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Altera Village's Chief
Name Adel
Race Pongo
Role Altera Village's Chief
Location Altera Village
Age 100
I run this village, teaching young Ponggos of Altera how to read and write and giving knowledge to them.

~ Adel


Official Description

Chief Adel is the wise man of Altera Village. He oversees the welfare of his villagers while also teaching young Ponggo about literature and writing. The Chief is over 100 years old – quite unusual for a Ponggo whose average life span is much shorter than humans.


Chapter 6: The Floating Island, Altera

Adel is the first Ponggo the El Search Party meets. After Wally's Cargo Airship was shot down and crashedonto Altera, Adel found the group amongst the ruined airship. After the El Search Party explained their situation, Adel became convinced that the ones responsible for the airship's destruction was Raven and the Black Crow. Adel explains that the Black Crow has been active around Altera's air space, trapping the Ponggos on the island and attacking the village. He also explains that the Nasods run the island and have kept the Ponggos trapped due to their knowledge about Nasods. It is revealed that the Black Crow mercenaries were all augmented human Nasods and points towards Amos to investigate the situation further. After Amos discovers that the Nasod mechanisms are acting as a form of mind control, Adel points out information that suggests that Raven might be trying to suppress his mind control and maintain his humanity. When the El Search Party arrives with Raven, Adel is overcome with fear.

Looking for clues to track the El Shard, Adel points towards the Nasod graveyard, the Return Plains. Once the El Search Party had found traces of Alterasia Spores in Nasods in the Return Plains, Adel tells of the Transporting Tunnel B4-1 which was created by the Ponggos in an attempt to escape the Nasods but the collapsing tunnel allowed for the Ponggos to be ambushed and the area to be heavily infested with Nasods. After investigating the spore samples, he fears that something greater is occurring in the transport tunnel. Given word of the Parasitic Alterasia Turret, he explained that the weapon was actually of human origin during the Nasod Wars and must have been contaminated by the growing Alterasia plants. He recommends destroying the turret to gain access past the tunnels to Altera Plains. Adel warns that Altera Plains is the testing grounds for all types of new Nasods and to traverse the area cautiously. Scouting the plains, the Ponggo notice Ignis and Leviathan, two Nasods that had gone rogue during testing and have gone rampaging, killing many Ponggos in the area. Fearful of the Nasod duo, he tip the El Search Party of the barrier that protect them.

Chapter 7: Total War!

Once the plains had been cleared, the group searched for an entry way into the Nasod's underground lair. Mapping the area, Adel notes the Nasod Foundry, which is built as a large ring around the underside of the island and aids the El Search Party in finding the foundry's entrance. Entering the Nasod Foundry, Adel gasps at the sight of the ever growing Nasod army. Once the El Search Party had cleared a way through to Altera Core, Adel states that it was King Nasod who has been collecting El Shards since the El Explosion to build his army in secret. The infiltration of Altera Core went smoothly, as the El Search Party is destroys King Nasod's cores.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

With Altera no longer under thread of the Black Crow and King Nasod, the Pongos were able to live without fear. Adel comes to the construction site after hearing the Amos had some big break trough he wanted to show. Unable to find Amos, Adel runs into Agatha. He checks with her on how much progress had been done for sealing the Transportation Tunnel B4-1, and Agatha confidently states that the project is nearing completion. Adel reflects on how much has changed, Agatha feeling thankful that the El Search Party stopped both the Black Crow and King Nasod. Digressing, Adel asks Agatha where Amos was. Just in time, Amos came in with his research.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아델 Adel
Japanese Flag.png Japan アデル Adel
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 阿德尔 Adel
German Flag.png Germany Aron
Spanish Flag.png Spain Aarón Aron
French Flag.png France Aron
Polish Flag.png Poland Aron


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