
ALS 2.png Specter Walk


GMTiny.png Grand Master
Provoke.png Provoke
ELE2.png Drastic Charge
BHTiny.png Blazing Heart
ELE4.png Red Lotus Sword
ELE6.png Flame Rose
CATiny.png Crimson Avenger
CAIcon17.png Shadow Edge
CAIcon18.png Assault Strike


LPTiny.png Lunatic Psyker
LPA2.png Rush Twirl
LPA1.png Psionic Beat
MMTiny.png Mastermind
Mm active2.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Flick Disc
Mm active3.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Delayed Explosion
DETiny.png Diabolic Esper
AddSkill5.png Mind Break
DESkill2.png Force Finger


DLTiny.png Dreadlord
Dreadlord11.png Terror Absorption
Dreadlord09.png Shackling Chain
NobTiny.png Noblesse
Noblesse13.png Soul Sigil
Noblesse12.png Swift Smash
DemTiny.png Demonio
DemActive17.png Rapid Impact
DemActive23.png Punisher


STrTiny.png Storm Trooper
StormTrooper1.png PT-15 Prototype
StormTrooper7.png Booster Cannon
StormTrooper8.png Plasma Shock
CRoTiny.png Crimson Rose
CRActive1.png Western Fire
CRActive5.png Bloody Chain
CRActive7.png Gun Guard
FYTiny.png Freyja
FreySkill07.png Spiral Shot
FreySkill13.png Phantom Chaser
FreySkill15.png Blazing Bullet
OMTiny.png Optimus
OptActive1.png Magnetic Guard
OptActive2.png G-3 Raptor
OptActive3.png Magnetism Field


AmTTiny.png Arme Thaumaturgy
AmTA1.png Fantasiegebilde Speer
AmTA2.png Dritt · Gelerechi
EETiny.png Erbluhen Emotion
EEActive1.png Alchimie Eid
EEActive2.png Ruhig
APTiny.png Apostasia
APActive1.png Leere


Tiny - Rumble Pumn.png Rumble Pumn
RumblePumnSkill2.png Dududu
RumblePumnSkill5.png I am Stone
Tiny - Shining Romantica.png Shining Romantica
ShiningRomanticaSkill2.png Want Candy?
ShiningRomanticaSkill5.png Flashy
Tiny - Daydreamer.png Daydreamer
DaydreamerSkill2.png Time to Wake Up
DaydreamerSkill5.png Pretty Flower

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