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Force Skill Menu

Force Skills

Force Skills are an additional skill system implemented as part of each character's 3rd Job. Unlike previous skills which can be found in the Skill menu, Force Skills possess their own unique UI. Unlike previous skills, Force Skills are unlocked via dungeon drops which allow you access to the found skill in the new menu.

Force Skills are divided into three categories, Force Passives, Force Actives, and Force Mod skills. All three of these type of skills can be selected as well as toggled on and off at any given time (except PvP).

Upon unlocking this new system, an additional 5 skill slots will be made available for a player to use, and you are able to switch between the regular slots and these additional slots with the spacebar at will. Despite being unlocked as part of the Force Skill system, these slots are not exclusive to Force Actives, and any skill can be placed on them. There is however, still a limit of up to 10 normal skills that can be carried at any given time. The additional slots also lack a Transcendance bonus slot.

Force Skill Menu

With the new system comes a new UI which stores all the information regarding the new Force Skills.

On the Force Skill Menu, you are allowed to equip up to 2 Passives, 5 Actives, and 7 Mod skills at any given time. Player's can store at least a minimum of 32 Force Skills at any given time.

Force Passives


Force Passives are exactly as the name might imply. They are skill which when equipped with provide some sort of passive benefit. The passives are non-character specific.

An example is the skill as shown in the picture called "Illipia's Aura", which increases the user's health as well as allow them to restore the HP when out of combat.

Force Actives


Force Actives are non-character specific actives command which can provide a variety to attack or buffs.

An example is the skill as shown in the picture called "Hyper Acceleration", which allows the user to temporarily increase their speed drastically but briefly decrease their speed afterwards.

Force Mod

Force Mod skills are skills which influence specific skills for each individual character and class. When a Force Mod skill is equipped in the menu, that specific skill with go through a functional change when used often changing aspects of the skill completely. Each Mod skill is a separate drop and you can obtain the Mod skills of other classes, however you will not be able to do anything with them.

An example is the skill as shown in the picture called "[Mod] Shooting Star", which allows Fatal Phantom to convert Shooting Star from a barrage of multiple homing missiles to a single homing missile which explodes into a large magnetic field.


A unique part of the Force Skills system is that some skills come with different rarities which influence their performance. This however only applies to Passives and Actives. Mod skills are always categorized as Common and are not influenced by rarity.

With Passives and Actives, they can come in 4 different rarities. Rare, Elite, Unique, and Legendary. For most skills, they will come only in Rare, Elite, or Unique variants. These variants determine the effectiveness of the passive of active's traits.

Legendary skills similar to Mod skills only come in one variant. These skills are the rarest of the Force Skills.

Force Skill Category

Tips and Details

  • A 3rd job's initial 6 Force skills (Illipia's Aura, Haunting Spirit, Hyper Acceleration and 3 Force Change skills depending on class) can be bought for 5 million ED at Camilla at any time, should you accidentally lose or discard them.
  • Force skills can be toggle on and off while in fields and dungeons, including Active and Change skills. Doing so will simply put the skill on cooldown.
    • As Aisha, swapping between versions while the skill has been memorized will not remove the skill from the memorize skill slots, but it will still change to the currently selected version. With some smart management, she can very dynamically switch between Force and non-Force skills, as memorized skills can be used at any time.
  • While unlisted in the tooltip, Force Actives gains Super Armor status, make it efficiently useful in PvP since it has no cost. (except Obtenebration)


  • Comme pour l'effet [Fort], les compétences d'alternance auront un [Alternance] devant leur nom en bas à gauche de l'écran quand la compétence est utilisée par un joueur.
  • Les objets de force qui peuvent être obtenus comme butins de donjon ont un (A) dans leur nom, ce qui veut dire qu'il y avait ou qu'il y aura plusieurs versions d'alternance pour une même compétence.

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