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This character is non-canon

Name Lune (Diana)
Class Shaman
Weapon Souls, Soul Energy and Crystals, Anima force
Age 19 (Body), Unknown (Soul)
Race Unknown
Birthday November 29th
Height 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Weight 50 kg/2 kg (Soulward)
Blood Type AB
Class Tree Whiteblank.png > Orison Shaman > Fidelitas > Amalganette
Diana > Lebra Shaman > Veracitas > Aseyristas
Whiteblank.png > Qualm Shaman > Auctoritas > Demartom
Speed: Slow Average Fast UI - Magical Class.png
Attack Range: Short Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard Magical
I wonder if there is anyone left of our kind, what do you think, Bay?


[The last of a long-forgotten tribe]
The souls help aid her in battle, leaving no blind spots.


Special Ability

Main Article: Equilibrium

Diana will automatically awaken when her gauge is full. She will gain a buff called [Anima Form] when awakened. It reduces skill cooldowns using anima force and increases physical/magical attack power for the duration she is awakened. She has three beads called Soul Clemency, when used, deal damage to enemies nearby and gain 15 mp. When idle for 1 second when your HP is lower than 25%, Diana will activate Soul Extraction and recover HP and MP until your HP reaches 50%. If Diana is hit or moves, it will disable Soul Extraction.

Main Story

Main Article: An Overgrown Forest

When Diana was sacrificed, she couldn't remember anything. So the other sacrifices decided to call her Diana due to her physical body's pose which had sunk to the bottom of the lake.

When they were suddenly able to escape the lake, everything was gone, there was no trace of the village. Diana decides to search for them but the souls wanted to take revenge.

Side Story

Main Article: Reminiscence

Lune stood, watching the campfire from afar. She knew if she got closer, the adults would nudge their kids away and move closer to the others. In the day, the other kids would toss rocks at Lune when she wasn't looking. She turned around, only to find the kids running away, laughing. But it was alright, Lune believed she could endure everything and become the Chief. The Chief was very kind, she was like me, but no one avoided her and everyone got along just fine. Lune asked if she could become like her one day. The Chief cracked a grin and replied, "Of course! Once you've got a real good hang of your powers." Lune was excited, she was extremely glad that the only reason everyone avoided her was because they were too afraid of her powers. "I'll make sure I will never get out of control!" Lune eagerly waved her pinky finger. The Chief smiled, making the pinky promise with Lune, "Keep on practicing then."

The day of the sacrificial ceremony came, the entire tribe stood by the glowing lake. Lune couldn't contain her excitement as she waited. The Chief patted her on the shoulder, "You can do this. All you need to do is stay underwater until you get a sign." Lune looked at the Chief uncertainly. "You will know when you see it." Lune felt reassured and jumped into the lake. The water was cool, Lune could partially see the other side of the lake. Lune waited and waited, her heartbeats getting faster and faster as no sign appeared. Lune was scared she wouldn't succeed. Lune couldn't hold her breath anymore and swam up to the surface. Her outstretched hand met a barrier, now panicking, Lune started punching this barrier. Her vision darkening and her mind foggy but she focused on breaking it. The barrier shattered and she felt the coldness of air touching her hand.

It was cold, only cold, almost freezing. A few faces floated above her. She leapt back, wary of the unknown yet familiar faces. "Woah! We got an energetic one." The man on the left grinned cheerfully, his eyes wrinkled as he called the rest. “Do you remember what happened?” A slightly purple person asked, she looked away, confused and shook her head. “Bay, do you think she lost her memories?” A teal person asked, Bay frowned and pondered for a minute. “Well, that’s you over there.” Bay pointed at a figure frozen inside a crystal. “Hmm, you look like a hero or something!” Bay cackled and looked back at her, “How ‘bout the name, Diana?” Diana floated, watching the other souls wander around, she glanced at her body, frozen in this crystal. It felt like it has been forever, nothing new, no new sacrifices. An ear splitting sound and a sudden explosion of light blinded everyone. “Quick! Over here!” Bay called, the souls drifted toward her voice. Diana blindly followed the rest but was swept up by the water and began to float to the surface. It was warm, oddly warm. Diana opened her eyes, the green looming trees and color flowers pierced her vision. It was too weird to see such bright and vivid colors, so different from the bleak white in the pool. Diana looked to her left, Bay was crouched over her, tightly gripping her hands. “Hey, you look quite pale.” Diana spoke, Bay helped Diana slowly get up. “Where is everyone else?”

First Class Advancement

Skill Tree


Combo Description Damage
Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngZ.png Do a right hook, a jab, a right handed uppercut before spinning around into a sidekick.

Z.png 174% Phy. Damage
Z.png 148% Phy. Damage
Z.png 182% Phy. Damage
Z.png 308% Phy. Damage

Z.pngX.pngX.png Do a right hook, swing the souls in an arc then ramming them into your enemy, creating an outburst of soul energy.

Z.png 174% Phy. Damage
X.png 305% Mag. Damage
X.png 461% Mag. Damage

Z.pngZ.pngX.pngZ.png Do a right hook, a jab, then the souls will expel soul energy behind the enemy and do a roundhouse kick.

