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Every character in Elsword has his/her unique features that sets them apart from other characters.

Power of Eun

Changes to UI Face.
When Ara is in Celestial Fox Mode, her battle stance changes.

By using the hairpin of Eun (design varies on her class), Ara is able to go into a 3rd awakening bead transformation called the Celestial Fox Mode. While in this mode, her appearance changes, in which her hairstyle will change(hairstyle varies on her class) and become fully white. 9 spectral tails will also appear on her back, giving her the looks of the Gumiho. Equipped accessory will not be shown in this mode. Benefits of Celestial Fox Mode will be:

  • Ara gains the standard awakening damage increase.
  • Unlike when she is in normal mode, her spirit bar will only regenerate if certain actives are used, so when she is in Celestial Fox mode, her spirit bar will automatically regenerate 1 orb when you kill a target or after using 6 commands. Do note that breaking doors or boxes in Celestial Fox Mode also recovers the spirit bar.
    • This is indicated by a small black fire surrounding her after the target dies.
    • She also gets healed (roughly 2% HP) for every enemy you kill.
  • She also gain an attack speed, movement and jump speed, critical bonus( 5% stack for maximum 5 stacks) and casting time of skills will be shortened . Values are to be tested.

Upon Awakening, Ara will regain Spirit Energy, depending on the number of Awakening Beads consumed. With every extra Spirit Energy that is recovered, Ara will convert the excess energy to MP, recovering 5% of her Maximum MP for each Energy.

Awakening Bead

Ara's 3rd Awakening Bead

Like Chung, Ara 3rd awakening bead looks different. However, it can be obtained just like any other bead. The main reason it looks different is to indicate that her Celestial Fox Mode is ready and fully functional.

Feature Information

Awakening Level Eun's Power
Orb Gain All Speed Critical Additional Damage
1 3 6.66% 6.66%
2 6 13.33% 13.33%
3 10 15% (?) 20% 20%


Ara has various unique types of movement. She can:

  • Double Jump (Lightly jump up higher than the norm)
    • Press UU.png.
  • Air Dash (Run on air)
    • While unable to jump as high as Eve, she can dash farther mid-air than Eve in one dash.
    • Press U.png, then DL.png or DR.png to make Ara run on the air. Holding the L.png or R.png button (respectively) will make her continue running on air. Same thing occurs when holding L.png/R.png while dashing off a platform.
  • Forward Jump (Quickly bounce forward)
    • While dashing or air dashing, UU.png.

Spirit Energy

A bar spirit located below her MP.

A system only exclusive to Ara.
Ara has a unique combo system which involves using Spirit Energy. Spirit Energy is shown as beads below your HP bar. Ara has 10 bead gauge.

Spirit Energy depletes when using certain skills/active skills. It can also be replenished by using certain skills/active skills such as Energy Absorption.

Skill Linking

A system only exclusive to Ara.
Ara is able to cancel active skills by using another skill/active skill right before the previous skill used ends. This will cancel the active skill's final hit which prevents KD, but also gains extra Spirit Energy depending on the skill. For example, if you used Exorcism Stance 3 : Shadoweave (which consumes 2 spirit energy when used) and cancel with Tiger Stance 2 : Tiger Claw, you will gain 2 Spirit Energy instead (-2 from using Shadow Knot and +4 from cancel bonus as stated in description).

Finally, after filling your gauge between 10 beads, you can unleash certain skills which requires no MP but instead depletes all Spirit Energy and deals damage multiplied by the amount of beads collected such as; Falling Dragon, Suppression and Flying Kite.

List of Energy Conversion

Little Xia / Basic

Skill Orbs Gain /
GainForce2.png +1 per Target hit

[Enhanced] +2 per Target hit
(Maximum: 1~2)

TempestDance2.png -2 +4
PullingPerice2.png +1 +2
FallingDragon2.png -10 0
WindWegde2.png -2 +2
ShadowKnot2.png -2 +4
BodyofSteel.png -2

[Enhanced] -1
(No Energy consumed if used to cancel a skill)


Little Hsien / Sakra Devanam

Skill Orbs Gain /
RockCrash.png 0 +1

[Enhanced] +2

WhiteTiger.png -2 0
DoubleCollision.png +1 +1
ShiningLotus.png +1 0
Tigerclaw.png 0 +1
Falling.png +1 +1
MoonlightSlash.png +1 0
QuickAttack.png -1
(No Energy consumed if used to cancel a skill)
Supression.png -10 0
Lowbrandish.png 0 +1
TurbulentWave.png +1 +1
ShallowAssault.png -10 0
PeerlessnessSlash.png +1 +3
SDTrans1.png +1 0
SDTrans2.png 0 +1
SDTrans3.png -2 +4
SDTrans6.png -10 0

