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Velder Village's Accessory Shop
Name Praus
Race Human
Role Velder Village's Accessory Shop
Location Velder Village
Age 33
Voice Actors Korean Flag.png 이호산 (Lee Ho-San)
Japanese Flag.png 藤井達也 (Fujii Tatsuya)
Hello, guest! Welcome to Praus Accessories!

~ Praus


Official Description

Praus began making necklaces for Hanna, to express his love that remains unrequited. He enjoyed it so much that he became a jeweler. That's just as well, because his proposal was rejected. He is passionate, sensitive, considerate, but also blinded and bubbly.


Praus is a refugee that retreated with the other Velder citizens to the city's outskirts, where he sells accessories to travelers and aid in the recovery process of Velder. He stays around and comforts the children and other refugees.


  • Praus became an accessory craftsman after making a gift for Hanna. After learning he had talent for the profession, he decided to open his own accessory shop.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 프라우스 Praus
Japanese Flag.png Japan プラウス Praus
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 普拉乌斯 Praus
German Flag.png Germany Maus
Spanish Flag.png Spain Mos
French Flag.png France Moss
Polish Flag.png Poland Mauss


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