Z.png 174% Phy. Damage
Z.png 148% Phy. Damage
X.png 279% Mag. Damage
Z.png 348% Phy. Damage

X.pngX.pngX.png Release an outburst of soul energy before the souls send a beam of soul energy from the ground, pushing up the enemy then forcing it downward with a burst from above.

X.png 258% Mag. Damage
X.png 372% Mag. Damage
X.png 325% Mag. Damage

DR.pngZ.pngZ.pngZ.png Dash forward and perform a sidekick, stomp your outstretched foot onto the ground, then spin around to do a bolley kick.

Z.png 134% Phy. Damage
Z.png 87% Phy. Damage
Z.png 388% Phy. Damage

DR.pngX.pngX.png Warp behind the enemy and release an outburst of soul energy.

Z.png 119% Mag. Damage
Z.png 278% Mag. Damage

U.pngZ.pngZ.png Swing your knee and bring both fists downward.

Z.png 150% Phy. Damage
Z.png 240% Phy. Damage

U.pngX.png Create a stream of soul energy downward.

X.png 146% Mag. Damage

DRU.pngZ.pngZ.png Perform a sidekick then launch yourself higher.

Z.png 137% Phy. Damage
Z.png 70% Phy. Damage

DRU.pngZ.pngX.png Perform a sidekick then bring a beam of soul energy downward.

Z.png 137% Phy. Damage
X.png 341% Mag. Damage

DRU.pngX.pngX.png Fling a stream of soul energy at a downward angle and pull it back before diving down, creating a shockwave.

X.png 120% Mag. Damage
X.png 109% Mag. Damage
X.png 387% Mag. Damage

UU.png While in the air, perform a double jump.

UU.png 35% Phy. Damage

DRU.pngDR.png Leap in the air, using anima force as stepping stones. Can be used 4 times before landing.

DR.png 58% Phy. Damage

Recovery Z.png/X.png

Rapidly spin the souls around you, leaving a trail of soul energy in the shape of a ring.

Z.png/X.png 300% Mag. Damage






  • Diana's job path in Lore/Story would be the Aseyristas path.
  • Diana officially joins the cast right after Master Road, returning with Gaia, Ara, and Laby.
  • Diana's real name is Lune.
    • After returning to her physical body, she regains all of her memories, including her name, but she decides to not go by Lune.
  • Diana is from North Fluone.
  • Diana met Ara near the beginning of her story, helping her.
  • Diana's weapon, the souls, are actual people, ancestors who were sacrificed too.
    • Cara (Pink), Rowen (Red), Lumiere (Orange), Bella (Yellow), Tien (Lime), Eden (Teal), Raine (Blue), Iris (Indigo), Bay (Purple), and Mara (Magenta).
    • They are all able to manifest into themselves, though the more people manifest, the smaller their bodies will get.
    • They all cannot physically interact with the world.
    • All have story quotes, most notably Bay as she is the one Diana relies on the most.
    • Anyone can hear their voices, unlike Nisha who can only be understood by Laby.
  • Diana can awaken into her anima form, changing her hair color and gaining transparent ears and tail.
  • Diana's Soul Form overwrites all costumes and accessories.
  • Even though Diana is way over 19 years old, her body was frozen, which stopped her body from aging.
  • The souls are considered corrupted as all they desire is revenge.
  • The Amalganette path is a corruption themed path.
    • The souls fully control Diana in the Amalganette path, corrupting Diana and making her lose all of her will and emotions.
  • The Demartom path is considered a corruption themed path
    • Diana controls the souls, for the fear of them disappearing. She only does this because she is scared, which makes her a less evil path.
  • Due to Diana having her anima form, she can be seen related to the Nous or Garen. This can be especially seen in the Demartom path, when her ears and tail become physical and she grows two horns.
  • Each class has three portraits, her normal form, her anima form, and her soul form.
  • Class Meanings
    • Shaman - relates to how Diana is connected to the souls
    • Orison Shaman - Prayer
    • Fidelitas - Latin word for Fidelity (loyalty)
    • Amalganette - merging Amalgamate (to mix or merge) and Marionette
    • Lebra Shaman - Libra
    • Veracitas - Latin word for Veracity (truth)
    • Aseyristas - merging Symmetria (Latin for Symmetry), Ararískein (Greek for join together), Aequilībrium (Latin for Equilibrium [equal balance between powers]), Homogeneitās (Latin for Homogeneity [quality of being homogenous - means of the same nature; essentially alike])
    • Qualm Shaman - Uneasy feeling
    • Auctoritas - Latin word for Authority (control)
    • Demartom - merging Demarcate (to separate distinctly) and Dichotomize (to divide into two)

Alternative Names


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 다이아나


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 샤먼 Shaman


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 카라 Cara


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 로웬 Rowan


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 뤼미에르 Lumiere


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 벨라 Bella


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 티엔 Tien


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 에덴 Eden


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 레인 Raine


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 이리스 Iris


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 베이 Bay


Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 마라 Mara


I wanted Diana to meet the El Search Party along with Ebalon, but after finding out Diana is connected to the party, he turns on her. Ebalon almost kills her, leaving her helpless. This turns into a 4 part raid where the El Search Party and Diana join up to fight him. Diana extracts her soul to go help the party along with her ancestors. You will see Diana's quotes as the dungeon goes on, guiding the El Search Party. There will always be a buff applied to every party member, the buff's effect is determined by which soul is being rotated.