Little Devil / Yama Raja

Skill Orbs Gain /
WolfClaw.png 0 +1
HellofTornado.png -2 +4
WolfSpear2.png -2 +2
WaveEnergy.png +1 0
StealSoul.png -2
+1 per Target hit
(Maximum: 3)
HPSteal.png +2 0
MPSteal.png +1
+1 if hit Target
SpearPrison.png 0 +3
ForceSpear2.png -1
(No Energy consumed if used to cancel a skill)
EnergySuppress.png -3 0
HighSpeed.png -1 0
ChainField.png -4 +2
EnergyVoid.png 0 ~ -5 0
Reflect.png -2 0
Bulleto.png -2
+1 per Target hit
(Maximum: 2)
YRPassive3.png -5 ~ -10 0
YRTrans1.png -1 +1
YRTrans2.png -1 0
YRTrans3.png -1 +3
YRTrans6.png -5 0

Little Specter / Asura

Skill Orbs Gain /
ALS 1.png 0 ~ -1 +1

[Enhanced] +2

ALS 7.png 0 ~ -4 +4
ALS 6.png 0 ~ -3 +2
AA 3.png +1 0
ALS 3.png 0 ~ -1 +1
ALS 4.png -1 0
ALS 5.png -3 0
HeavenlyStrike.png -1
(No Energy consumed if used to cancel a skill)
AA 6.png +1 0
AA 1.png 0 ~ -1 +1
AA 4.png +1
+1 per Target hit
(Maximum: 2)
AA 5.png 0 ~ -4 0
ALS 2.png -1 0
AA 2.png +1 0
ShadowRising2.png +1 +1
ASTrans2.png -1 0
ALS 8.png 0 ~ -3 +4


Character HQ Shop Item 72550.png     Specialization A HQ Shop Item 72560.png     Specialization B
In Celestial Fox mode, x% chance of HP and Spirit being recovered without having to reach required hit amount. (Max: 50%)
  • 1st hit: 0.25x%
  • 2nd hit: 0.35x%
  • 3rd hit: 0.5x%
  • 4th hit: 0.7x%
  • 5th hit: x%
Recover MP by x*[spirit used] (Max: 10 MP per Spirit)


When Ara is in Celestial Fox Mode.(Compared to a awakened Tactical Trooper, Ara does not have the awaken aura for her Celestial Fox Mode.)
  • In Celestial Fox Mode, Ara strangely lacks the awakening aura.
    • After Ara advances to Little Specter, she uses Eun's power most of the time, so even if not entering Celestial Fox Mode, her awakening lacks the usual aura.
  • Little Specter's first and second stage awakening will activate her Specialization A stat as the game considered her being in Celestial Fox Mode.
  • In the Japanese Version of the game, when Ara enters Celestial Fox Mode, the pitch of her voice is noticeably lower.


  • 07/10/2014 KR
    • Ara starts with max spirit beads.
    • During Celestial Fox Mode, Ara will gain a spirit bead and recover some HP after 9 commands.
    • Added Critical increase effect to Celestial Fox Mode.
  • 09/03/2015 KR
    • Ara now receives Celestial Fox buff at 1 or 2 awakening beads (originally an effect of Little Specter's Assimilation.)
    • Added Spirit recovery based on awakening stage. (3 beads on 1st stage, 6 beads on 2nd stage, and 10 beads on 3rd stage)
      • Excess Spirit gained from awakening will heal Ara for 5% MP per bead.
    • Added Additional Damage, Accuracy and Evasion increase effect to Celestial Fox buff
    • HP and Spirit Bead recovery command requirement decreased from 9 to 6.
  • 06/30/2016 (KR) / 07/13/2016 (NA)
    • Spirit Energy is now only gained if the skill that will be cancelled successfully hits.
  • 10/13/2016 (KR)
    • Starting matches with spirit energy in PvP removed.
  • 03/30/2017 (KR) / 04/12/2017 (NA)
    • Specialization B scaling decreased from 20% to 10%.

Character Systems

Way of the Sword

When playing as Elsword, you will have access to a special gauge known as Way of the Sword. This gauge will enable you to activate Aura of Vitality or Aura of Destruction for a period of time. Depending on the type of commands (Z.png/X.png) or skills you use, the gauge will lean towards either vitality or destruction.

While the Aura of Vitality is active, you will gain more MP from vitality-based attacks, while the MP cost for vitality-based skills will be reduced. Your speed will also be increased. While the Aura of Destruction is active, you will immediately bounce back any attack that hits you, knocking down nearby enemies and triggering super armor for 6 seconds in which time you cannot trigger the effect again. All destruction-based attacks will also deal vastly more damage.

Note that the system they use is not what what it may appear to be at first; vitality-based attacks take away vitality from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards destruction; destruction-based attacks take away destruction from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards vitality; this is why only attacks that use the gauge will receive benefits while in their respective aura.

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