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Mana Breaking is a tactic where you force yourself to be knocked down to avoid damage from attacks. This is a commonly used tactic in PvP.

In order to Mana Break, you must have at least 100 MP. If you press and hold down Z.png or X.png, a green bar will charge inside your MP bar, as shown in the image to the right. This cannot be charged beyond your current amount of MP. When you are attacked and when the green bar has been charged beyond the first break line (100MP), you will lose MP equal to the amount that has been charged and will be forced to knockdown. Being knocked down via mana break does not reset your KD counter limit if mana breaking when launched.

List of Combo/Skill Immune from Mana Break

Character Class Attack Details
All All All Hyper Actives
All Skills with Ruthless trait
Elsword Sword Knight Impact Smash You cannot Mana Break from this skil during its entire duration.
Magic Knight Storm Blade You cannot Mana Break from this skill during its entire duration.
Infinity Sword Sword Blasting Targets cannot charge Mana Break while hit by the Conwells.
Aisha High Magician Chain Lightning You cannot Mana Break from this skill during its entire duration.
Rena Combat Ranger Violent Attack You cannot Mana Break out of this skill during the initial launch kick.
Night Watcher : Transcendent Eradication You cannot Mana Break out of this skill during Erendil Aura.
Raven Reckless Fist Enchant Hand Strikes with the Nasod Arm cancel Mana Break for a certain duration.
Chung Fatal Phantom Shooting Star/ModA You cannot Mana Break out of the missile hit.
Burning Punisher/ModA You cannot charge Mana Break while hit by the bullets.
Shelling Guardian Impact Detonation You cannot Mana Break during the cannonball shots.
Dread Chase You cannot charge Mana Break while hit by the missiles.
Centurion Tactical Field/ModA You cannot Mana Break if you are inside the field after its been maintained for ~4 secs.
Ara Little Hsien Dragon Stance 3: Eight Trigram Palm You cannot Mana Break the first hit.
Sakra Devanam Flying Kite You cannot Mana Break out of any hits from this skill.
Little Devil Killing Howl After the July 10, 2014 patch in KR, Killing Spears cannot be mana broken.
Suppression: Energy Targets cannot Mana Break while being pulled by the vortex.
Yama Raja Purgatory After the July 10, 2014 patch in KR, Purgatory cannot be mana broken.
Asura Pulverization Pulverization cannot be mana broken.
Elesis Crimson Avenger Assault Strike Any targets hit by this skill will receive a debuff that will disable their ability to mana break for a certain duration.
Add Lunatic Psyker Quicksilver Strike Targets cannot Mana Break while being hit from the electrical blasts.
Arc Tracer Psionic Generator Targets that are struck by the charge-up tick will be unable to charge mana for Mana Break.
Lu/Ciel Chiliarch Apollyon Targets cannot charge Mana Break after being hit by the Demon Appearance attack.

Tips and Details

  • Any skill that is capable of inflicting Stun or Power Stun cancels Mana Break by default, since stuns prevent charging while the target remains afflicted.
    • However, when timed correctly, it's possible to Mana Break as you are inflicted by Stun or Power Stun.
  • Should not be used if near a edge since the Mana Break Invulnerability ends as the player touches solid ground, so if you collide with the floor and then fall off a edge, the enemy can catch you as you are falling off the platform.

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